Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1093

Middleton family?
Cyril’s self-reported door made Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows.
“It seems that your Middleton family, inherited for hundreds of years, are really gentlemen.” Zhang Xuan smiled slightly.
Cyril showed pride on his face, “It’s good to know our Middleton family. Now, as a member of the Middleton family, I order you to apologize to this beautiful lady!”
“No, no,” Zhang Xuan said. Waved his hand, “I personally think that you are just talking like this. If she really made a big mistake, can you still maintain a gentleman’s manner and forgive her?”
“Of course.” Cyril stood with his hand, “Beautiful lady, yes It’s worth being forgiven.”
“OK.” Zhang Xuan snapped his fingers, then bent over, grabbed Xiang Feifei’s long hair, and directly lifted Xiang Feifei from the ground.
Xiang Feifei looked at Zhang Xuan in front of him. Although this person is only in his twenties and has a handsome face, he feels like a devil. The anger in her heart, the arrogance in her heart, There is nothing at this moment, and only fear is left.
“You…what do you want to do?” Xiang Feifei’s voice was trembling, and Zhang Xuan’s relentless slap just now completely wiped out all her temper.
“It’s very simple.” Zhang Xuan rushed to Fai Fei with a grin, and then whispered in Xiang Fei’s ear, “Go, poke this into his heart, I want to know, what he did, is it what he said? The same, I can forgive you.” As soon as Zhang Xuan’s voice fell, Xiang Fei felt a chill in her hands. She looked down, and she didn’t know when a short blade had been stuffed into her hands.
Xiang Feifei’s arm trembled, subconsciously like throwing away the short blade, but before she released her hand, Zhang Xuan squeezed her fist and let her squeeze the short blade tightly.
“Good.” Zhang Xuan’s voice rang in Xiang Feifei’s ear again, “If you are not obedient, I will kill you, understand?”
Zhang Xuan’s voice is very gentle, and it can be heard in Xiang Feifei’s ears, like a devil’s entanglement. She never thought that tonight she just wanted to find someone to get rid of Cyril’s entanglement, so that things became what it is now. Look like.
“This friend, you don’t seem to understand me!” Cyril couldn’t possibly know what Zhang Xuan was talking to Xiang Feifei. The short blade was only ten centimeters long and he couldn’t see it. He could see it now. It’s just that Zhang Xuan grabbed Xiang Feifei’s hair, and Xiang Feifei’s originally bright eyes were sparkling.
“Remember what I said, I will look at you here. If I don’t do what I said, I will kill you. Actually, I don’t want to see such a beautiful woman die like this.” Zhang Xuansong opened to Fei Fei. Hair, take a step back.
Xiang Feifei tremblingly got up, her short blade was pinched in her hand, and she subconsciously hid it.
Cyril strode to the side of Xiang Feifei, and after seeing the clear five-fingerprints on Xiang Feifei’s face, he showed an angry look, “Too much, a gentleman, how can you deal with a lady, let alone such a beautiful lady.” ”
Zhang Xuan was two steps away from Cyril and Xiang Feifei, with a smile on his face, “Remember what I said, I don’t like joking.”
Hearing Zhang Xuan’s voice, Xiang Feifei couldn’t help but slapped his body, holding the short blade. He stretched out his hand subconsciously, and at this moment, Xiang Fei felt a force driving his arm.
Xiang Feifei exclaimed.
Zhang Xuan had already pushed Xiang Feifei’s arm, causing the short blade in Xiang Feifei’s hand to pierce Cyril’s chest.
This is the sound of a sharp blade.
Cyril’s original angry expression became sluggish at this moment. His expression gradually became painful. He lowered his head and looked at his chest in disbelief. A jade hand was on his chest, among the jade hands, still pinching. With a short blade, the sharpness of the short blade is the source of his pain at the moment.
Xiang Feifei could feel the warmth from his arm, which was Cyril’s blood.
Zhang Xuan still kept a smile on his face, “I think, with your Middleton family’s gentlemanly demeanor, you should be able to forgive the woman in front of you. It’s nothing more than killing you. After all, the beauty committed the mistake. No matter how much you can forgive, isn’t it?”
Cyril slowly opened his mouth, trying to breathe hard.
Zhang Xuan pushed Xiang Fei Fei’s arm again, the short blade penetrated deeper, and a mouthful of blood poured out directly from Cyril’s mouth.
Zhang Xuan looked indifferently at Cyril, who was beginning to have difficulty breathing.
Screamed to Feifei, let go of the short blade in his hand, and wanted to run, but his legs were weak, just like the feeling of wanting to run when lying in bed and dreaming, no effort, no effort.
Cyril’s mouth opened and closed, and blood kept pouring out.
Zhang Xuan snorted coldly, ignored it, walked forward, and murmured: “The so-called gentleman manner of your Middleton family is to harm Xia Houqing into that appearance, so that she will not live or die.”
Cyril said. The pupils slowly began to spread, and the body was planted forward.
When Cyril fell to the ground completely, Xiang Fei screamed again, and then ran towards Zhang Xuan in a panic.
“You can’t go, you…what can I do if you leave!” Xiang Feifei’s tone was crying, and her long and tangled hair seemed to be a female ghost.
Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes, “What does it have to do with me? You took the knife and you killed the people. Ask me?” “No! No!” Xiang Feifei shook his head vigorously, “It’s not me! It’s you!” You are pushing me, I don’t want to, I don’t want to be like this!”
“It’s not as good as…” Zhang Xuan suddenly stared at Xiang Fei.
Under Zhang Xuan’s eyes, Xiang Feifei took two steps back subconsciously.
Zhang Xuan shook his fingers twice, “Why don’t I send you down to accompany him?”
Xiang Feifei’s legs softened, she slumped directly on the ground, closed her mouth, and shook her head vigorously. A stinky smell came from her legs. Obviously, Zhang Xuanjian’s simple sentence had already scared her to death. Guts.
“Then assume that this hasn’t happened, and continue your party.” Zhang Xuan shrugged, “Or just leave.”
“No, I can’t go.” Xiang Feifei’s voice trembled, “My parents are still there. Here, now that someone has died, and I suddenly left, I will definitely be suspected.”
“Then it depends on your own acting skills.” Zhang Xuan bared his teeth, and then ignored Xiang Fei and walked straight to the center of the castle.
Xiang Feifei got up with difficulty, and as soon as he was about to follow, he heard Zhang Xuan’s voice.
“If you dare to follow, I will kill you. Remember, I’m not kidding.”
This sentence made Xiang Feifei’s legs that had already been lifted stop in midair.

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