Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 113

Zhang Xuan and Qin Rou both, standing in front of the Swan Lake Town residential area, looking at the majestic facade and gorgeous facilities of the community, could feel the not-so-affordable housing prices in it.
“Zhang Xuan, that Li Jiang you mentioned, lives here?” Qin Rou’s eyes were wide, with disbelief in her eyes.
Li Jiang, is the head of that relief association branch office.
The price of this neighborhood, Qin Rou once understood, the price of one square meter in nine thousand, in terms of this place in Yinzhou City, is considered the highest price of the place.
Qin Rou has a company of her own, the income is quite stable, but so, want to buy a suite in Swan Lake Town, she will still have pressure.
What is the monthly salary of the head of a rescue association? Five thousand? Or seven thousand? He would actually buy a house here? The fishy thing about this, Qin Rou didn’t need to think in her heart to understand.
Zhang Xuan shook his head to answer Qin Rou’s question, “Li Jiang does not live here, this house, he bought for his mistress, a two hundred and eighty square meters villa with courtyard.”
Although Zhang Xuan’s tone is calm, but when he speaks, it always makes people feel a chill.
Qin Rou sucked in a breath of cold air and opened her mouth wide, two hundred and eighty square meters, or bought for his mistress? This ……
Zhang Xuan took Qin Rou and walked into the neighborhood, he ran purposefully towards a building, the villa Li Jiang bought for his mistress.
The summer heat, and noon, the sun is hot.
A burst of playful laughter rang in Zhang Xuan’s ears.
Zhang Xuan and Qin Rou both stood outside the courtyard of a villa, looking at the villa compound, the air cushion pool filled with clear water, a man and a woman are lying in the pool, enjoying the chilled juice, the man is more than forty years old, the woman is only twenty-three or twenty-four, the figure is hot, just the sound of laughter, is from her mouth.
Zhang Xuan looked at the photo on the phone screen, and then looked at the man in the pool, sure, this is the head of the relief sub-office association, lying next to him, the young woman, is the mistress he found, Zhao Xi.
After being certain, Zhang Xuan put away his phone, pushed open the gate of the compound and walked in.
The iron gate of the compound creaked, attracting the attention of the two people inside the pool.
“What’s going on with this security guard? The insurance salesman said he came in?” Li Jiang was wearing sunglasses, and his tone was full of dissatisfaction.
Zhang Xuan was wearing his business suit, so it’s no wonder Li Jiang took him for an insurance salesman.
Zhang Xuan skimmed his mouth, “Li Jiang, right? The head of the Red Association branch office?”
When Li Jiang heard this, his face changed, “Sorry, you are mistaken, what red association sub-office, I do not understand, this is my private place, you are not welcome now, please go out.”
“Huh.” Zhang Xuan smiled contemptuously, “We are all adults, and you don’t give me the benefit of the doubt.”
Zhang Xuan paced to the pool, gaze back and forth, “Tsk, not bad, the quality of life is very high, look at this beauty around, long legs and thin waist.”
Li Jiang’s mistress, Zhao Xi, looked at Zhang Xuan with a displeased face, “dead poor man, what to look at, the mother’s legs are also you see?”
After saying that, Zhao Xi wrapped her arms around Li Jiang and said delicately, “Honey, who is this person, annoying, let him out quickly.”
“No need to rush, ask a question, after I have the answer, I will naturally go out.” Zhang Xuan hands in the pockets, “Li Jiang, Spring Vine orphanage, there should be a monthly subsidy of a thousand dollars, right, where is the money?”
Li Jiang looked at the corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth that confident faint smile, the face of the sunglasses off, “boy, I do not play dumb riddle with you, who sent you, how much money was given to you? What newspaper are you a reporter for?”
“I’m not from any newspaper, I just want to ask, where is the money for the subsidy to the Spring Vine orphanage?”
“A group of orphans spend what money ah.” Zhao Xi grunted in dissatisfaction, hands clasped chest, “their parents do not want them, such people do not starve to death on the line, but also spend money to give them subsidies? How interesting!”
“Is it?” Zhang Xuan bared his teeth and smiled, walked around the pool and stood behind Zhao Xi.
“What do you want? Who told you to get so close to me, get away!” Zhao Xi turned back and looked at Zhang Xuan with a face full of disgust.
Zhang Xuan’s face with a smile, suddenly, all the smiles on his face disappeared, he reached out, grabbed Zhao Xi’s hair, and pulled hard.
Zhao Xi let out a scream, half of her body was pulled out of the pool by Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Xuan stretched out his other hand, aimed at Zhao Xi’s face, is a number of consecutive slaps down.
“Pop” crisp sound incessantly, Zhang Xuan has pumped Zhao Xi more than ten slaps, before finally stopping, Zhao Xi that a beautiful face, now completely red and swollen, the corner of her mouth was Zhang Xuan beaten out blood, the face of the sunglasses long ago do not know where to go, eyes filled with tears.
Zhang Xuan let go of the hand at the same time, Zhao Xi shouted, rolled over and lunged at Zhang Xuan.
For this kind of woman, Zhang Xuan did not have any intolerance, directly a big foot up, will Zhao Xi from the pool kicked out several meters.
Zhao Xi fell to the ground, covered with mud.
“Okay, now I’m far enough away from you.” Zhang Xuan clapped his hands.
Zhao Xi was trembling and reached out to point at Zhang Xuan, looking at him with a face full of resentment, “I want you to die! I want you to die!”
For Zhao Xi such threats, Zhang Xuan simply ignored, his gaze back to Li Jiang, “Answer my question, where is the money of the subsidy?”
Li Jiang looked at Zhang Xuan with a gloomy face, “Kid, although I don’t know what you are or who sent you, I advise you, there are some things that you can’t control.”
Zhang Xuan deep right thumb pulled out his ears and glanced at the two-story villa behind Li Jiang, “What if I am inclined to care?”
“Then you’ll have to think about what the consequences are!” Li Jiang suddenly picked up his phone from the side and sent a voice message out, “Someone is causing trouble, come over.”
After sending the message, Li Jiang stared at Zhang Xuan, “Kid, I advise you better leave now, what happened today, I can pretend that nothing happened, we are all out to make a living, don’t make a fish death net.”
“Sorry, I don’t want to break up with you.” Zhang Xuan found a small pony from the courtyard and sat down directly on it, “But I do want to know what you mean by fish death net broken.”
Qin Rou stood outside the villa compound and watched Zhang Xuan do all this, for that Zhao Xi who was beaten up by Zhang Xuan, Qin Rou did not have a bit of sympathy.
About five minutes later, Qin Rou heard a motor roar, she walked into the compound and pointed out to Zhang Xuan outside the villa compound.
A series of three or two Range Rover parked in front of the villa compound, from each car, are down five big men, each bladder tattoos, looking at it is not good stubble.

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