Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1091

An hour later, Zhang Xuan walked out of the ward in sweat, and will follow Zhang Xuan in the future. Outside the ward, Mrs. Norman, Poseidon and others are all waiting here.
Mrs. Norman’s face was full of anxiety. After seeing Zhang Xuan come out, she couldn’t help but want to ask questions, but she opened her mouth, but she didn’t dare to speak out without authorization.
Zhang Xuan wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve. The sweat was just wiped off and spread out again to help others get rid of the qi remaining in the body. For Zhang Xuan, it was still a bit difficult. What Zhang Xuan did was to protect the meridians of the white pool and the red hair with his own power, and at the same time expel the remaining qi.
Zhang Xuan looked at Mrs. Norman’s anxious appearance, and understood Mrs. Norman’s worry, and said: “Well, if there is no accident, they will be able to wake up in a few hours, but they will need to recuperate for a while. , Mona, tell me why they clashed with the Middleton family.” When Mrs. Norman heard this, she let down a lot of worries, and leaned behind Zhang Xuan slightly and replied: “The two of them It’s for a woman.”
Zhang Xuan, Mirai and the others couldn’t help showing a puzzled expression. Baichi and red hair weren’t like people fighting hard for women.
Mrs. Norman nodded and said: “Yes, for a hot summer woman, that woman was brought back by the Bai family. The condition is not very good. The diagnosis result is a vegetable.”
Zhang Xuan took the water glass handed over from the future and said . “Take me to meet that woman.”
Mrs. Norman pointed to the ward next door, ” I’m right there.”
Zhang Xuan nodded and pushed the door of the ward next door open. The moment the door was opened, Zhang Xuan was there. Seeing a figure lying on the hospital bed, Zhang Xuan was shocked by this look.
Including the future behind Zhang Xuan and others, they were completely stunned when they saw the figure on the bed.
The woman lying on the bed, but in her twenties, has a smooth top of her head. The dense black hair that should have belonged to this age can’t be seen on the woman, and even her eyebrows have faded.
Based on Zhang Xuan’s knowledge of medical skills, it was almost immediately certain that this was caused by long-term chemotherapy.
The woman’s face was pale, without a trace of blood, and only a slight redness could be seen on her lips. She closed her eyes and remained motionless. The slightly undulating electrocardiogram on the side proved that she was still alive.
“Xiaoqing!” Mirai exclaimed, and one rushed to the hospital bed and looked at the woman on the bed.
Zhang Xuan and others also walked into the ward with complex expressions.
“What happened?” Mirai stretched out his hand tremblingly, and gently stroked the woman’s cheek on the hospital bed, “How could this be? How could Xiaoqing become like this!”
Zhang Xuan grabbed Xiaoqing’s wrist and stretched out two fingers to stay. On Xiaoqing’s pulse, Zhang Xuan shook his head about a minute later, “Xiaoqing’s situation should last a long time. Almost all the meridians in her body were damaged, which was caused by man.”
Xia Houqing, the only seedling of Xiahou’s family. , Before Baichi and Xia Houqing were born, Xia Houqing’s father married Bai Jiangnan’s fingertips and grew up together after the two children were born.
It is not an exaggeration to say that Xiahouqing and Baichi are childhood sweethearts.
It’s just that Baichi’s character has escaped. The more he grows up, the less he doesn’t accept this marriage. After that, he changes girls every day and leaves Xia Houqing with anger.
It took Xiaoqing three years to leave. Within three years, Baichi had never contacted Xiaoqing, and Xiaoqing had never contacted Baichi again.
“It’s no wonder that Bai Chi is so impulsive. They are obviously being trapped.” Moon God stepped forward and looked at the woman lying on the hospital bed. “Bai Chi is a man with a dissolute nature and looks like a game of life. It’s not that there are no people who care about it .” “Xiahou’s family declined in their early years and has been living in seclusion for a long time. Why did the Middleton family treat this young girl so badly?” Pease walked up, with a face full of puzzlement.
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath and moved his fingers away from the pulse of Xiaoqing’s wrist.
“It doesn’t matter why, just kill it all.”
At seven o’clock in the evening, the outdoor temperature was only 11 degrees.
On the streets, people wear thin sweaters. This is probably the most leisure time after get off work every day.
Zhang Xuan wore a black windbreaker and walked on the streets of this Italian country. European-style buildings would give people a majestic feeling. Walking in this kind of buildings would give people a strange feeling of their own insignificance.
Zhang Xuan just wandered the street like this, and he walked out of the city.
One person passed Zhang Xuan’s body and shivered unconsciously, just because he had just felt a touch of heart palpitations, as if he was struck by an invisible blade, and he always felt flustered.
Petersberg, this is a building from the late nineteenth century. It is the prototype of a fairy tale castle. It was once one of the palaces of a certain king. The entire castle has 360 rooms and three hundred and sixty. Different styles.
Standing on a high mountain, the castle presents four completely different colors throughout the year, which is magnificent.
At this time, when the spring is full of integrity, the towering green trees around Petite Castle are fascinating.
Today, this castle is a private product of the Middleton family. Today, in this castle, there is the 28th birthday party of the eldest of the Middleton family. As the wealthy family second only to the Norman family, it is here. There are countless people attending the birthday party, and almost all the princes and nobles will come here.
Being able to participate in such a dinner is a symbol of identity and power. A luxury car worth tens of millions is not eligible to drive into the castle unless it is autographed by a certain emperor.
At eight o’clock in the evening, the sky went completely dark, and inside the castle, the lights came on, like a dream in a fairy tale. After all, this castle itself is the dream world of a certain great emperor.
All kinds of lights hit the castle, colorful, this is the fairy tale world in reality.
It’s just that tonight’s fairy tale world will become a black fairy tale because of the arrival of one person.
In the forest, the bird was startled, and Zhang Xuan stepped forward, gradually approaching this dreamlike castle.
Hell and fairy tales are themselves two extreme worlds.
When the old king resigned from the lord of hell and stepped into the fairy tale castle, it represented that the fairy tale world in the fantasy was about to be shattered.
The temperature in the air is nine degrees above zero.
At the gate of the castle, two guards patrolled back and forth and walked out of the gate.
Zhang Xuan walked over in front of the two guards.
“Excuse me, sir, please show me your invitation.” A guard turned back and stopped Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan looked at the guard in front of him, “Invitation? I’m here to kill, why do I need an invitation?”

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