Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 110

In the kitchen, one order after another came out from Zhang Xuan’s mouth, at first, Milan and Li Ke, both did it with a suspicious attitude, but by now, both of their bodies, were already subconsciously obeying Zhang Xuan’s orders.
As chefs, Milan and Li Ke both have a very deep understanding of food, and some of the questions Zhang Xuan said, they could understand the subtleties with just a little thought, and they couldn’t help but give Zhang Xuan a thumbs up.
Lin Qinghan stood by the side, open size mouth, surprised to look at Zhang Xuan, she never knew that Zhang Xuan can cook, moreover, Zhang Xuan’s cooking skills are so high, even Milan and Li Ke, have to be like a student, according to his requirements.
As a snacker, Lin Qinghan felt like she missed something at this time, such a chef around, she did not let him cook!
Of course, Zhang Xuan did not know what Lin Qinghan was thinking in his heart right now.
“Milan, what is the seventh dish?”
“No more, only six dishes.” Milan picked up a white wet towel and wiped the sweat from her forehead, she had never felt that cooking was such a tiring thing, today’s self, it seemed like she was back to when she was just learning from her teacher, her hands were busy and she was under that kind of pressure.
No! Zhang Xuan brought himself more pressure than the teacher back then!
Milan had also cooperated with her teacher more than once in cooking, from the beginning as an apprentice, to later, she could work with her teacher to develop new dishes and analyze the flavors in the dishes.
But today, she found that she had become that ignorant apprentice again, unable to even interject a word under Zhang Xuan’s order after order, because she didn’t know what kind of suggestions she should make.
Tired, yes, but the result was something that made both Milan and Li Ke feel happy.
They both looked at the six dishes now on the table, before cooking, neither of them thought that these ordinary ingredients, through special techniques, the blending of multiple ingredients, could emerge such a delicious taste, that taste, than themselves in the royal family, cooking with the best ingredients, even stronger than a point!
“Zhang Xuan, how on earth did you do that!” Milan, up to now, could not believe that all this was true in front of him.
“Use your brain.” Zhang Xuan reached out and pointed to his head, “Gourmet food, there is never a fixed approach, a chef’s mind, must know clearly, what flavor each seasoning is, multiple seasonings together, what kind of miracle will appear, you have to have the courage to innovate, well, the dish on the table.”
Zhang Xuan left Milan and Li Ke a smile, turned around and went out of the back kitchen.
“Milan, Zhang Xuan he ……” Lin Qinghan pointed to the door of the back kitchen, and looked at the six dishes that were finished cooking on the table.
“Qinghan, your family, Zhang Xuan, is just too good! After today’s affair, you must interrogate him properly, his understanding of cooking is far above mine!” Milan was now excited inside, today, after this incident, it made her go to the next level in her understanding of food!
In the restaurant, you can already hear the back kitchen stove become quiet, a gourmet food is about to be served, Prince Charlie’s face showed a hint of anticipation, and the original chefs of the Di Sante restaurant, as well as waiters and waitresses, have long been eagerly waiting to look at the craftsmanship of these top culinary masters of the Enamel Kingdom!
Milan’s opponent, Tev, was a middle-aged man in his thirties, who did not have a beard like most enameled people, with white cheeks and gentlemanly movements.
He placed the six dishes he had cooked in front of Prince Charlie. The food that Teff cooked was flawless, both in the overflow of aroma and in the presentation.
Even if it is not the meal time, even if only to see the plate of exquisite food, smell the aroma emitted, let the mouth to swallow.
Prince Charles tasted the food cooked by Tev one by one, and with a satisfied expression on his face, he nodded his head and said in Chinese, which was still fluent, “Not bad, the taste is great, rice, are you ready?”
“Sure.” Milan nodded, walked into the back kitchen, and together with Rico, they presented a gourmet dish to the table.
What Milan and the girls served up was exactly the same variety as what Teff had made.
Seeing these, a contemptuous smile appeared on Teff’s face.
The chefs of Di Sante Restaurant, on the other hand, had disappointed expressions on their faces. Before cooking, they knew that these two beautiful royal chefs would cook with their own store’s ingredients, and originally they thought that these two chefs would use some original techniques to win this competition.
For the same dish, the one with stronger ingredients will definitely win.
Prince Charlie’s eyes also showed a disappointed look, “rice, are you going to give up this competition? As a candidate chef, you shouldn’t just give up.”
“Your Highness Charlie, I think, you can taste it first.” Milan made a gesture of invitation.
Prince Charlie shook his head, with the answer already in his mind, but in courtesy, he still had to taste it, and he cut off a small piece of fish.
“Hmm? Not snapper?” Prince Charlie frowned, “Mi, did you even get the ingredients, mixed up?”
“Your Highness, you taste it first.” Milan once again made a gesture of invitation.
With a fox on his face and a frown, Prince Charlie put a small piece of fish into his mouth and slowly chewed it. As the number of chews increased, Prince Charlie’s originally furrowed brow gradually became stretched, and at the same time, the speed of his chewing increased, and surprise popped out among his sky blue eyes.
The rich fresh flavor with fennel, mixed in the fish, each bite, will burst in the mouth, hovering in the mouth, is really a beautiful enjoyment, initially, Prince Charles only thought this is an ordinary roasted snapper, but now, he does not think so.
Swallowing the food in his mouth, Prince Charlie was a little impatient to look towards the next dish.
“Crayfish? The use of a larger lobster, this lobster in the meat will lack some, cleaning more trouble, affecting the quality of meat and taste, and this will have what fresh approach?”
Prince Charlie forked up a small piece of lobster meat, put it into his mouth, two teeth together, bite down on the shrimp, in the moment the shrimp meat was bitten through, Prince Charlie felt an amazing elasticity, as if, his own closed teeth, to be popped open by this shrimp meat in general.
The juice full of compound aroma burst out between the mouth and teeth, like an explosion, filling the entire mouth, at that moment, as if breathing with the same fragrance!
In Prince Charlie’s face, showing a full of enjoyment.

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