Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 114

As soon as Zhao Xi saw the five big men, it was as if she had found a savior.
“Brother Tiger, beat him to death! Beat him to death!”
He looked at Zhao Xi’s red and swollen face and walked directly to Zhang Xuan who was sitting there, looking at him from a high position, “Kid, you’re not open-minded enough to make trouble here?”
After seeing these big men, Zhang Xuan’s face emerged a trace of disappointment, “Li Jiang, what you said about breaking the net with me, is to find these people to scare me?”
Zhang Xuan felt funny.
Not to mention that these people combined are not Zhang Xuan’s opponent, even if today, Zhang Xuan is just an ordinary person sitting here, he is not afraid, because he knows that Li Jiang does not dare to let these people make a move against himself.
Li Jiang’s position is very much under the attention of the community, if he makes any big noise today, he don’t want to sit down in this position again.
Li Jiang is a greedy person, greedy people, and how to have the courage to die by fish? Not to mention, for a second wife, to do a fish death net broken thing?
The disappointed smile on Zhang Xuan’s face, with the unconcerned tone, made Brother Tiger very upset, he squeezed his fist, “Kid, you think Laozi doesn’t dare to beat you up?”
“Right.” Zhang Xuan nodded to Brother Tiger without hesitation, “I’m sitting here today, if you dare to touch me, I’ll count you as a man.”
“You fucking ……” Tiger was so provoked by Zhang Xuan that he swung his fist and was about to punch Zhang Xuan in the face.
“Stop!” Li Jiang hurriedly shouted to stop Brother Tiger, Zhang Xuan guessed right, he did not dare to hit people, did not dare to make a big deal out of this.
Tiger’s fist stopped in front of Zhang Xuan’s face, and he glared at Zhang Xuan with hatred.
Zhang Xuan winked provocatively at Brother Tiger, “Surely you don’t count as a man.”
“You ……” Tiger was just about to open his mouth to curse back when he was stopped by Li Jiang.
Li Jiang walked out of the pool and walked up to Zhang Xuan, “Kid, you know my identity, and I’m not afraid to tell you that you came for the orphanage’s relief money, even if, I gave them all the money today, you still come to me next month? Do you think they can enjoy the money in peace after what you did today? Look at these people I have, think about it yourself.”
Tiger laughed out loud, “I thought it was some kind of ruthless character who came to my door, but in the end, it’s for the old and the sick, boy, you are now obediently kowtowing to me a few times, or I will go around the orphanage every day, scaring the children, but it’s my favorite thing to do.”
After Tiger finished, his group of brothers also let out a big laugh.
“You guys say, how many punches can that old woman resist me?” Tiger raised his fist.
“I’m guessing one punch.”
“No, I guess two punches, don’t believe me and so on, go and try one punch!”
Qin Rou listened to these words, angry face red, shivering, “You are simply not human!”
Tiger reached out and pointed at Qin Rou’s face, “Little sister, you give me quietly, you have no say here! The old man is angry, you out of this door, the old man will put you strong believe it or not!”
“Hahahahaha, strong good, big brother you finished playing, give brothers to leave mouth soup ah.” Behind the tiger, came an obscene laughter.
Qin Rou angry silver teeth clenched, but do not know how to fight back, tears are coming out.
“Calm down, I’ll help you take revenge.” Zhang Xuan felt the change in Qin Rou’s emotions, grabbed Qin Rou’s small hand and smiled at her.
With Zhang Xuan’s comfort, Qin Rou’s emotions calmed down a lot.
Li Jiang saw Zhang Xuan and Qin Rou silent, continued: “Boy, this world, is the world of the rich, not you cynics of the world, see the discontent of things to come out of a head, those who have donated to the rich are not out of this head, you say you come out of what? Leave this, I take everything did not happen, otherwise, you need to think carefully, you come today, is to help that orphanage to come, or harm that orphanage to come, fresh fruit, enough for their medical expenses?”
Zhang Xuan’s face was not good, he really did not expect that these people, has been wild to such an extent, a casual word, is a threat to the safety of the children of the orphanage.
Zhang Xuan was able to have people come and dispose of these dregs of society, a cruel way to make them regret coming into this world, but Zhang Xuan did not do so.
Dealing with one Li Jiang, there is a second Li Jiang, helped the Chunto orphanage, there is a second Chunto orphanage, so Zhang Xuan to solve the problem at the root.
Zhang Xuan’s ugly face made even Zhao Xi proud, “What’s wrong, poor bastard, wasn’t he just being arrogant? Why don’t you say anything? Mute? Let me tell you, if you don’t kowtow to me today, I’ll bring someone to tear down that orphanage.”
Zhang Xuan ignored Zhao Xi’s shouting as he looked at the time on his phone.
“Almost, it’s time to come.”
Just as Zhang Xuan’s words fell, he heard a sharp braking sound at the entrance of the villa compound.
A Honda Accord stopped in front of the villa, the door opened and a middle-aged man in a suit stepped down from the car.
At the same time, two police cars with a warning sound, also slowly parked in front of the villa.
Li Jiang took a look at the middle-aged man who came down from the Accord, is the face changed, surrounded by a bath towel, hurriedly trotted to the entrance of the compound to meet.
“Supervisor Zheng, what wind has blown you here.”
Supervisor Zheng took a look at Li Jiang’s outfit, only a pair of swim trunks under the bathrobe, and frowned, “Li Jiang, you really opened my eyes ah, bought such a big villa, my old Zheng couldn’t even think about it.”
In the association, the status of the supervisor, equivalent to the ancient Minister of the Qin.
Li Jiang gave a flattering smile, “Supervisor Zheng, look at what you said, this house is not mine, it belongs to a friend of mine.”
“Is that so?” Supervisor Zheng snorted coldly, took out a document and dumped it directly on Li Jiang.
Li Jiang took the document and just swept a glance at it, and his face turned white.
On this document, it was filled with all his bank accounts, including overseas banks, how many deposits were in them, and the houses under his name Li Jiang, none of them were left behind.
“Supervisor, this ……” Li Jiang was a little confused, these things, he thought he had done very concealed, never thought it would be discovered.
“What else do you have to explain?” Supervisor Zheng stared at Li Jiang, “If not, then go to the police station and have a cup of tea, our association, is being victimized by people like you!”
“Supervisor Zheng, this is all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding, these things, have nothing to do with me, it’s definitely someone who set me up!” Li Jiang explained repeatedly.
“Framed you? Mr. Zhang would frame you?” Supervisor Zheng showed a funny look.

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