Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1121

The punk men and women stared at Lin Qinghan with unkind expressions. “Are you planning to make trouble?”
Su Shu said, “Two, I think there should be rules in the 9th innings. Do it in front of ordinary people, look around, do you want to break the rules of the nine innings here?”
“Just give me nine innings!” The punk man waved his hand, “You take the nine innings seriously, I I want to see, I killed you guys today, what can he do to me in the
9th round !” Su Shu and Su Si’s expressions changed at the same time, because they clearly felt that there was a man and a woman in front of you. The murderous aura exuded.
Lin Qinghan snorted coldly, and said as if talking to himself: “You are still hiding? If this happens today, I’m not sure if you can talk to it, but with my husband, you will definitely make it. It’s not bad!”
“Haha!” A loud laugh sounded, and at a table next to Lin Qinghan and the others, stood up a man in his forties who looked like a business man in a suit and shoes.
After the man got up, he first made a standard gentleman’s etiquette to Lin Qinghan, and then he said, “Ms. Lin is indeed a woman who accompanies the emperor. This change is not surprised, but it makes me admire tight.” After the man finished, he watched again. To the punk men and women, “Two, introduce yourself. In the next nine rounds, the fourth hand of the swordsman, Huo Qing.” The hand of the swordsman!
Hearing the name of the man, the punk men and women were shocked at the same time.
Sword Commander, that is the backbone of the nine rounds, Sword Commander, at least possesses the strength of the Condensing Qi Realm, which is not something they can contend.
After the punk men and women looked at each other, they both saw a retreat from each other’s eyes. They really didn’t expect that there was still a sword-handling agent here.
Huo Qing smiled slightly, “Two, if you are here to dine, I think you should follow the rules and line up at the door. If you are not here to dine, you should go back to your place.”
After the punk man glared at Lin Qinghan, he waved his hand, “Let’s go!” The sound fell, and the two left the Green Lotus Hotel as if they were running away .
Huo Qing smiled at Lin Qinghan and sat down again.
On the side, Su Shu and Su Si both stared with wide-eyed eyes. As members of the clan, how could they not understand what the control envoy meant, but what they did not expect was that a control envoy was arranged to protect the younger in the 9th game. Sister, and listen to the meaning of Sister’s words, this matter still has something to do with your uncle?
Although Su Shu and Su Si knew Zhang Xuan’s strength was strong, and Zhang Xuan was in the Zhu clan at the time, and Zhang Xuan was a strong suppressor, making the two clan Xiao Zhu recognize the master, but this does not mean that he can order the nine games!
In the hearts of Su Shu and Su Si, this uncle was again covered with a veil of mystery.
Outside the Xinkai Hotel, punk men and women walked to the front of the hotel. Just as they were about to enter, they were stopped by a hand.
The incident just happened, so that the punk men and women were dissatisfied and full of anger. Now that they saw that they were stopped by others, they suddenly became angry and stared at the person in front of them.
“It’s you?” The punk man stared at the person in front of him, it was Zhang Xuan.
The attitude of Zhang Xuan yesterday actually made them very dissatisfied.
“Why, let’s enter the hotel now, you guys in the 9th round will also be stopped?” The Tongue Nai woman dissatisfied.
Zhang Xuan looked at the two of them, and then said: “I heard that you two non-mainstreamers just went out to make trouble?” The punk men and women didn’t understand what the non-mainstream meant in Zhang Xuan’s mouth, but they also knew that Zhang Xuan was questioning them.
The punk man snorted coldly, “Does it have anything to do with you? None of your swordsmen in the nine rounds said anything. When is it your turn to question your role!”
Zhang Xuan smiled, “You are the one who provokes me. Wife.” The moment Zhang Xuan’s voice fell, he put his hands out and grabbed the man and woman in front of him.
Seeing Zhang Xuan, the man and the woman dared to act on both of them.
“Boy, look for…”
Zhang Xuan got stuck in his throat before the death word in the punk man’s mouth was spit out.
At the same time, Zhang Xuan grabbed the tongue nail girl by her neck and had difficulty breathing.
The eyes of the two became terrified at this moment. Both of them were strong in the late transformation stage, but they were subdued in one encounter. No wonder this kid dared to be so arrogant last night. His strength has reached nine rounds of swordsmanship. Make the level up!
Zhang Xuan, who got stuck in their throats, looked indifferent, “You know, in fact, I am particularly disgusted with your group of people gathering in Yinzhou. This is the place where you live, not the place where you show off. Remember, the reason for your life is only One, you shouldn’t provoke my wife.”
Zhang Xuan’s words fell, palms pressed hard, and then with a flick, punk men and women, like broken puppets, fell to the ground.
The scene that happened at the entrance of the hotel was a long story, but it was extremely fast, and no one saw it.
When someone came to the entrance of the Xinkai Hotel, they immediately saw two dead bodies.
This time, the hidden strengths of all countries in the world gathered in Yinzhou. Although it seemed to be harmonious on the surface, everyone knew that there would definitely be dead people happening behind the scenes, but no one thought that this happened so quickly. They are today. , Haven’t even started exploring the underground palace!
Suddenly, countless intelligence networks belonging to the major forces began to operate, and these forces had a deep foundation, and soon, a unified message reached the ears of the major forces.
The news they got was that this punk man and woman had only provoked one person today, Lin Qinghan, the president of Yinzhou Lin!
Just because he provoked Lin Qinghan, he died within half an hour, and beside Lin Qinghan, there was also a nine-round swordsman secretly protecting him. Lin Qinghan couldn’t move!
While all kinds of information reached the ears of the major forces, Zhang Xuan also received similar information.
Zhang Xuan, who was sitting in the lobby of Xinkai Hotel, smiled slightly when he saw the news. He wanted this kind of effect.
In the turbulent situation in Yinzhou, first retreat a group of Xiaoxiao, so as not to be implicated in Lin Qinghan.
After nine o’clock in the evening, the two sisters Su Shu returned to the hotel. They found that the people in the hotel looked at them differently, and instead of the previous contempt, they were still a little bit jealous.
Regarding the news of the death of the punk man and woman, Su’s intelligence network also sent them to them. They understood that the jealousy in these people’s eyes was related to that incident.
There was the death of punk men and women, and the Ninth Game was also under pressure from all parties. Almost 90% of the forces asked to open the underground palace and explore together. Some even deliberately released news that the Ninth Game was to take this opportunity to eradicate dissidents. .
Under this forced pressure, the Ninth Bureau has no way. The announcement will be made at ten o’clock in the evening. The underground palace will be opened in an hour. By then, all the forces will go to the underground palace together!

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