Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1034

Zhang Xuan also came to the foot of the mountain in the center of the island.
Looking up at the sky, Zhang Xuan blew off the straw in his mouth, muttering to himself: “The Devil’s Trial is divided into three stages. The first stage is the most cruel in the eyes of others, but in the entire trial. , The simplest is nothing more than a killer word.”
“And the second stage is to face endless emptiness, facing one’s own heart, and constantly wandering on the edge of mental breakdown.”
“As for the third stage, it is necessary to face the endless emptiness. What you are facing is fear. When your all thoughts are lost, you suddenly see all hope. Whether your heart that can do everything for survival can still be so firm, you have eaten the bark for more than a month, After drinking the urine for so long, in order to survive and even eat the flesh and blood of my own body, can I still do so desperately now?”
Zhang Xuan leaned on a boulder at the foot of the mountain, a headless corpse, falling from above, Falling in front of Zhang Xuan, blood was splattered, and he became muddy.
“Anyone who survives the third stage is considered to have truly experienced the devil’s trial. How much can you face directly with the fear in your heart?”
The people who went to the material exchange point didn’t know at all, in the hands of the material exchange staff. , Holding the most detailed information of each person, from the date of birth, to the growth environment, to the personality, to the hobbies, and the most fearful thing in that person’s heart.
The woman who has just exchanged her body for water resources, she is in the underground world, but she has a clean body. She has a beloved fiance who is about to get married. She vowed that she will save her first time to the newlyweds. late.
Today, she is holding a bottle of clean water, looking for the next material changer.
Everyone has their own weaknesses.
“You want me to kneel down? Do you know who I am!” Zu Xian stood in front of the material changer and yelled.
“I understand that you are the King of Hell, the Lord of the Island of Light, but since you participate in the trial, you must abide by the rules of the trial, even the King of Hell, no exception.” The material exchange officer said.
Zu Xian’s weakness is respect. He wants everyone to respect him, and he doesn’t allow anyone to look down upon him! This is Zu Xian now.
Zu Xian flicked his sleeves and walked to another material exchange person, who could change to another person, and he said exactly the same thing to Zu Xian.
“Impossible! You are dreaming!” Han yelled softly.
Beside Han Wenrou, there were only four of the original seven blade players, and now there are only four of them. The faces of these four people are not good-looking, because the task of the entire blade team is to kill all the people around them. Can get supplies that last until the end of the trial.
Unity is the first thing learned in the Blades team. Seeing the back to their comrades in arms, betrayal and infighting are the things they can’t accept the most.
“These are three human heads. Give me the clean water I want.” Tang Hao walked over with three bloody heads. There was no emotion in Tang Hao’s eyes, and Zhang Xuan first saw the stunned green head. Tang Hao is different. Today’s Tang Hao has become reticent. His eyes only become softer when he looks at the woman behind him.
“Yes, but you can only enjoy this clean water. This is also a kind of commission.” The material exchange officer handed a bucket of two liters of clean water to Tang Hao.
Tang Hao frowned, “My entrustment has been completed.”
“No.” The material exchange shook his head, “What is your entrustment is up to me. This is the rule of trial.”
“My entrustment. What is it?” The short-haired woman behind Tang Hao came up.
“Give up the trial, I can send you away now and return to a normal life.” The material exchange man said flatly.
The woman’s face changed suddenly, “Impossible!”
“You can choose this way.” Tang Hao persuaded, “This is a cage. Your physical condition does not allow you to stay here. Leaving is a good choice. When I go out, I will go to you.”
“No I won’t leave!” The woman’s voice suddenly increased, “I can’t leave here at all, I have to complete the trial, I must!”
“You…” Tang Hao grabbed the woman’s hand and was thrown away by the woman. .
“If you want to go, I can’t go!” The woman snarled,
“Yes, just a reminder, if you really want to give her the supplies, you can.” The material exchange officer said, “As long as she kills you, you can After getting your supplies, you can also choose to leave here and give it to her privately, but in this case, you will definitely be discovered. Once discovered, you will all be counted as a failure. Therefore, you die and give her the thing, which is the most convenient The choice, if you can die for her.” As soon as the material changer’s voice fell, there was a scream.
One pierced the sharp blade into the heart of his companion and took away the supplies belonging to his companion.
At the foot of the mountain in the center of the island, Zu Xian walked down trembling. Every material exchange person asked him to kneel. As long as Zu Xian was willing to kneel, he could easily get the supplies. This is for others. , Is something that can be done without hesitation, but for Zu Xian, it is simply impossible!
“Take it, this is what I just exchanged.” Ning Zhou followed Zu Xian and handed a piece of soft white steamed bread and a bottle of fresh water.
Zu Xian only took a look, then refused: “I will rely on myself.”
“Let you hold it!” Ning Zhou forcibly stuffed the things in his hands into Zu Xian’s arms.
“I said, I don’t…” Zu Xian’s complexion began to look a little ugly.
“Do you think I’m inferior to her?” Ning Zhou suddenly held Zu Xian’s cheek and looked at Zu Xian’s eyes. “You didn’t have anything at the time. She offered you graduate school. You will accept it with peace of mind because of you I believe that I can give her the life she wants in the future, but in the end, it is not you, but her who gave up. Now, I bet everything on you. I can give you what you want, and I can always Waiting for you, waiting for you to become really strong, why are you unwilling to accept me?”
“This is different.” Zu Xian’s hideous expression gradually eased, and he shook his head, “You are not her, you two are different. ”
Yes, I am not her, I am better than her!” Ning Zhou gave birth to a strong self-confidence, “I know you better than her, I fully believe that the day you become stronger, I will always be with you You, but she can’t, whoever stops in front of you, I will help you kill someone, and she can only wait for you to become stronger alone, and the only one who can stay by your side is me.”
“You… “Zu Xian opened his mouth.
“Quickly eat, there are some miscellaneous fish next to me, I want to exchange your head for supplies.” Ning Zhou smiled slightly, released his hands, and looked aside.
The three people who followed Zu Xian and waited for the attack only felt a chill.

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