Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 119

“Everyone, I wasn’t in such a grumpy mood, but something just happened that made me very unpleasant. According to the original itinerary, I was invited by President Ma to give you a talk about the new medical philosophy, as well as a demonstration of acupuncture techniques such as trembling needles, but now, I have other things to do first, such as, confronting that physician. ”
Zhang Xuan pointed at the place where Zhao Kuang was standing, and as soon as his words fell, the entire hall, was in an uproar.
Xu Wan and others opened their mouths wide, looking at the lectern in surprise, in today, the news about the divine doctor’s lecture, spread throughout the campus, everyone knew, but Xu Wan a few people never thought, that divine doctor, is Zhang Xuan!
Zhao Kuang and Liu Ran, their expressions are also a bit confused, what do you mean, this person is the divine doctor who will lecture today? This ……
Liu Ran heart shivered, he did not expect that this person in front of him, is that divine doctor? How is this …… possible?
As for questioning what Zhang Xuan said, they simply did not go that far, now the Ning Provincial Medical Association’s President Ma, and old Mr. Yan Li are in, who can impersonate a divine doctor?
“Okay, everyone be quiet.” Zhang Xuan raised his hands and pressed down in the void.
The multi-purpose hall, which was a bit noisy, became quiet again.
“One thing at a time, since that physician wants to confront, I will confront, everyone please look at the screen.” Zhang Xuan made a please gesture, making everyone look at the case diagram, “As shown, the patient on the diagram, the large arm is naturally weak, unable to lift it above the head, and difficult to exercise, what do you all think is the cause of this?”
“It could be damaged meridians in the large arm.”
“Qi and blood are not smooth.”
“It could also be related to the bones.”
When Zhang Xuan’s words came out, all the major physicians spoke up, like students in a classroom grabbing answers to the teacher’s questions.
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Add three more conditions, the bones are fine, the qi and blood are smooth, and the meridians are through, so, think about it again.”
After Zhang Xuan added these three conditions, these physicians fell into a short silence.
“It’s not good to judge, you have to feel the bones to do it.”
“Right, or take a film.”
Zhang Xuan smiled, “Everyone, do you think, could there be a problem with the shoulder and neck? Thus affecting the big arm?”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, many veteran physicians had a feeling of brightness.
“It’s very possible! We in Chinese medicine have the saying that one hair moves the whole body, and a problem with the shoulder and neck will indeed affect the big arm, and with this disease, the root cause cannot be found at the big arm.”
“Yes, starting from many aspects is indeed a method.”
A group of physicians, again, came up with many possibilities and began to discuss.
Liu Ran, who was sitting in his seat, by this time, his face had become very ugly.
“Okay, I will give you all another way.” Zhang Xuan stopped the discussion and said, “If we do not start with the shoulder and neck, but stimulate the shoulder and neck acupuncture points as much as possible, what do you all think?”
“Stimulate the acupuncture points as much as possible?” An old Chinese doctor looked puzzled, thought for a few seconds and spoke, “I don’t think it’s right, if the patient’s big arms are fine, the qi and blood are clear, the meridians are active, and then stimulate them, it will probably cause excessive blood congestion in the big arms, and the consequence of this will probably make the patient’s arms lose consciousness permanently.”
“Yeah, this method is definitely not going to work.”
“It’s complete and utter nonsense.”
“It’s like something that comes from someone who doesn’t know anything about medicine and talks nonsense.”
Physician after physician spoke up, denying Zhang Xuan this statement.
On the seat, Liu Ran’s face was white and ugly, and Liu Ran’s friend, too, had lost the arrogance he had just had.
The corner of Zhang Xuan’s mouth grinned a smile, rushed over to where Zhao Kuang was, and opened his mouth to say, “This physician, it seems that there is no need for us to confront each other anymore, your disciple’s so-called, and your jointly researched method, so many people present, have all rejected it.”
“What? That method of stimulating acupuncture points just now, was thought up by Zhao Kuang?” A physician, on the spot, opened his mouth.
Zhao Kuang, can definitely be said to be a famous doctor, how can he come up with such a brain-damaged method, a little bit of common sense, would not come up with such a method ah.
“Don’t talk nonsense there!” Zhao Kuang chided, “When did I ever propose such a method.”
“Physician Zhao, just now your disciple, just told us that this is the method that you and he worked out together, my brother-in-law said that this method is wrong, and was made fun of by your disciple, including just now, it was also you who called my brother-in-law out to confront him.” Xu Wan sat right next to physician Zhao and said to him.
Dr. Zhao immediately understood what was happening, his face was furious as he glared at Liu Ran, “Liu Ran, what did you say! This kind of harmful method, you openly tell everyone, and say that I told you? What is your intention?”
Liu Ran was so scared that he shivered, “This, I ……” he was busy lowering his head, not even daring to look Zhao Kuang in the eyes, he could not say that he had no intention, just wanted to pretend in front of a beautiful woman, and then he was demolished, right?
Zhao Kuang gasped for breath.
“Well, I think the confrontation has been carried out here, there is no need to continue, to say more, it is just a joke.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand, and the case diagram behind him was closed.
Zhang Xuan picked up the microphone, “Everyone, why you are here today, I know very well, you also know very well, about the so-called medical philosophy, you have been engaged in this industry for so many years, have their own opinion, if I say it, you probably also think I am farting, so I will not say the boring things and the scene, what I have to say today, only two points, the first point, innovation, about how to innovate. About how to innovate, I will tell you later, the second point, is the brain!”
Zhang Xuan pointed his finger at his head and continued, “President Ma, let me ask, do you have confidence in my medical skills?”
“Of course I do.” President Ma, who was sitting in the first row, did not hesitate to speak, a person who can tremble needles can show his wealth from the side, just like a person who owns a Lamborghini, is his entire fortune only a Lamborghini? The Lamborghini is not his fortune, but only a reflection of his fortune.
The same goes for Zhang Xuan, the trembling needle is not his entire medical skill, it is only a reflection of his medical skill.
“Good.” Zhang Xuan nodded and asked, “Then President Ma, I am now going to teach you the art of medicine, are you willing to learn? How much do you believe in what I teach you?”
“Of course I am willing to learn, I believe in what you have taught me, Little Master.”
“Believe in everything? Haha.” Zhang Xuan laughed, “President Ma, so I’m going to tell you now, I chopped off your head with an axe and still managed to bring you back to life, do you believe it?”
As soon as Zhang Xuan finished speaking, a loud laughter rang out in the hall.
“This ……” President Ma’s face was a little difficult, “Little Master, although I believe in your medical skills, but such unrealistic things, I certainly can’t believe.”
“Good, unrealistic things, do not believe.” Zhang Xuan raised his head and placed his gaze on those last rows of seats in the multi-purpose hall, “Gentlemen, you are students, but you should have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, some things you know are wrong, be brave enough to question them, don’t blindly follow the trend.”
Zhang Xuan’s words, heard in the ears of those who just brainlessly support Liu Ran, let them feel extra shame, and at the same time blame Liu Ran on this matter, if you are not there to play hard to get, how can we do such things!

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