Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 120

The lecture, although there are countless medical predecessors, but no one dares to put up a high stand, Yan Li Yan old man are sitting there listening carefully, who dare to put up a stand.
Zhang Xuan elaborated many new innovative ideas, listened to some physicians are confused, some are full of excitement, like the discovery of some new continent.
Soon, the lecture came to one of the most anticipated sessions.
The trembling needle demonstration! Using the trembling needle under the situation of entering the wood!
At that time, when many physicians heard this news, their first reaction was disbelief, and this lecture was a process for them to seek proof.
A camera was precisely locked on Zhang Xuan’s right hand, and the movements of Zhang Xuan’s hand were printed on the big screen.
Everyone watched carefully, concentrating, afraid of missing something.
On Zhang Xuan’s right hand, there was a solid wood table with a cotton bag on the table, and inserted in the cotton bag were silver needles of various sizes.
“Everyone, the technique of trembling needles lies in the cooperation between the fingers and the wrist, something like that, I will slowly explain to you later.”
Zhang Xuan said through the microphone, as soon as the words fell, his right hand, under the capture of the camera, quickly took out a steel needle, only to see a shake of the wrist, half of this steel needle was stuck into the middle of the table.
“Shake the wrist down the needle!” An old physician with white hair exclaimed, his eyes staring deadly at the screen, “Surprisingly, it’s shaking the wrist to lower the needle, the lost method of lowering the needle, has appeared once again.”
“Old Mr. Guo, this shaking of the wrist to lower the needle, is there any statement?” A physician asked curiously.
“Naturally.” The old physician nodded, “Shaking the wrist to lower the needle is no less difficult than shaking the needle, just that many people will not notice this, by shaking the wrist, can be the fastest speed, maximum force, so that the silver needle to stimulate the acupuncture point, in some special circumstances, shaking the wrist to lower the needle this technique alone, can save a life.”
On the screen, Zhang Xuan’s hand is as fast as a phantom, even the camera can not capture clearly, only to see the silver needles in the cotton bag reduced one by one, while the silver needles on the table, more and more, the solid wood table, at the moment, like tofu, can not stop the silver needles in the slightest.
A series of thirteen needles, all stuck on the desktop, if you look carefully, the arrangement of these needles seems to have some kind of connection, but it is difficult to associate.
One physician held his breath and looked at the silver needles sticking on the table. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as if he thought of something, and his body shuddered and shouted: “Acupuncture points! He was on the tabletop, simulating human acupuncture points, which …… is incredible! Incredible! This is how familiar with the human body acupuncture points to be able to simulate it on the desktop!”
The physicians who were just wondering in their heads what the connection was between these silver needle arrangements, all came to a sudden realization after hearing these words.
“It’s really an acupuncture point!”
“Take a little bit as the heart, and the rest of the needles, all of them are stuck in the acupuncture points.”
“It’s more than that!” Another older physician stood up, unable to hide the excitement on his face as he looked at the stage, “Little master, tell me, what you have placed, is it the life-taking thirteen needles!”
“Life-taking Thirteen Needles!”
“That is called, can take life under the king of Yan needle method!”
The major physicians, couldn’t help but speak up, and everyone placed their eyes for proof, towards the stage.
Zhang Xuan nodded, “Not bad.”
“Oh my, it’s really the Life-Taking Thirteen Needles!”
“Teacher, what’s so great about these life-taking thirteen needles? Isn’t it just thirteen silver needles in the acupuncture points? If so, wouldn’t it be possible to call them life-threatening thirteen needles as long as you find these thirteen acupuncture points?” A young doctor asked to the teacher beside him.
“Of course not.” The old physician shook his head, “Life-taking thirteen needles, needle by needle is different, needle by needle hidden mystery, the simplest point, each silver needle, when pierced into a person’s body, can achieve the effect of locking qi!”
“Locked qi! Every single one!” The young doctor’s mouth opened wide, he studied Chinese medicine, heard the expression locking Qi, if a person can use silver needles to lock Qi, then it means that this person’s acupuncture level, has reached the level of extraordinary, and this life-threatening 13 needles, but every needle can achieve the effect of locking Qi, or the most basic? This …… is incredible!
“Look! Trembling, it’s trembling! It’s really a trembling needle!” I don’t know who shouted.
Everyone’s gaze, all focused on the big screen, the screen, tied to the table of thirteen silver needles, is in an extremely subtle, rapid frequency trembling.
At this moment, there is no shouting, no shouting, there is just holding your breath and concentrating.
Everyone, are fully concentrated on the screen, even breathing are not afraid of strong, their eyes, as if, is to appreciate a work of art.
Even if Yan Li and others have seen the trembling needle before, at this time, the eyes still can not help but be attracted to the trembling needle, revealing a fascinated look.
A long time, the old physician with white hair was the first to come back, could not help but speak: “to shake the wrist technique to needle, to achieve the strength of the wood, in the open table simulates the human body acupuncture points, and even used the life-threatening thirteen needles, and in which to add the trembling needle! This is …… demonic ah!”
No one refuted the words of this old physician, just a down the needle, to do so many things, is not a demon, and what is? With genius is not enough to describe!
“Chinese medicine is saved! Chinese medicine is saved!” Some people shouted, with tears in their eyes, what Zhang Xuan showed, it was no longer as simple as surprising him, but moving, such a superb technique, so that people could not even be born jealous, this is a supreme honor for Chinese medicine, a milestone existence!
“Little master, who is your master? Which great master is it?” Someone couldn’t help but ask.
“Sorry, can’t tell.” Zhang Xuan smiled, “Gentlemen, this lecture, and that’s all, the training institute run by Lin, will officially launch the first class in a week, I think the condition President Ma has already told everyone here, in the meantime, you want to sign up as soon as possible.”
As soon as Zhang Xuan’s words fell, someone couldn’t wait to speak.
“Sign up! I want to sign up!”
“I want to sign up too!”
“Chairman Ma, I will now send you the information of everyone in our medical school, you must give us this spot!”
Zhang Xuan looked at this scene and smiled in satisfaction, it seemed that the teaching he had prepared was quite effective.
Just as many physicians scrambled to sign up, Zhang Xuan once again voiced, “By the way, President Ma, there are some people that we do not accept in our training institutions, such as nonsense talkers, those who do not distinguish between right and wrong, and …… those who blindly follow.”
Zhang Xuan’s voice just fell, Zhao Kuang and Liu Ran and others is a violent change of face, this is not, said himself it!

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