Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1164

The middle-aged man was stunned by Sister Hui and closed his mouth with embarrassment on his face.
Old Dong glanced at Sister Hui, “Huihui, you don’t understand. In terms of cooking, the handling of ingredients is very important. As I said, your cousin’s cooking skills are not yet in place. He is not good at this level of competition. It’s too far.”
Old Dong said, and shook his head. He has no hope for this game.
Sister Hui said with a dissatisfaction: “I said Lao Dong, what do you mean? Why do you look down on my cousin everywhere? Until now, you still think it’s right for you to find that liar, don’t you?”
Lao Dong shook his head. Shaking his head, did not speak, in his heart, he didn’t want to believe that Zhang Yiqing was a liar, but he has never appeared since yesterday, which makes Old Dong unwilling to believe it.
The competition is very fierce. In this kind of competition, there are not so many shouts, but every action is detailed, the method of cutting vegetables, the method of washing vegetables, the method and time of pickling the ingredients, every action, It is a kind of showing strength.
Compared with other contestants’ movements, the performance of sister Hui’s cousin is very clumsy.
In cooking competitions, most people who can come to watch the competition are experts. Seeing the actions of Sister Hui’s cousin, these people are still unable to judge who is the first one, but who is the last one, everyone knows. There is a spectrum.
On the referee stand, a female referee looked at Sister Hui’s cousin and shook her head constantly, “I said, Lao Dong is not such an unreliable person, how can we arrange for such a person to participate in the competition? Is there no one under him? ”
There are people.” Another referee said, “But I have seen the apprentice of Old Dong. I have learned the three things of Old Dong. You will definitely not get results when you come to the competition. I guess, Old Dong also knows.” This, I gave up this opportunity.”
“Hey, Mr. Dong.” The female referee shook her head, “By the way, when will that one arrive?”
When the female referee said which one, the rest The referees all subconsciously adjusted their sitting postures and allowed themselves to make corrections.
“I don’t know, the dragon who sees the head and misses the end. The Mountbatten award is named after the world’s first chef, teacher Mountbatten. That year, he made the work that the teacher Mountbatten left in his suicide note. It can be said that it has truly surpassed the Mountbatten teacher. Originally, the name of this award should be named after that. It is a pity that he was unwilling and insisted on retaining the Mountbatten award. He just requested that the annual finals be held in the summer.
” The one who will definitely appear, the Mountbatten Award, was handed out by the one who personally handed it out.”
“It’s hard to imagine how such a young person could have such an amazing cooking skill? How did he do it? ”
Don’t talk about it, let’s watch the competition first. The processing of the ingredients is also the final scoring option.” There are a total of ten groups of contestants from different countries, but in terms of food, the hot summer, the enamel country, and the Turkish country Even more dominant, these three countries all have a strong gastronomic atmosphere and heritage. Of the ten contestants, seven are from these three countries.
Each country has different favorite foods and different methods, and the things that can be expressed are also colorful.
Several judges sat on the referee’s stand, carefully watching the actions of each player.
When the cooking session started, the hotel lobby used for the competition was suddenly filled with fragrance.
The owner of the hotel specially arranged for his own chef to watch and learn in a good location. For many chefs, watching live is a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity. It makes them excited because they can be there. They are all top chefs in the world.
It’s just that there were only nine people who studied, and the cousin of Sister Hui was directly ignored.
Although Sister Hui’s cousin’s knife skills and cooking skills are very exquisite compared to ordinary people, and a carving knife in his hand can dance flowers, but that’s also relative. The contestants present are of level. The worst is the ability to cut vegetables on an inflated balloon without the balloon being blown up.
After the cooking session starts, it is time for all parties to show their skills. Although the taste of the ingredients is inseparable from the knife work and pre-marinating, the more important thing is the practice.
In terms of approach, all the contestants can be described as the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each showing their magical powers.
Zhang Xuan, dressed in casual clothes, came to the hall of the competition. He glanced at the contestants who were carefully cooking food, nodded secretly, then looked around in the hall, after seeing the figure of Old Dong, Zhang Xuan walked towards that. .
At this time, Old Dong was looking anxiously at the place where the game was going on. Although he already knew that there was no hope of winning with Huihui’s cousin, what if these people made a mistake? Lao Dong has participated in countless competitions. It is clear that if he can perform 80% of his usual state during the game, it is considered very good. If he performs abnormally, he can almost be sure of victory. After all, psychological pressure is also One of the important challenges facing the game.
Old Dong did not notice Zhang Xuan’s arrival.
“Old Dong.” Zhang Xuan called out to Old Dong. He brought a buckle for himself, opened it beside him, and sat down.
Old Dong and Sister Hui were surprised at the same time when they heard Zhang Xuan’s voice.
“Why are you here!” Before Old Dong spoke, Sister Hui scolded on the spot, “Is this the place where you came? What qualifications do you have, get out!”
Zhang Xuan smiled slightly, “The security guards don’t stop me, just To prove that I am qualified to come in, you can go to the security guard.”
Old Dong saw Zhang Xuan and said with a complex expression: “Xiao Zhang, you really disappointed me. I thought you would really play for me.”
“Old Dong, I’m really sorry.” Zhang Xuan glanced at Sister Hui, “Your spouse didn’t let me compete for you. It just happened that I had something to do, so I went to work first and then came back.”
“Don’t let you compete?” Old Dong grabbed the point of the question, turned his head abruptly, looked at the sister Hui next to him, and asked, “Huihui, what’s the matter?”
Sister Hui’s face turned blue. She didn’t answer Old Dong’s question. Instead, she looked at Zhang Xuan and shouted: “Don’t let me spit people here! When did I not let you compete? You took my 200,000 yuan and said You are going to buy kitchen utensils and have never come back. Now that I am not letting you compete? What do you mean?”
Zhang Xuan shook his head without making a sound.
Old Dong still looked at Sister Hui, “Huihui, tell me, is what Xiao Zhang said is true?”
“Of course not!” Sister Hui was like a cat with its tail on the tail, and it exploded. “Old Dong, do you think I am that kind of person? Do you believe an outsider does not believe me?”

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