Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 12

“Hey, some people are right.” Zhang Xuan sighed, “Not understanding can be understood, but not understanding pretending to understand, deliberately pretending, there is little meaning.”
Zhang Xuan’s words made Zheng Chu’s mother and son’s faces burn hot and hot, and they both wanted to find a crack in the ground.
“Let’s go!” Wang Congfeng slapped the table, got up and pulled his son and left.
Lin Qinghan was surprised and satisfied with Zhang Xuan’s performance, some of the enamel etiquette is very partial, few people know it, the enamel people in the dining area, the rules and precautions are too much, can be familiar with and talk about it, too few people.
The satisfaction is that Lin Qinghan can see that every action of Zhang Xuan is deliberately to gas Zheng Chu’s mother and son, and suddenly found that this person does not seem so odious.
Lin Jianyu and Zheng Chu’s father didn’t stay long, and after saying hello, the meal broke up.
On the way home, Lin Qinghan’s attitude towards Zhang Xuan eased up a bit, she sat on the main driver of the vehicle and looked at Zhang Xuan sitting on the passenger side with her after glance, “How do you know enamel? Not many people know this small language, right? And the etiquette of enamel meals shouldn’t be something popular either, there aren’t many people who are willing to learn it.”
Zhang Xuan heatedly smiled, “I used to work as a waiter in an enamel restaurant, so I know just a few sentences, just purely because I was upset with that Zheng, so I deliberately said so much.”
Lin Qinghan listened, nodded, did not say anything, Zhang Xuan understand enamel language, let her surprised, this explanation, but understandable.
When the two returned to the villa, Zhang Xuan saw that Jiang Jing was setting up some alarm systems, he now also knew that Jiang Jing was Lin Qinghan’s personal bodyguard.
Lin Qinghan leaned on the sofa, her slender jade hand holding her forehead, thinking about what had just happened in the restaurant, the woman’s delicate mouth couldn’t help but reveal a smile.
“Mr. Lin, your foot wash.”
Zhang Xuan’s voice rang in Lin Pleasehan’s ears, he took the initiative to bring a basin of warm foot washing water over, yesterday when giving Lin Pleasehan a massage, Zhang Xuan found that Lin Pleasehan had quite a few hidden illnesses on her body, all caused by too much exertion in general, Zhang Xuan was able to heal Lin Pleasehan’s hidden illnesses through the massage of acupuncture points.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
Zhang Xuan gently touched the pair of jade feet in his hands, every time he looked, it seemed like a work of art, this pair of flower petal jade feet, crystal clear, like condensed fat, the naked feet tender red.
Zhang Xuan gently rubbed the acupuncture points on the bottom of Lin Qinghan’s feet.
Lin Qinghan only felt a strange feeling like an electric current coming from the bottom of the feet, looking at Zhang Xuan’s somewhat unfaithful hands, Lin Qinghan wrinkled her willow brows and said unhappily, “What are you touching blindly?”
“Not a blind touch, this is a massage, Mr. Lin.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, his tone deliberately emphasized, “You have a stubborn disease in your body, causing you to lack sleep, easily get on fire, and abdominal pain on those days of the month, proper massage can alleviate these.”
Zhang Xuan said, the hand movement does not stop, still rubbing and pressing on that pair of jade feet.
Lin Qinghan wanted to say something, opened her mouth and could not say anything, because she found that what Zhang Xuan said was right, she indeed lack of sleep, easy to catch fire, and menstrual pain, Lin Qinghan also thought of yesterday, she slept very sweetly last night, is it because this man gave himself a massage?
But in the end, Lin Qinghan could not help but speak, no matter what, Zhang Xuan in name, is his legal husband, can massage is not something worth showing off.
Lin Qinghan’s tone was slightly unpleasant: “Where did you learn all this?”
Zhang Xuan sighed gently, “I was not a child family suffering, everything dry some.”
Lin Qinghan’s pretty face gently changed, did not speak again.
With Zhang Xuan’s massage, that sleepy feeling gradually surged up again, Lin Qinghan shook off her head, she did not want to be carried to the bedroom by this man again tonight.
“Okay, go and pour the water.” Lin Qinghan took back her jade feet, put on her slippers, and walked towards the bedroom upstairs.
These days it happened to be the physiological period, every night Lin Qinghan would make herself a cup of brown sugar water to suppress the pain in her belly.
Lin Qinghan made the brown sugar water, blew on the mouth of the ceramic cup, and was just about to drink it, when her movements suddenly froze, she hadn’t noticed it before, but it seemed that her belly didn’t hurt anymore! Since yesterday, no pain was felt!
“Does it mean that his massage really works?” Lin Qinghan looked outside the bedroom with wide puzzled eyes, Zhang Xuan was doing the last scrubbing of the floor before going to bed.
Back in his room, Zhou Ran saw a missed call on his phone from the handsome youth, and Zhang Xuan called back.
“Boss, the Enamel Kingdom’s royal chef implored me to contact you for a while, saying that he has learned all those cooking techniques you taught him before, and wondered if he has the honor to worship you as his master now.”
“Let’s talk about it, I’ve been busy lately.” Zhang Xuan replied curtly and hung up the phone.
A night passed, the next morning, Zhang Xuan got up, as usual, ready to clean the room first, only to see Lin Qinghan did not rush out like before, but made himself a cup of tea, sitting on the sofa slowly tasting.
“Mr. Lin, aren’t you going to the office today?” Zhang Xuan took the rag and carefully wiped the whole cut marble coffee table in front of Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan put down the tea cup, looked at Zhang Xuan who was wearing a white undershirt and said, “Don’t work, I have a friend coming, so you should go out today.”
“What friend?” Zhang Xuan wore a flattering smile.
Lin Qinghan raised his eyebrows, “Does it matter to you? Just do your own thing, I don’t want to see you before this afternoon.”
“Oh.” Zhang Xuan answered with some demoralization, folded the rag in his hand and put it in the place where it should be, then walked out of the villa door.
Stretching his back against the early morning sun, Zhang Xuan said as if to himself after keeping an eye on the place, and left on foot.
Zhang Xuan carried some toys to the spring vine orphanage, those children saw Zhang Xuan, all swarmed around, shouting Zhang Xuan brother to play with toys.
Zhang Xuan looked at these children with love in his eyes, when he was small, how much he wanted some toys to play with ah.
“Dean, do you know what he does?” A white dress Qin Rou sitting on a small pony, today she put her hair up, less yesterday that scattered chaotic spirit, but more than three points of innocence and clean, plain face, not powdered, but delicate features, impeccable.
At the moment of seeing Zhang Xuan, Qin Rou’s body tensed up a bit without any reason.

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