Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1185

Long Bone looked greedily at what was behind the back of the three Bai Yunfei and couldn’t help sticking out his tongue and licking his lips.
Jiang Shen coldly snorted, “Keel, you return to the ancestral alliance, I am afraid that you can’t wait to see the ancestral soldiers come to life?”
“How can you say that?” Keel said with a smile, “We return to the ancestral alliance, but we have always been It is very rule-abiding.”
“You abide by the rules?” Chai Jiuming stared at the keel indifferently, “For so many years, you have done a lot of things in the ancestral alliance, right? I think the major forces in the world will return to you. The League’s practices are quite critical.” As soon as Chai Jiuming said this, many people from the other forces around looked towards this side.
Keel eyes over the pages, “Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today, in the end is the successor to the issue of the Western Xia, or want to judge us atavistic alliance ah?”
“Since when is the first trial of the Western Xia successor, but you atavistic League, sooner or later trial !” A voice sounded from not far away.
The moment the voice sounded, the five senses were perfect, and the white-haired Cecía immediately looked at the place where the voice came from with joy, as if she was the shy little girl who suddenly saw herself when she was in love with her. His sweetheart, even if he only sees him, will feel very happy.
Zhang Xuan strode from not far away.
Dragon Bone saw Zhang Xuan, and his eyes flashed haze. After all, he had suffered a loss on Guangming Island not long ago. Although a large part of this was due to Dragon Bone asking for hardships, Dragon Bone still counted this account on Zhang Xuantou. on.
The appearance of Zhang Xuan attracted a lot of attention. These major Qi refiners have their own intelligence networks, including the Return of the Ancestor Alliance, which fanned the troubles. After so many days, Yang Xingxia started to act on Zhang Xuan’s wife, including Zhang Xuan. The fact that Yang Xingxia was almost killed with a single sword is already clear to everyone. Everyone understands that this trial is for everyone to explain to the Xixia descendants who broke the rules of the Qi refiner’s world. At the same time, they are also Lu Xian’s disciples and Xixia. The duel between the inheritors!
Today, something big must happen!
In front of the Xixia Inheritance Tower, a simple meeting platform has been built. By then, the Xixia descendants will be judged here.
Zhang Xuan looked at Zhao Ji and said, “When will they come?”
“Someone has been arranged to pass, it should be soon.” Zhao Ji replied, “Let’s prepare first, everyone sits down first.”
After finishing, Zhao Take the lead and walk towards the meeting stage.
The layout of the venue is like those talents on TV variety shows. There are five seats placed together, and two seats are placed opposite to the five seats. By then, Zhang Xuan and Zhao Ji will still have the world left. Representatives of the three top powers will sit on these five seats to judge the tombs of Yang Xingxia and Yang Shou who will be sitting on the opposite side.
As for the rest, which camp and faction they belong to will stand behind whom.
When Zhang Xuan and the five were seated separately, the factions belonging to the major forces were immediately revealed, and the most embarrassing of them was the 9th Bureau of the Summer.
As a local force of the Yanxia, ​​the influence of the Yanxia Ninth Game is also limited to Yanxia’s internal. Now, behind Zhao Ji, apart from the people standing inside the Nineth Game, no force will stand by him.
And Shenyinhui is an organization that has been passed down for thousands of years and spread all over the world. It has the most supporters. The people in all parts of the world, large and small, all stand behind Chai Jiuming and Zhao Ji. In comparison, a huge contrast is formed.
As for the sacred kingdom, behind Cesya, there are also many leaders of the forces. In recent years, the sacred kingdom has been active frequently and has won the support of many people.
The Return of the Ancestors League, although not as miserable as Zhao Ji, but behind the dragon bones can also be described as desolate. The few faction leaders standing behind the dragon bones indicate that standing on the side of the Return of the Ancestors alliance, these people’s eyes are not chaotic. Look, as if they are afraid that looking elsewhere, they will attract all kinds of contemptuous eyes.
After all, the practice of the Return of the Ancestors was well known to many forces, that the completely anti-humane biological experiment was spurned by the vast majority of people.
Behind Zhang Xuan, there were more than a dozen people standing, not only the people sent by the three capitalists this time, but also some other forces. Although Zhang Xuan only stepped into the gods, he has no foundation in the world of Qi refiners, but as a descendant of Lu Xian. , There are still many forces willing to follow him.
Zhao Ji didn’t care about anything. Compared with the three top powers in the world, he was weak in nine games. This is a fact.
Everyone sat in their place and waited quietly.
During the period, Dragon Bone looked behind Zhang Xuan from time to time, glanced at the ancestor soldiers behind Bai Yunfei’s trio, and finally couldn’t help but say, “I said you three great people in the summer, now the major forces in the world, can You are the only ones who take out the ancestral soldiers at random. Do you need to hide them so deep? Since they are all taken out, why not tear the outer layer of rags and let us have a look?” The words of the keel made everyone’s eyes focused. Bai Yunfei was on the three of them.
Since Lu Xian reconciled the yin and yang in the world and separated Qi and soldiers, soldiers never appeared in their sight again. Almost all of them had only heard of the prestige of ancestral soldiers, but they had never seen what an ancestral soldier was. I can’t imagine, what kind of weapon can be picked up by the ordinary and can match the master who can defend the Qi?
Bai Yunfei touched what he was carrying behind him, and glanced at the keel, “Trust me, you don’t want to see the whole picture.”
Ji Shouyi and Jiang Shen didn’t say anything.
“I said keel, is this just for fun? Or do you show us?” Chai Jiuming said amused. “Ancestral soldiers can also be seen if you want to see them? Do you have this kind of strength? Or, you return to the ancestors. The League intends to unite with the descendants of Xixia today to completely break the rules of the entire Qi refiner world to feel the power of the ancestral soldiers?” “I said Chai Jiuming, don’t deliberately pour this dirty water on me.” Long Gu looked away. “What the descendants of Xixia do has nothing to do with our return to the ancestral alliance!”
“Is it?” Chai Jiuming stared at the dragon bone, “but why, those of you who return to the ancestral alliance have been in contact with the descendants of Xixia. What? Could it be that they are just pure love between men and women, and they can’t make each other’s affection?”
“How about it, can’t it?” Longgu retorted, “We who have returned to the ancestral alliance can’t go to have a relationship? Is it possible that your gods will take care of this? Do you want to control the Yanxia official?”
Zhao Extremely waved her hand, “You chat, don’t bring me to the ninth round .” Chezia sat aside, Yu elbows her head, since Zhang Xuan appeared, her gaze has stayed on Zhang Xuan, and she didn’t look at it anymore. To other places.

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