Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 116

Another day passed, the next morning, Zhang Xuan as usual, after cleaning up the house hygiene, today he did not go to the company with Lin Qinghan on the same road, but said hello and went to Yinzhou University.
The Ning Provincial Medical Association, there are many people hanging honorary professors in Yinzhou University, some even part-time teachers, want to use a multi-function hall to give lectures or very easy.
Today, Yinzhou University gathered a lot of people, all from the provinces of the medical profession seniors, there are older, all hair white, these people came to Yinzhou University today, all listen to the lecture.
Trembling needle these two words, in the Chinese medical community, set off a huge wave.
Originally, Yinzhou University only prepared a small multi-function hall to the medical association, the results when the arrival of so many famous doctors, immediately changed into the largest multi-function hall, but also let the students spontaneously go over to listen to the lecture.
With so many famous doctors converging, the medical students of Yinzhou University certainly wouldn’t miss this opportunity, each with a case in hand, and began to ask for advice.
The campus was filled with youthful figures.
“Xu Wan, many professors will come over today, we can’t miss this opportunity.” Zhang Jie, wearing a white T-shirt, was holding a notebook in her hand, her face was full of excitement.
Xu Wan’s outfit today is still so energetic, “Don’t worry, I’ve written down all the problems that I couldn’t overcome during this period of time, I will definitely understand them all today, eh, where is Sun Lan?”
“She’ll be here in a minute.”
At this moment, in front of the multi-functional hall No. 1 of Yinzhou University, countless students gathered, all discussing there medical problems, sometimes some famous doctors saw it and would mention them a few words, so they benefited a lot.
Xu Wan and a group of others were gathered together, discussing a rare case.
There is a patient, born with a persistent disease, the hands can not be raised above the head, the large arm weakness, difficult to train, such a disease, in Chinese medicine, attributed to the qi and blood meridians category, but let people in the treatment of no way, the patient’s arms meridians are open, qi and blood alive.
This case, among the exercises of Chinese medicine, can be said to be a rather difficult disease.
“Everyone, this friend of mine, named Liu Ran, has been studying under Dr. Zhao in Su Province for four years, so for this disease, you can ask him for advice.”
“Hello, everyone.” Liu Ran is a young man of about twenty-four years old, wearing a physician’s white coat, greeted everyone, his gaze hovered mostly on Xu Wan and the girls.
As soon as they heard people say Dr. Zhao of Suzhou Province, many people cast envious glances at Liu Ran.
Dr. Zhao, that is a nationally known famous doctor, can study under him, the future achievement is unlimited.
“Brother Liu Ran, do you have a solution for this disease?” A man couldn’t help but ask.
Liu Ran nodded and said, “A foolproof method, I don’t have one, but for this case, I have discussed it with my teacher countless times, and it’s kind of some results.”
Once the people heard Liu Ran say this, their faces were overflowing with joy.
Although Liu Ran did not say the words full, but the meaning is clear to everyone, and Dr. Zhao together with the discussion out, there are results, does not that mean there is a solution?
Liu Ran stood there, looking at the people throwing eager eyes towards himself, his heart can not mention how satisfied, his gaze hovered for a long time on Xu Wan, Zhang Jie, and Sun Lan, who just arrived, before he opened his mouth.
“This disease, I named it muscle function syndrome, for this disease, we can be based on the location of the patient’s disease, acupuncture points for substantial stimulation, this symptom, although it seems, the patient meridians through, but in fact, not so ……”
Liu Ran stood there, talk in a paragraph, the surrounding people’s eyes make him more and more excited to talk.
Some people who are good at learning have already started to take a pen and write down these things quickly.
While Liu Ran was speaking with excitement, a voice suddenly rang out, interrupting Liu Ran.
“A bunch of nonsense! In medicine, every step is with fear and trepidation, like walking on thin ice, every action you take, every thought you have, you are responsible for the life and safety of the patient, and now here, nonsense!”
The voice was stern in tone, causing the crowd to instantly look at the person who spoke.
“Brother-in-law?” Xu Wan’s eyes widened, she didn’t even think that the one who just spoke would be Zhang Xuan.
Zhang Jie and Sun Lan, both of them, also looked at Zhang Xuan with a curious face.
Liu Ran’s voice, which was talking in a paragraph, gave a beat, and his face was slightly unnatural, because he himself knew in his heart that this so-called muscle syndrome, he did not discuss any medical treatment with the teacher at all, what he just said about the deep degree of muscle stimulation, was completely for the sake of performance and vanity, nonsense, and now he was so reprimanded, so that he could not lose face.
Liu Ran looked at Zhang Xuan and opened his mouth to ask: “What are you? The result that I discussed with my teacher is nonsense to you?”
“That’s right, who is this person?” A student looked at Zhang Xuan.
“Do you know how to do medicine? What Liu Ran said is the result of Dr. Zhao from Su Province, do you mean to say that Dr. Zhao is also talking nonsense.”
“That’s right!” One person rolled his eyes and looked at Xu Wan, “Xu Wan, you just said that this man is your brother-in-law? What is he? Is he also a doctor?”
Xu Wan shook her head, “Not a doctor, but my brother-in-law said so, there must be a basis.”
“Heh!” Liu Ran snickered, “According to? What basis, a person who does not know medicine, come over and talk to me about basis?”
“I am talking about attitude!” Zhang Xuan spoke again, “the study of medicine itself, is to save people, not for you to boast here, you should know, you as a doctor, to be responsible for every word you say, you know what you just said those methods, if really be used on patients, what is the consequence!”
Zhang Xuan sternly shouted, he was very strong, enough that when he was talking, these students around him had to listen and did not dare to interrupt.
Zhang Xuan gaze on these students swept a week, and finally locked on Liu Ran, “If you do this, the patient is likely to over-stimulate acupuncture points, resulting in congestion of blood in both arms, the consequences are serious, may make both arms permanently unconscious! You don’t even have this kind of common sense, and you’re asking me for the basis!”
After Zhang Xuan finished, he pointed at the students, “And you guys, you don’t have the ability to distinguish at all, remembering whatever others say, can’t you distinguish right from wrong? Use your brains to think about the consequences of forcibly stimulating acupuncture points in a person with intact meridians and blood channels, is this basic stuff not written in your textbooks?”
As Zhang Xuan’s words fell, none of the students dared to retort, standing frozen in place.

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