Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 118

“Just say that brother-in-law of yours! Wasn’t he good at talking big just now? Have the ability to call him to confront ah!” Liu Ran’s friend clasped his hands to his chest, a look of ambition, “waste things, just know pretend, what things.”
Sitting there, Zhang Cheng, “miso” stood up, also ignored the scene so many people, directly at Liu Ran’s friend shouted: “What the hell are you? Who are you talking about?”
Zhang Cheng made a lot of noise and drew the attention of many people, and the medical experts who came from other provinces frowned.
“Master.” Liu Ran hurriedly stood up, this physician who came to ask questions, is the famous Zhao Kuang Zhao physician in Su Province.
Zhao Kuang nodded, “There are so many seniors present, and you juniors are here, making a lot of noise, what is the decency!”
“Master, it’s not my fault.” Liu Ran hurriedly explained, “Just now, I was discussing some academic stuff with everyone, and then someone came, who was not a physician or a medical student, started saying that what I was talking about was nothing, and started heckling me.”
“Right, right, right.” The person next to Liu Ran also hurriedly got up and spoke, “Doctor Zhao, that person not only said that brother Liu Ran, but also said that you, Doctor Zhao, ah.”
“About me?” Dr. Zhao frowned, his face was a bit unattractive.
Liu Ran smiled sarcastically, in fact, just now, Zhang Xuan did not say how Dr. Zhao, just Liu Ran’s own bragging brought Dr. Zhao in, while Zhang Xuan was reprimanding Liu Ran mouth that so-called research method with Dr. Zhao, was overheard and thought that also reprimanded Dr. Zhao.
“Dr. Zhao, the one who said that you, and these few in front of you know each other, we just said a few words of dissatisfaction, and they stood up and shouted.” The person next to Liu Ran pointed to Xu Wan a few people.
Dr. Zhao looked at Xu Wan and the others with dissatisfaction, as a physician of honorable Su Province, being reprimanded by some juniors in public, that is a very degrading thing.
“Little girl, where is that friend of yours, can you ask him to come out and confront me, where exactly did I, Zhao Kuang, offend him to make him count my Zhao Kuang in front of so many people.”
“I’m sorry.” Xu Wan shook her head, “Doctor Zhao, my brother-in-law is not here.”
“Of course he’s not here!” Liu Ran made a sound, “He’s neither a doctor nor a medical student, how can he have the virtue to stay here? People like him are just mouthy and brave.”
“Right.” The person beside Liu Ran nodded, “You few, because of such a person, in front of so many seniors shouting, I’m afraid and he is also a hill of beans, I think you should leave here, this lecture, originally not for you students.”
Xu Wan, a few people, a blue and white face, they really did not expect that Dr. Zhao would come out to Liu Ran, and look at Dr. Zhao’s intention, this does not intend to easily stop ah.
“What? Still not leaving, are you letting people shoo you away?” The man beside Liu Ran, with his hands clasped to his chest, was also a physician’s disciple.
In their hearts, they came over with their own teachers, that is invited to come, and the students of Yinzhou University, is a group of dirt bags, this time dipped into their service, only to have the privilege to come to listen to a lesson, not thankful to say nothing, but also dare to shout and shout?
Xu Wan and others you look at me, I look at you.
“Either apologize, or get out.” Liu Ran friend spoke again.
“Road you? I’m not listening, frak!” Zhang Cheng cursed, he was not a good temper.
“Oh, really is not a good bird.”
Dr. Zhao stood there and never said anything, just looking at Xu Wan and others.
Zhang Cheng flung his sleeves and was about to walk outside the multi-purpose hall.
Xu Wan several women, also with unhappy faces, stood up and walked towards the outside of the multi-purpose hall.
Zhang Xuan’s voice, at this very moment, rang out.
“Confrontation? Fine, who wants to confront?”
Zhang Xuan walked in from outside the multi-purpose hall wearing a western suit and with light steps.
“Teacher, that’s him.” Liu Ran saw Zhang Xuan and sneered.
“Oh?” Zhao Kuang looked at Zhang Xuan and spoke with an unpleasant face, “Young man, it was you who was just outside, sickening someone Zhao’s medical skills?”
Looking at the face of physician Zhao, Liu Ran a few people, eyes are showing joy, boy, let you arrogant, I see how you still arrogant now.
“Dr. Zhao, you misunderstood, my brother-in-law he just did not say you.” Xu Wan hurriedly spoke out to explain.
“Hmm.” Zhang Xuan also nodded his head, “You misunderstood.”
Looking at Zhang Xuan this attitude, Liu Ran several people are snickering, just now was not quite arrogant, how now goose.
They just wanted to make a sound and beat up the falling dog in words, but the next words of Zhang Xuan made them unable to say a word.
“I don’t even know who you are, why should you be sick and dirty? I’m idle? Or are you very famous?” Zhang Xuan looked at Physician Zhao with a strange face.
Physician Zhao was a little confused by Zhang Xuan’s remark, and froze for a few seconds before reacting and pointing his trembling hand at Zhang Xuan, “Young man, you are arrogant!”
“Arrogant or not, it has nothing to do with you, let’s talk now, about the confrontation.” Zhang Xuan indifferently smiled, said to Xu Wan and others after sitting down, striding towards the lectern in the multi-purpose hall.
“This kid is simply lawless!” Liu Ran saw that Zhang Xuan did not even put his master in his eyes, and became furious, “Who let him in, tell him to get out! This is not a place for him to stay.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll give you an answer right away.” Zhang Xuan turned his head and smiled at Liu Ran, then snapped his fingers and said loudly, “President Ma, please choose a case about the symptoms of muscle arm weakness and put it on the screen.”
This voice of Zhang Xuan made Liu Ran several people astonished, what is this person doing, how can he directly order President Ma?
Xu Wan a few people is not so much thought, a few people know, this time the lecture, and Lin’s group has a relationship, the lecturers are Lin’s group to find, Zhang Xuan as the husband of the head of the Lin’s group, issued an order should be very normal.
As soon as Zhang Xuan’s voice fell, a chart about the disease of muscle arm weakness appeared on the big screen.
Zhang Xuan took a big step to the lectern, unbuttoned his suit, threw his blouse away, and stood in front of the microphone wearing only a shirt.
The whole multi-purpose hall, at this moment also became a silence, everyone looked at Zhang Xuan, some guessed what he was going to do, and others guessed again, what he was doing?
“Hey, hey!” Zhang Xuan tried his voice twice into the microphone, then opened his mouth, his voice, through the microphone, passed to the speaker, clearly for everyone to hear.

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