Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1213

The auction in the banquet hall continues.
What happened just now was only regarded by the people in the banquet hall as a stunned youth who was going to fight Lin’s. They would not have thought that this was a contest between several top powers in the world.
Zhao Ji was sitting on the reception sofa outside the banquet hall, hanging a cigarette, constantly swallowing clouds and fog, his leisurely appearance was just like he had been on vacation.
“I said.” Zhang Xuan sat opposite Zhao Ji, looking at the satisfaction of Zhao Ji’s face, couldn’t help but vomit, “You smoked this cigarette from my wife’s hotel, right?”
“You young man, why are you so low-minded!” Zhao Ji immediately scolded, “We are talking about major issues, why are you focusing on some money-related issues? As a senior, I am going to criticize you!”
Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes and contacted Quan Dingding for such a short time that Zhang Xuan ignored most of the shamelessness, and Zhao Ji was nothing at all.
Zhang Xuan asked aloud, “What are you going to do today? Just do it in this downtown area?”
“That can’t.” Zhao Ji shook his head quickly, “What is the purpose of our Ninth Bureau? Isn’t it to maintain social stability? It must be impossible to do this in this urban area, and they will not be able to return to the ancestral alliance. Even if they are crazy again. , And we won’t act in front of ordinary people. The next thing we have to rely on is the peak power of ordinary people. Please wait and control it.”
“The peak power of ordinary people?” Zhang Xuan was taken aback by this wording, and then understood, “You mean, don’t be angry?”
“Yes.” Zhao Ji stretched his waist. “The peak combat power under the imperial qi, I think you should not be unfamiliar with this vocabulary, let’s go, this auction should also be over.”
“Go to the backstage?” Zhang Xuan said, before he wanted to come, this person who returned to the ancestral alliance would inevitably drop the lot in the backstage.
Zhao Ji shook his head, “The girl who didn’t deal with you had taken the lot on the spot. This time, I’m afraid you and I have to play the role of bodyguards. It seems that this young man has suffered more than just Lessons, there will be shocks, haha.”
Zhang Xuan shrugged, “Everyone chooses their own way, there is no way.”
Zhao Ji suddenly looked at Zhang Xuan with a puzzled look, “I’m very curious, how did you…”
“Stop.” Zhang Xuan made a stop gesture to Zhao Ji, “I know you have investigated my previous things, and those things can’t escape the eyes of your 9th innings, but you don’t need to ask me, I won’t say.”
“Ho ho, your experience during that period of time was a mystery to our nine games.” Zhao Ji narrowed his eyes. “In fact, many people want to know the three after you buried Lu Xian. Where did you go?”
Zhang Xuan said nothing.
Seeing Zhang Xuan’s appearance, Zhao Ji didn’t ask any more, he had already clicked on what he should order.
“Go go.” Zhao Ji suddenly returned to his hippie smile, “It’s time to fight, go.”
As soon as Zhao Ji’s voice fell, I heard a round of applause in the banquet hall, followed by a bunch of congratulatory words, which also showed that this auction was over.
Soon, the door of the banquet hall opened, and the merchants walked out of the door.
Zhang Xuan and Zhao Ji’s eyes naturally skipped these merchants and focused on He Tiantian.
He Tiantian is holding an exquisite gift box in her hand. In that gift box, there is impressively the third medium that Loulan unearthed, the goal of returning to the ancestral alliance this time! You can open the things inherited by Loulan!
Zhao Ji squinted his eyes and said: “After we discovered that Leshan is related to the Alliance of Returning to the Ancestors, we immediately asked the authorities to pressure Leshan to donate all the cultural relics obtained in Loulan this time, so they did this. Your existence can be regarded as delaying time for us, otherwise they might have already left with their things.”
He Tiantian walked out of the banquet hall holding the gift box and saw Zhang Xuan standing outside the banquet hall at a glance.
Seeing that Zhang’s eyes had been staring at the gift box in her hand, He Tiantian had a proud look on her face. At the same time, he raised the gift box in her hand, showing his majesty.
Zhao Ji shook his head and whispered to Zhang Xuan: “If you did what she did before, I’m afraid you would have died countless times.”
“Ho ho.” Zhang Xuan chuckled lightly, “After all, the enemy I am facing will not be merciful and patience to me.”
“Hey.” Zhao Ji sighed, “I really envy these rich children. They are born with things that many people may not get in their lives. Unlike us, we have to work hard on our own.”
Zhang Xuan looked at Zhao Ji unexpectedly, “You have a lot of complaints today.”
“Haha.” Zhao Jiji laughed, “I’m just trying to change my mood. Let’s go and have a chat with this young man.”
Zhao Ji took a deep breath, then walked towards He Tiantian with a serious face.
When he walked in front of He Tiantian, Zhao Ji stared deeply at the girl in front of him, and suddenly grinned, “Hi, beauty, you…”
“Get off.” He Tiantian raised her eyelids, spit out this word, and then crossed Zhao Ji, who was still in place, and walked towards the exit of the club.
Zhao Jisheng was stunned for a few seconds.
“I think she did something wrong.” Zhang Xuan’s laughter sounded, “The way you were just now, full of anger, especially wretched.”
“All in all air?” Zhao Ji was puzzled by this new term.
Zhang Xuan glanced at the fact that everyone had dispersed, but he still ate and ate in the banquet hall, not forgetting to pretend to be all ding-ding.
Zhang Xuan patted Zhao Ji on the shoulder, “Nothing, let’s go.”
“I always think you are scolding me.” Zhao Ji glanced at Zhang Xuan quietly.
After the two walked out of the club, it was already dark.
Immediately, a member of the ninth bureau in plain clothes came to report to Zhao Ji, “I have already left in the car. Arrange for someone to follow. Do you want to catch up immediately?”
“No hurry.” Zhao Ji lighted a cigarette leisurely. “Anyway, what should be anxious is the Return of the Ancestral Alliance, not us, so let the returnees chase after them first, and we will just follow. ”
After Zhao Ji finished speaking, he stood aside peacefully, smoking a cigarette, without any sense of urgency at all.
After more than ten minutes, Zhao Ji waved his hand and an ordinary Honda Accord stopped in front of the clubhouse.
“Let’s go.” Zhao Jichong Zhang Xuan smiled, “Now that five groups of people returning to the Ancestral League have been discovered, remember, wait, but you must control yourself.”
On the main road of Yinzhou.
In a Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle.
He Tiantian looked at the wooden box next to the seat, and she felt a sense of relief in her heart. While He Tiantian was still enjoying this feeling, a violent impact made her lean forward suddenly.

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