Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 109

Milan’s words just fell, Lin Qinghan did not have time to answer, listen to Zhang Xuan’s voice rang out.
“Useless, silver city seafood market is so few, this restaurant bought is the freshest, now let people go shopping, brought is not necessarily better than the current, and the meat of the local chicken here, in the enamel cooking techniques, does not take any advantage, you have this competition, there are provisions dishes?” Zhang Xuan asked a question.
“No.” Milan shook his head and replied, “But Prince Charlie’s favorite dishes, there are only so many of them.”
The atmosphere in this back kitchen was somewhat silent.
Ri Ke finished fiddling with the pastry on the board, and didn’t know what to do next, if they cooked as they usually did, with these ingredients now, they would definitely lose.
If they lose this competition, it’s not just a matter of shame for them, it’s a matter of their future, and it’s also a matter of their teacher, but now they’ve really been forced into a corner, and their opponents are not rookies, but also chefs who are proficient in cooking techniques.
Zhang Xuan looked at the dishes on the board and was pondering.
“In this way, you tell me first, what kind of dish you want to make.”
“Tell you?” Ri Ke gave Zhang Xuan a strange look, not understanding what was the point of telling this person.
Milan did know that Zhang Xuan also had some knowledge of enamel dishes, so now simply beat a dead horse and see if Zhang Xuan could suggest anything.
“The first dish, want to make fire-roasted snapper.”
“Snapper?” Zhang Xuan thought for a moment, then pulled up his sleeves and directly fished out a fish in the seafood tank next to him with his bare hands.
This action of Zhang Xuan startled Milan, and she couldn’t help but ask, “Zhang Xuan, what are you doing?”
“Of course I’m cooking, it’s hard to watch you two lose, right?” Zhang Xuan slammed the fish in his hand onto the counter, while picking up a scaling knife, quickly removing the scales, “There is no fresh snapper, but you can use sea bass instead, Milan, you prepare some dill for me, grind star anise with a mortar, add the right amount of salt and pepper mixed together, that Ri Ke, you beat an egg, add two grams of butter, two grams of lemon water, and a small spoonful of salt with Chili water to taste, be sure to mix well!”
Zhang Xuan spoke quickly, but also very fast, in the process of talking, he had already removed all the scales of the sea bass, open the belly.
Milan and Li Ke stood aside, still a little confused because of what Zhang Xuan had done.
“Zhang Xuan, you let us do this is ……” Milan was full of doubts.
“Wait to explain to you guys, go do it.” Zhang Xuan has begun to clean the internal organs of the bass, he is very skilled, even the most difficult to wash the gills, only a little hollowing to clean clean.
Milan looked at Zhang Xuan for a few seconds, then turned around and went to find star anise and other auxiliary ingredients according to what Zhang Xuan said.
“Li Ke, do as Zhang Xuan said.”
Zhang Xuan finished cleaning the guts of the bass, and found some turmeric powder, poured it into the rice pot and simmered until some rice was cooked.
“Milan, you two remember what I said, how I said, how you do, the current situation, can not exceed each other in ingredients, we can only find another way, you will grind dill and star anise, evenly smear the bass body, a place can not be spared, and then sprinkle some olive oil and pepper on the bass, put it into the oven, baked for about twenty-three minutes, note, this time There is no limit, take it out when both sides are golden and the tail is red, put on fennel and alcohol, and wait for the fish body to burn on fire.”
“Ri Ke, the sauce I just asked you to mix, should be warmed up in water, when the fish body fire is extinguished, evenly poured on it, rice steamed very ripe, also should be poured on the sauce, the fish meat is more fresh and flavorful after the fire, the smell of fennel will also be more intense, in terms of aroma, to far beyond the snapper! And then through the turmeric rice to enhance the aroma, can bring out the aroma of this dish completely.”
Zhang Xuan finished in one breath, and ignoring whether Milan and Li Ke understood, he asked again.
“What is the second dish?”
“Sea Ao shrimp.”
“Sea ao shrimp?” Zhang Xuan stood in front of the case board and thought for two seconds, then took out a fresh lobster from the water tank, although it was fresh, it was not as compact and full as the meat brought by Milan’s opponent.
“Take some tarragon and celery stems, red onion heads, ground black pepper, cognac, scrape off the coarse tough fibers of the celery, take forty grams and cut them into small pieces, and cut the rest into thin strips five millimeters thick and six centimeters long. The red onion is cut into fine pieces.”
Zhang Xuan hands for the lobster urine, cut chop, mouth kept instructing.
“Take seventy grams of butter, put it in a pot on low heat to melt, steam away the water, leaving sixty grams of net butter, quickly.”
“Oh.” Milan’s side had only just put the sea bass into the oven when he rushed over to listen to Zhang Xuan’s instructions and started melting the butter.
“Ri Ke, you take forty grams of butter, fry the celery sticks slightly, followed by stewing them in water, to ensure the crispness of the celery, Milan, has the butter melted?”
Zhang Xuan had already cut the lobster, peeled off the shell, a strip of fresh shrimp meat in front of his eyes.
Zhang Xuan’s movements were fast, so fast that both Milan and Li Ke were a bit frazzled, if not for Zhang Xuan’s constant reminders, they would have been a busy mess.
“There, it’s melted!” Milan replied.
Hearing Milan’s voice, Zhang Xuan didn’t even check, and directly put the chopped shrimp heads into the buttered pan with the minced red onion and started to stir-fry, pouring brandy over the shrimp heads when they were red, causing the pan to ignite an open fire.
“This is ……” Milan looked at Zhang Xuan’s practice, but her heart was in shock, when her master had told her that some culinary masters, can use limited ingredients to maximize the deliciousness of food, now what Zhang Xuan did, is not exactly this.
The shrimp heads were sautéed in water-removed clean butter, with minced onions and brandy, so that the open fire burned to get rid of the fishy smell to the maximum extent.
Subsequently, Zhang Xuan again in Milan’s astonished gaze, to the pan added thick cream, tarragon, as well as salt and pepper, such a practice, is Milan simply do not dare, the more seasonings, the more ingredients, will make the taste of food becomes more elusive, just like more salt will be bitter, more sugar will be greasy, now he put so, will not make the seasoning string taste?
Zhang Xuan saw the doubt in Milan’s eyes, while flipping the spatula in his hand, while opening his mouth to explain to Milan: “with thick cream, you can simmer the sauce, the sauce concentrated shrimp head, spiced vegetables, brandy, tarragon, the complex fresh aroma, whether dipping shrimp or celery are excellent, the same, so frying method, you can make the shrimp maximum shrinkage, enhance the taste, but Be careful, because after the butter to stay with the sauce, so in the initial frying of shrimp segments need to closely control the fire, to avoid butter scorching, affecting the beauty and destroy the flavor, enamel cuisine, but very concerned about the value of the face.”
Zhang Xuan’s words, arm force, another cuisine out of the pot.
“Come on, what’s the next dish?”

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