Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 10

Lin Qinghan held Zhang Xuan’s arm and walked towards the door of the restaurant, her looks plus her delicate body drew many people’s frequent glances, but Zhang Xuan’s beach pants and white undershirt made people snicker, coming to such a high-end restaurant, dressed like this? Don’t you think it’s off the mark?
Zhang Xuan does not care how outsiders look at him, more experience, many things have been light, push open the heavy door of the restaurant, in front of the unfolding is a huge space of luxurious style, the ceiling gorgeous crystal chandelier cast a light, so that the whole restaurant looks elegant and quiet.
Soft saxophone music filled the entire restaurant, such as an invisible smoke spreading, slowly occupying the human mind, so that it is difficult to feel nervous and angry again, Ailanthus emitted a burst of fragrance, not thick nor demonic, but if anything, changing the complex mood of people, courteous waiters, quiet guests, from time to time, whispering and laughing, the environment is quiet and beautiful.
Looking at the decoration style of the restaurant, Zhang Xuan could not help but nod, although not the original enamel style all show, but also a few mood, see the restaurant operator is the intention.
The entrance of the two attracted a lot of eyes, apparently beautiful women are pleasing to the eye, the surrounding people seem to look directly Zhang Xuan ignored, all placed on Lin Qinghan, this situation Lin Qinghan has long been accustomed to, not a bit of shortness, seemingly generous.
Zhang Xuan scanned a circle, quickly identified the target, the most conspicuous table in the entire restaurant, there are three men and a woman sitting there, and the rest of the restaurant, the three men and a woman’s eyes are gathered on their own.
One of the man and a woman is quite old, looks about to fifty, the man a country face leaked vicissitudes, this is the years in his body left traces, apparently the first half of this man’s life experience is not very smooth, and then look at the woman, more than forty years old noblewoman appearance, hanging a pearl necklace around the neck, well maintained, there is a kind of Xu Niang half old charm in it.
Zhang Xuan saw, in the pair of middle-aged men and women, also sat a twenty-something youth, the youth wore wearing a Romo flower collar shirt, is now hanging a sinister smile looking at himself.
Zhang Xuan knew that this youth should be Zheng Chu, just that middle-aged man and woman, is Zheng Chu’s parents, Zheng Kai and Wang Congfeng.
Lin Qinghan’s father Lin Jianyu Zhang Xuan is acquainted with, Lin Jianyu is a middle-aged man who looks very amiable.
“Dad.” Lin Qinghan held Zhang Xuan’s arm and came to the table.
When Lin Qinghan finished calling out to Dad, Zhang Xuan also called out nonchalantly.
“Come, sit!” Lin Jianyu greeted, “Little Zhang ah, let me introduce you, this is your Uncle Zheng and Auntie Wang, this is Zheng Chu, you are about the same age, you should get closer in the future.”
“Forget it, Uncle Lin, close is not necessary, said near the vermilion is red, I do not want to become such a look of dirt bag.” Lin Jianyu’s voice had just fallen when Zheng Chu, who had a sinister face, spoke up.
When Zheng Chu’s parents heard their son talking like that, instead of a little rebuke, they had some encouraging looks on their faces.
“Qing Han, I heard that you got married, this is the person you married?” Zheng Chu’s face was full of disdain, “It looks like your vision is not good.”
“Qing Han, this child of yours is also really, how to say married?” Wang Congfeng also spoke, “You say you, married to such a bumpkin, even my Xiaochu a toe is not as good, hurry up divorce forget!”
Zheng Chu and Wang Congfeng just opened their mouths without any concealment, not caring about Zhang Xuan’s feelings.
“Who am I marrying, it seems that there is no need for a few outsiders to point fingers here, right?” Lin Qinghan spoke with an unhappy face.
“Outsiders? Qing Han, how can you think that we are outsiders? If you want to talk about outsiders, there is only this one outsider present, right?” Zheng Chu pointed at Zhang Xuan, with a strong meaning of targeting.
Lin Jianyu sat aside and laughed: “We won’t get involved in the affairs of the younger generation, let’s order food and eat first.”
“Yes, order food for dinner.” Zheng Chu’s father Zheng Kai also said.
Zheng Chu smiled confidently, snapped his fingers and called the waiter.
Because of maintaining that original enamel style, the waiters in this enamel restaurant were also all enamel people, in which the communication between the customers and the waiters were all in Eiwen, and there were only two types of notes on the menu, Eiwen and enamel.
Zheng Chu half leaned back on the seat behind him, took the menu handed to him by the waiter, gave Zhang Xuan another flirtatious glance, and then started ordering in a combination of Eiwen and Enwen.
Most people’s awareness of enamel is still very low, after all, it is not as widespread as eingwen, and Zheng Chu’s method of pronouncing eingwen combined with enamel seems very high-end to the uninitiated, but in Zhang Xuan’s eyes, it is obviously funny!
This is like a foreigner to China, do not know the Chinese language, in order to express a thing and hands and feet, from time to time to say a lame words of summer language kind of feeling, but this foreigner still think they express very clear, a face of confidence look.
For Zheng Chu this expression method, the restaurant waiter has obviously seen a lot, has been smiling in the face, from the other party’s lame enamel to distinguish the other party in the end want to order what kind of food.
In the process of ordering, Zheng Chu glanced at Zhang Xuan from time to time, looking arrogant, Zheng Chu’s mother Wang Congfeng did the same, as if to say, look how good my son is, and then look at this thing dressed like a bumpkin!
Zheng Chu finished ordering and handed the menu to Zhang Xuan, “Well, you can order whatever you want, you don’t have to pay for this meal.”
Zhang Xuan looked at the menu in Zheng Chu’s hand and thought of what Lin Qinghan had just confided in him, so he shook his head and said, “It’s better to let Qinghan order for me.”
“What? Don’t know enamel? If you don’t have culture, don’t lick your face to come to this kind of high-class place, okay.” Zheng Chu gave a disdainful laugh and handed the menu over towards Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan took the menu, one jade hand kept flipping through the menu, frowning slightly, although this enamel restaurant had been opened for more than a year, but it was the first time she came, many of the enamel on it she simply could not understand, although there were notes in Eiwen, but some special ingredients had to be pronounced in enamel to work.
With such a menu, it made Lin please Han a little worried for a while, not knowing what to order.
Zheng Chu, who was sitting across from Lin Qinghan, spoke up at this time, “Qinghan, you are usually busy with work most of the time and have never been to this restaurant, why don’t you let me choose for you.”
With that, Zheng Chu reached out to take the menu from Lin Qinghan’s hand.
Zheng Chu to really take the menu to order for Lin Qinghan, that can be said to be humiliating Zhang Xuan, your wife’s dishes, to help other men to order?
But when Zheng Chu’s hand reached halfway, he saw the menu in Lin Qinghan’s hand was picked up by another person, and he saw that the little punk actually flipped the menu, who is he? This is a place for high-class people to come, he, a lowly person, is honored to come in, and still has the face to turn over the menu here? What qualifications does he have for a person who is a member of the Lin family?

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