Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1085

Zhang Xuan thought for a while, took a car key, and went straight to the vegetable market.
Soon, some fresh ingredients were bought by Zhang Xuan. Holding the ingredients, Zhang Xuan went straight into the kitchen. Half an hour later, Zhang Xuan filled two breakfasts into a thermos.
Carrying the thermos bucket, Zhang Xuan went straight to the Lin Group.
For the Lin Group, it is common for Lin Qinghan to work overtime, and everyone is not surprised.
At eight o’clock in the morning, many employees have already arrived at the company, ready to punch in.
Lin Qinghan and Milan two women walked out from the gate of the company with a tired look, looking for a breakfast stall, ready to eat something before continuing to work, Lin Qinghan has not worked such a high-intensity job for a long time, and the pupils are full of red bloodshot eyes. .
But Milan had a lot of free time last night, slept for a while in the second half of the night, and now yawns.
As soon as the two people walked out of the company, they saw Zhang Xuan rushing over with a thermos bucket.
“Haha, wife, haven’t eaten yet, I made breakfast for you.” Zhang Xuanyang raised the thermos in his hand.
The relationship between Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan has long been known to the company people. Seeing Zhang Xuan come to deliver breakfast so early in the morning, many women have deep envy in their eyes.
“Mr. Lin is so happy, I am so good, and my husband is so caring!” ” Yes, I am so envious.”
A handsome-looking male colleague pouted, “I want such a beautiful wife who can make money. I also holding in her hand every day. ” ”
Come on you, Mr. Zhang unarmed people climb the eighth floor down the total forest rescued yesterday, elevator maintenance allows you to carry buckets of water on the seventh floor you almost worn out. ”
burst A little discussion sounded, Lin Qinghan heard a little, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. Do you think I am happy? If I let you know how good my husband is, wouldn’t you be envious of it?
Even Lin Qinghan would have the comparative psychology of this kind of little woman.
Milan stared at the vacuum flask in Zhang Xuan’s hand, and folded his arms around his chest and said: “You still have a conscience. Your wife works overtime all night. If you are a husband, let me be my girlfriend. This breakfast will be yours. Apologize.”
Zhang Xuan laughed and greeted the two women to walk towards the company.
With Zhang Xuan’s breakfast, the two women will of course not go to street stalls anymore. After all, in terms of hygiene and taste, Zhang Xuan’s things are definitely not flawed.
Back in the president’s office on the top floor, Zhang Xuan took the two cooked porridge out of the thermos and packed them all in delicate lunch boxes. One box was handed to Lin Qinghan and the other to Milan.
Milan looked at the porridge in his hand, and then at the porridge in Lin Qinghan’s hand.
“The surname Zhang, what do you mean? What is this?”
“Porridge.” Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes, “Are you still a cook, the plum porridge cooked slowly, soothes the liver and improves eyesight, treats dizziness, you boil it? I haven’t slept all night, so drink this.”
“Of course I know it’s plum porridge. I mean, why is my one different from Qinghan’s?” Milan opened the lid of the lunch box and combined his porridge with Lin Qinghan’s. put it together.
Zhang Xuan touched his nose and said, “Well, as a chef, basic arranging is necessary.”
“That’s why my bowl of porridge is a bowl of rice together, and Qinghan’s bowl of porridge is yours. The reason for putting on a loving bear shape?” Milan looked angry.
Lin Qinghan didn’t hold back, covering his mouth and chuckles.
The two bowls of porridge in front of them, the bowl of Lin Qinghan, on the surface, Zhang Xuan used various ingredients to make a heart and a bear face. As for the bowl of Milan, there was nothing, from the pot. Whatever it is, it is what it is.
Zhang Xuan smiled bitterly, “Once you are done, some of them are good to eat. I made this for my wife. Your bowl is like a gift.”
Milan’s cheeks smashed, picking up a spoon and digging a large mouthful of porridge into his mouth, chewing vigorously, as if the mouth was not delicious porridge, but Zhang Xuan’s flesh and blood.
Lin Qinghan also picked up the spoon and looked at the exquisite pattern on the surface, she felt like she couldn’t start.
“Wife, why don’t you eat?” Zhang Xuan sat next to him, supporting his head with his hand, staring at Lin Qinghan forever.
Lin Qinghan and Liu frowned slightly, “Husband, you are so beautiful, I can’t bear to eat it.”
“Do you like it?” Zhang Xuan asked.
Lin Qinghan nodded his head lightly.
Zhang Xuan smiled slightly and said, “I like me to make it for you every day.”
“I said that Zhang’s surname is enough for you!” Milan on the side made a dissatisfied voice, “Last time I saw you two are not so tired, do you want to So disgusting! You are just like a middle-aged greasy uncle soaking in a pure little girl, I am a bit nauseous.”
“Uh…” Zhang Xuan looked blank and asked Xiang Lin Qinghan, “Greasy? Is it there?”
Lin Qinghan ordered again. Nodding, “It’s a bit greasy.”
Zhang Xuan looked puzzled, “Should this be a warm man?”
“I said, brother, do you know what a warm man is!” Milan stared at Zhang Xuan speechlessly. Other warm men are women who care about themselves all the time. They are all subconscious behaviors. It seems like you are so deliberate! You can only be called greasy, understand?”
Zhang Xuan patted his forehead and stopped talking.
In the early morning, the largest club in Yinzhou City.
Liang Kai walked out of it with a drunk appearance.
“Mr. Liang walk slowly.” Two beautiful waiters sent Liang Kai to the door of the clubhouse.
“Mr. Liang?” Liang Kai showed dissatisfaction, “Call me Mr. Liang, do you understand?”
One night’s indulgence made Liang Kai completely inflated with a compliment. It was Xu Xia’s bold words that all these classmates were arranged to the Lin family. As soon as this big word came out, the person who came to him to toast even more. Too much, let Liang Kai float away directly.
Two beauties with angry figures walked towards Liang Kai.
“Brother Liang, I told our sisters that I couldn’t drink, but this point came out. This is not good.”
These two beauties are the same women who bumped into Liang Kai last night.
When the drunk Liang Kai saw these two beauties, his eyes were straight. He stared at the two women for a long time, and smiled: “What do the two beauties want to do?”
“It’s better to go to the place where we live and drink for a while. There are a lot of fun waiting for Boss Liang.” A beautiful woman raised eyebrows at Liang Kai.
Liang Kai replied without thinking about it: “A beautiful lady’s invitation, I certainly won’t refuse.”
After a glance at each other, the two women stepped forward, supporting Liang Kai one left and the other, and walked not far away.
The feeling of being held together by two beautiful women made Liang Kai feel particularly comfortable. He never thought that one day he would be treated like this.
This kind of life was something Liang Kai didn’t even dare to think about before, but now, it is so real before his eyes.

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