Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 101

Zhang Xuan this time, although not used all the strength, but also not light, the chair heavily smashed in the head of the enamel country handsome, on the spot will be slapped to the ground, Zhang Xuan did not see the other party fell to the ground to give up the attack, and a few more shots, before the face full of indignation will be thrown aside the chair, turned his head to look at Qiu Yu, “did not eat any loss, right?”
“No …… no.” Qiu Yu was so frightened that his whole body curled up.
“That’s good.” Zhang Xuan clapped his hands and gave another fierce kick to the handsome enamel country man lying on the ground.
This kick directly hit the other party’s stomach, causing the Enameled Handsome to curl up there like a cooked shrimp, his face turning white, wanting to scream but unable to do so, his distorted face proving the pain in his body.
“Zhang Xuan! What are you doing!” Luo Ling rushed to the door of the compartment and let out a scream as she watched the scene in the corridor.
Zhang Xuan gave Luo Ling a cold look and simply ignored it, picking Qiu Yu up and pulling her towards the other end of the corridor.
“Zhang Xuan, stop right there!” Luo Ling roared at Zhang Xuan’s back.
As if he hadn’t heard it, Zhang Xuan didn’t even pause for a moment as he walked down the stairs with Qiu Yu and disappeared into the corridor.
Looking at such an arrogant Zhang Xuan, Luo Ling’s body trembled with anger, “Good! Good for you Zhang Xuan! We’ll see!”
Zhang Xuan pulled Qiu Yu out of the hotel, take a closer look, this girl is already crying with tears all over her face, such a thing, for her a person who came to internship before she graduated, it is indeed hard to accept.
“Okay, okay, do not cry, or be seen, also think I bully you, turn around to be photographed, and my mother-in-law see, she that jealousy altar must be knocked over not.” Zhang Xuan took out a small packet of tissues from his trouser pocket and handed it to Qiu Yu.
Qiu Yu “wow”, crying more powerfully.
Zhang Xuan sighed, he did not know how to comfort, women cry this thing, is the most difficult to handle.
“Come on, you do not cry, wipe your tears, look at your nose, are almost flowing into the mouth, said to be a fairy, but turned out to be a shit shell.”
The crying Qiu Yu heard this, did not hold back, “poof” a laugh out, took out a tissue to wipe the tears, raised his head, with big red eyes looked at Zhang Xuan, “You are the shit shell Lang.”
Zhang Xuan skimmed his mouth, “I do not eat boogers, wipe it.”
“Hmm.” Qiu Yu wiped her nose, but found that there was nothing, she instantly reacted and stretched out her pink fist to hammer on Zhang Xuan, “You’re so annoying, deliberately lying to me! I don’t have any snot.”
“It’s okay?” Zhang Xuan face a smile, “So what are you going to do now, bouncing disco to vent, or go home to sleep and turn the page on this?”
“I …… I can’t bounce ……,” Qiu Yu said somewhat weakly, “Brother Zhang, thanks to you today, I’ll go home and take a nap. ”
“What loss or loss, you call me a brother, I can still watch you being bullied ah? All right, don’t say thank you to me, I’ll take you home, you have a good rest, huh?” Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows.
“Mm.” Qiu Yu nodded, “My home is not far from here, brother Zhang, you can walk with me.”
The sky was still bright at seven o’clock in the afternoon on a summer day, and Zhang Xuan walked with Qiu Yu on the roadside path, lined with green grass and forest, carrying a fresh fragrance.
Qiu Yu opened her mouth several times, but wanted to say something but stopped.
“Little girl, what you want to say, just say it, you can’t do business with this character.” The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth curled, Qiu Yu those small movements, can not escape his eyes.
“Brother Zhang, you tell me about sister-in-law, I always heard you say that sister-in-law loves you, loves to be jealous, what kind of person is she?” Qiu Yu’s big bright eyes were filled with curiosity.
“She ah?” Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes, “she is my ass, where I go she follow to where, especially listen to me, at home, I say one she dare not say two, every day before going to bed to give me a foot massage, in the morning when I get up, she will be my toiletries ready, the house clean, yes, the floor have to lie on the floor with a rag to wipe clean.”
“Che, I don’t believe it.” Qiu Yu eyes squinted a crescent bend, distinctly cute.
“What? You doubt brother’s position in the family?” Zhang Xuan looked unhappy, “Or do you doubt brother’s charm.”
“Neither.” Qiu Yu shook his head, “I don’t believe you would let sister-in-law do so much, you’re not such a person.”
Zhang Xuan’s face changed, as if hypnotizing himself, he said firmly, “Shit, I am!”
“You just don’t pretend!” Qiu Yu looked at Zhang Xuan, “just mentioned sister-in-law, your eyes are full of love, can show such eyes of the man, must be very spoiled his woman, especially spoiled kind.”
“Cut!” Zhang Xuan skimmed his mouth, did not refute, he was thinking, if Lin Qinghan really special listen to their words, they will let her wash their feet every day cleaning? She gave up?
The answer, is no.
If possible, Zhang Xuan would like to resist for Lin Qinghan everything that is not beautiful in this world, in front of her eyes, only flowers blooming.
Zhang Xuan returned home at nine o’clock in the evening, and as soon as he entered, he saw Lin Qinghan and Milan sitting on the sofa, watching the TV series with great interest.
“Our Great Aunt Zhang is back, I haven’t seen him for a few days, come let me take a look.” As soon as Milan saw Zhang Xuan, he joked.
“Still alive?” Zhang Xuan deliberately showed a surprised face looking at Milan.
Milan’s face pulled, “How much do you mean?”
“There is no meaning ah.” Zhang Xuan shook his head.
Lin Qinghan sat aside and watched the two fighting, the corners of her mouth unconsciously revealed a smile.
On weekdays, when Milan was home, Zhang Xuan slept late because he couldn’t let Milan find out that he and Lin Qinghan were sleeping in separate beds.
Today is no exception, it was not until twelve o’clock that Milan reluctantly turned off the TV, yawning and went to sleep, while Lin Qinghan had already gone back to the bedroom and was now in dreamland.
Zhang Xuan sighed and was about to go back to the house when he saw a black shadow flashing outside the window, which was extremely fast and passed away in a flash.
Zhang Xuan opened the door of his room without moving and walked out, not attracting Jiang Jing’s attention. In the backyard of the villa, Zhang Xuan stood in the darkness with the sound of cicadas in his ears.
“What is it?”
“My lord, the Chinese sharp edges have completely controlled the city of Yinzhou, all communication devices have been tapped, some sensitive information cannot be transmitted at all, and can only contact my lord this way.” The voice came from the darkness.
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan nodded, his people he understood, “Say it.”
“The prickly peak has been exposed, received the news that the sharp edge has three squads secretly go to silver city, accompanied by some family people, we ……”
“Heh.” Zhang Xuan lightly laughed, “Tell Stabbing Peak, no need to leave Silver State, just stay here, let her deliberately reveal some of her whereabouts, some people, not to knock knock, it is not possible, even the family’s people have come to hit us, it seems that this time, the major powers have sat down ah.”

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