Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 112

For Zhang Xuan, Qin Rou herself is also very torn, she is not sure, she is curious about this man, or a little like, as if she wants to see him all the time.
Qin Rou took out her cell phone, scratched the screen, jade finger pressed on Zhang Xuan’s phone number, dialing out the key but did not press.
At this moment, a crisp cheer sounded in Qin Rou’s ears.
“Brother Zhang Xuan, brother Zhang Xuan is here.”
“Brother Zhang Xuan wants a hug.”
“Wow, is this for me? Thank you brother Zhang Xuan.”
The children’s mouths made joyful sounds.
Qin Rou’s pretty face floated with joy, and with a sharp turn of her head, she saw that Zhang Xuan was picking up a child and tossing it up with force, with a happy smile on the child’s face.
“Miss Qin, you’re here too.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand at Qin Rou and said hello.
Qin Rou’s heart was puffing, but the girl’s reserve only made her nod at Zhang Xuan, “Well, I haven’t seen you here for a long time.”
“Haha, I’ve been a little busy lately, I’ll go see the dean first.” Zhang Xuan put the little one in his arms on the ground and ran to the house to find Dean Cui to chat.
In Zhang Xuan’s eyes, Dean Cui was his parent, and when he acted recklessly and killed countless people, he would also take the time to call Dean Cui and report his safety.
If Lin Qinghan was the angel that Zhang Xuan met when he was most helpless, then the orphanage was his haven, occupying a vital place in Zhang Xuan’s heart.
Zhang Xuan and Dean Cui chatted casually, he looked at Dean Cui’s head full of white hair, his eyes were full of helplessness, Dean Cui worked all his life for the children, until now there are no children at her knees, and no old partner, she dedicated her life to the orphanage.
“Dean, in fact, you can find someone to take over your class, you also enjoy your old age.” Zhang Xuan advised from the bottom of his heart.
It was not the first time that Zhang Xuan made such a suggestion, and every time, Dean Cui just smiled and told Zhang Xuan that she was already enjoying her old age, and the orphanage was her home, and watching these children grow up was her greatest happiness, and she could accept anything that was coming peacefully, just some, couldn’t let go of these children.
For such a kind old man, what can Zhang Xuan say, he is also glad that he met a good person like President Cui when he was a child.
After chatting with Dean Cui, Zhang Xuan had just walked to the orphanage compound when he heard a loud noise coming from the children, as well as Qin Rou’s angry controversial voice.
“What’s going on?” Zhang Xuan frowned, he saw that those children were in the courtyard, turning over boxes of beautifully packaged fruits, these fruits from the packaging box seems, that are high-grade goods, but the boxes contain fruits, most of them are rotten or wilted, some boxes open, the bottom are full of thick water.
In front of the orphanage, a delivery truck body, printed with a red cross logo.
Those rotten fruits were carried off from this truck.
“Hey, here we go again.” President Cui hunchbacked, walked to Zhang Xuan, wrinkled face is full of helplessness, “these people, ah, is the Red Association branch, our orphanage, has always been in the relief list, but now, hey, this box of fruit, you can see, the packaging looks good, in fact, the inside of the stuff can not eat ah, they come every time, take a picture and then leave, once I was not in The bananas that the child ate were hairy, and luckily they were sent to the hospital in time, otherwise, hey.”
When it comes to this, President Cui can not bear to continue to say, eyes can not help but flushed, looking at these lively and lovely children, President Cui really feel aggrieved for them.
“How outrageous!” Zhang Xuan squeezed his fist, “Dean, this matter must make them give an explanation, as far as I know, the orphanage’s monthly aid amount should be one thousand dollars, right? They only come once a month?”
“Good boy, you are still young, you don’t understand some things.” Dean Cui patted Zhang Xuan’s shoulder, “The monthly money, there is a thousand, but what can be enjoyed by the children, it’s good to have three hundred, this world, hey.”
“Simply excessive!” Zhang Xuan took a big step towards the van.
He just ran into Qin Rou who was walking back, Qin Rou just finished arguing with the truck driver, and needless to think, it was because of these fruits.
Qin Rou saw Zhang Xuan’s gloomy face, knew what Zhang Xuan intended to do, she took Zhang Xuan’s arm, shook his head, “Forget it, he is only responsible for delivery, what is inside, has nothing to do with him.”
Zhang Xuan frowned, watched the van drive away and asked, “Do you know which unit they belong to?”
“Said the Red Association’s sub-office unit, but the specific still have to let people inquire, I’ll let people go check now.” Saying that, Qin Rou took out her cell phone and made a call out.
Zhang Xuan held back the anger in his heart, this matter today, he will never let it go, even if this truck to deliver fruit today, to the children less, he can tolerate, but send a bunch of bad fruit to, he can not tolerate! This is completely does not put the children’s health in mind, this is not what the relief society? What face do they have to say they are doing charity?
“Children, do not eat these fruits, sister wait to send you some fruits again, okay?” Qin Rou looked at the children carefully selecting the fruit that could still be eaten, and felt a pang of heartache.
Children of the same age, at their age, are enjoying the care of their parents, is the heart of the family, but they? Fruit, all can only eat these rotten bad, the bottom of the fruit box, those piles of thick water emitting a strong stench, but the children are not affected at all, apparently have long been used to it.
“Xiao Rou, you are a good boy, do not spend money recklessly, you can take care of these children for a while, can take care of them for a lifetime? How many orphanages are there in the country, and you can manage over?” President Cui’s eyes are red, this scene in front of her, let her very uncomfortable.
But what can you do if you don’t feel good, this is the truth, the children can only do, only to adapt.
“I ……” Qin Rou opened her mouth, do not know how to answer President Cui, she understands, President Cui is right, they can help a moment, can not help a lifetime, the country so many orphanages, and how much they can help.
“President Cui is right, you can’t help these children for a lifetime, so what we can do is to solve the problem from the root.” Zhang Xuan raised his phone at Qin Rou, “Let’s go, I’ve found this sub-office unit, you drive.”
Qin Rou nodded, and the two said goodbye to President Cui and left the orphanage.

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