Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 103

Sister Hong and the others who were there in pieces saw Zhang Xuan.
“Yo, isn’t this our big hero?” Sister Hong made a gloomy voice, “What, yesterday you were showing off as a hero, and today you’re here to pack up and get out?”
“Who says it’s not.” A young girl talking to Sister Hong rolled her eyes, “These days, there are always people who see themselves as too important.”
Zhang Xuan glanced at a few of them and didn’t say anything.
The manager’s office door opened.
Luo Ling came out and looked at Zhang Xuan, “Zhang, you really have a big heart, yesterday stirred up such a big basket, only to come to work at this hour? Tell me, how do you want to handle this.”
Zhang Xuan did not raise his eyes, walked to his seat and sat down, “I have already spoken to Mr. Lin, I will deal with this matter.”
“You deal with it?” Luo Ling showed a funny look, “With you a newcomer, how do you plan to deal with it? Now come with me immediately to apologize to Mr. Rose!”
“Why?” With a puzzled face, Zhang Xuan looked at Luo Ling, “I should have done well in what happened yesterday, right? Is it hard to let them just bully people?”
“Heh.” Luo Ling sneered, “You think you did the right thing? There are so many of us, we have worked so hard for so long, we see that the cooperation is about to be reached, and because of your impulsiveness alone, it all goes down the drain? You’re making everyone’s efforts all in vain!”
“Don’t worry, it won’t.” Zhang Xuan packed up his things on the table, “I will find a new partner company, and the project will be completed by then, and everyone’s efforts will not be in vain.”
“Find a new partner company? Zhang Xuan, you’re afraid you’re dreaming, right?” Luo Ling clasped her hands to her chest.
Sister Hong picked up the conversation, “The newborn calf, not afraid of the tiger ah!”
“That’s right, some people, really think it’s as simple as finding a partner, talk big and not afraid to flash their tongues!”
One after another ridicule sounded, all from sister Hong and their side.
Luo Ling opened her mouth, “Zhang Xuan, this is the solution you told Mr. Lin, you’re looking for another partner company?”
Sister Hong showed an amused expression, “Then how long do you want us to wait for you in this business department, a year? Or five years? All of us, unlike someone who can do whatever they want, this salary is paid out, but we have to support our family.”
“Three days, within three days, I will find another company to work with.” Zhang Xuan packed up his things and stood up from his seat.
“What a laugh! Three days, what do you think you are? Entire country multinational, don’t talk big! Listen to Manager Luo and go apologize to Mr. Ross! We don’t want to make these games with you.” A sexy dressed young woman leaned against the wall, her eyes looking at her fingers with a contemptuous look.
Once Zhang Xuan’s words of these three days came out, those who had some sympathy for Zhang Xuan’s face changed, finding a multinational group to cooperate in three days, what is this if not a big lie?
Luo Ling’s eyes turned, then spoke, “Okay, three days, right, surnamed Zhang, you do not say that I Luo Ling do not give you a chance, Mr. Ross, I will be around for another three days, after three days, if you can not find a new partner, you obediently go to Mr. Ross to admit your mistakes, then what they want you to do, you do not refuse!”
“Whatever.” Zhang Xuan replied indifferently, he walked to Qiu Yu and knocked on his desk, “Go, go out with me to run business.”
“Oh.” Qiu Yu nodded obediently and honestly followed behind Zhang Xuan.
In the office, Sister Hong and the others looked at Zhang Xuan’s back as he left with a look of indignation.
“Manager Luo, this Zhang is a bit too arrogant!”
“That’s right, don’t look at what you have, I’ve been working for so many years, the first time I’ve seen such an arrogant new employee!”
Luo Ling shook his head, did not speak, the corners of his mouth emerged a cold smile.
Zhang Xuan’s footsteps were fast, causing Qiu Yu to jog all the way to keep up with Zhang Xuan’s footsteps.
“Brother Zhang, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault for putting you in harm’s way.” Qiu Yu’s small face was full of apologies.
“What put me in harm’s way?” Zhang Xuan had a strange look on his face.
“Aiya.” Qiu Yu anxiously stomped his feet, “Brother Zhang, that is the Enamel Country multinational group ah, within three days, how can you find another partner ah, in fact, I thought about it yesterday, I did not handle this matter well, girls go out to run business, it is normal to be taken advantage of, I think I am a little too pretentious.”
“What are you talking about?” Zhang Xuan stretched out a finger and flicked it hard at Qiu Yu’s clean brain.
“Wow!” The painful Qiu Yu covered her head with her hand.
“Little girl, girls running business, also have to know how to protect themselves, you have to know that the cooperation between the company and the company, is a win-win relationship, and not we salesmen begging them, for that kind of unruly people, you just exercise your power, what’s the matter, your General Lin will always protect you, absolutely will not let their own people suffer, understand? ”
Qiu Yu willow brows arched, rubbing her head, seeing the serious look on Zhang Xuan’s face, she nodded, “Got it, Brother Zhang.”
“Okay, today you follow me, I’ll teach you how to run a business.” Zhang Xuan hands into his trouser pockets, a step, “Go.”
“Where to?” Qiu Yu kept up with Zhang Xuan’s pace and subconsciously asked.
“To string doors.”
Yinzhou City is the capital of the entire Ning Province, right next to Lin’s building, there is a comprehensive business building, this business building, there are countless companies, large and small, the background is also very strange, some look at the big stores of the company, may be just a listed network company, there are some insignificant small stores, doing but millions of dollars of business.
Zhang Xuan brought Qiu Yu to the place, is a small company located in the corner of the seventh floor of the business building, said the company, not half as big as the fast food restaurant downstairs, in the door sign on the office three words, a total of less than 30 square meters, generally this small store, are rented to open a network studio with.
Qiu Yu looked at Zhang Xuan pushed open the glass door of the office in front of him, a strong smell of tobacco came to his face, because the poor air caused by not opening the windows is particularly unpleasant.
“Shit, what’s this smell.” Zhang Xuan reached out and fanned in front of his nose and surveyed the office.
Walk into the door, there are five square meters, similar to the front desk-like table, next to the table is a small door that leads to the inside of the room, inside the tables and chairs are disorganized, the same as the old furniture recycling.
“Anyone?” Zhang Xuan did not go inside, stood at the front desk and asked loudly.
After waiting for about ten seconds, a fat figure appeared in the line of sight of Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu, this is a man in his thirties, with a horizontally developed figure, at most one meter six and a half meters tall, wearing high heels Qiu Yu are half a head taller than this fat man.

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