Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1216

The face of the leader of the sacred kingdom was filled with a confident smile.
In terms of the realm under the imperial qi, whether it is the biotechnology of the Return to the Ancestral Alliance or the cyborgs such as the Holy Kingdom, they have the advantage of completely crushing ordinary people.
“What’s the odds?” Zhao Ji narrowed his eyes and asked, “I’m curious again, what do you think you have?”
“Ten.” The confident smile on the face of the leader of the holy kingdom was undiminished. “This Loulan heritage unearthed is a must, why should the two of you be like this and start a war in the city? Really want to fight, The most affected are ordinary people.”
“Coincident.” Zhao Ji snapped his fingers. “We also have a very good chance of winning.”
“I have a question.” Zhang Xuan suddenly said, looking at the leader of the sacred heaven.
The leader of the sacred heaven smiled, “His Lord, please speak.”
Zhang Xuan had a strong curious look in his eyes, “Where did you get your confidence, saying that when we fight, it will affect ordinary people? Huh?”
When Zhang Xuan’s voice fell, in the already dim night, countless figures in black clothes and black grimace masks quietly appeared around them. They stood on the roof of the car and appeared beside the car body. The places where people can stand around are full of black figures.
Hellwalker walking in the world!
If you say the top power under the imperial qi, hellwalker can’t be called.
But if you say the strongest power under the imperial qi, there is definitely a place for hellwalkers, and every hellwalker is born for battle.
The appearance of hundreds of hellwalkers suddenly made the complexion of the leader of the holy heaven a little ugly.
Zhang Xuan’s imperial qi has been so long, the people of the sacred heaven only know the strength of this hell king, but they have ignored the hell walkers led by this hell king.
Zhao Ji naturally understood the power of Hellwalker, he smiled triumphantly, “Cut, I had expected it!”
Zhang Xuanzhen paid attention to Zhao Ji and said directly: “Do it!”
When Zhang Xuan’s voice fell, it was when the hellwalkers started their hands. These hellwalkers who were born for combat had no extra nonsense. The actions they made were also the most direct killing actions, going straight to the ancestral alliance and the holy kingdom The members go away.
The look of the leader of the sacred heaven changed one after another, and he was analyzing the situation on the field.
The beastly members of the Returned Ancestor League had lost their sanity at this moment, and they let out a roar, then waved their claws, opened their fangs, and rushed towards the hellwalkers.
Hundreds of hellwalkers, but 20 members of the Returning Alliance.
Although the returnees have become beasts through biotechnology, hellwalkers are also top-notch characters. With such a huge disparity, there will be no accidents in this battle, and it will be directly overwhelming. situation.
In a blink of an eye, twenty members of the Returned Ancestor League fell into a pool of blood. The speed of the Hellwalker was very fast. The first one killed and the next one collected the corpse. When this swift and fierce battle is over, only the blood remaining on the ground will be seen. But there was no one corpse, which looked very strange.
Standing on the top of a Mercedes-Benz business car, Zhang Xuan didn’t move from start to finish. He looked down, and a smile formed at the corner of his mouth. “Everyone in the Holy Kingdom, now what do you think is your chance of winning?”
The leaders of the sacred heaven looked at the surrounding situation, their faces were ugly to the extreme, they really ignored the existence of hellwalkers!
If it was just the king of hell and the first brother of the nine games, they couldn’t do anything to them without using his breath.
However, there are so many hellwalkers, each, although not the top combat power under the imperial qi, but their strength is unquestionable. If you want to please these hellwalkers, the leader of the sacred heaven does not think that he is such. People can do it.
The leader of the Holy Heavenly Kingdom glanced at his side. There, a hellwalker was holding a gift box. The gift box was what they wanted this time, but now, even though the gift box is placed ten meters away from him, For the people of the sacred heaven, these ten meters are an insurmountable abyss. They dare to take a step forward, only to pieces.
Almost without thinking, the leader of the Holy Kingdom made a decision. He waved his hand, “Let’s go!”
After speaking, several people from Holy Heaven jumped out of the circle.
Zhang Xuanzhen made a sound, and hellwalkers had no way to stop them.
“Ok, it’s up, let’s go, please have a supper.” Zhao Ji patted Zhang Xuan on the shoulder and jumped out of the commercial car.
Zhang Xuan looked at Zhao Ji unexpectedly, “You guys came out at public expense this time?”
“What do I mean by you!” Zhao Ji seemed to have been wronged by the heavens. “I’m a dignified elder brother, can’t I still ask you to eat ramen?”
When Zhang Xuan heard this, he nodded in acceptance. As for Zhao Ji, he might not be able to take the initiative to bring up the consumption of more than one hundred yuan.
Zhang Xuan also jumped off the roof of the car. The two men just walked a few steps forward, and behind them, there was a sudden “poof”.
Turning his head, he saw the hellwalker who was holding the gift box flying out, and the other hellwalker wearing a grimace mask was holding the gift box and running at extremely fast speed. Within time, it disappeared from the sight of everyone.
“What’s going on!” Zhang Xuan’s expression was startled.
“My lord, that was the person arranged by the new king.” A hellwalker suddenly knelt down and took off his mask. It was a thorny peak.
Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes, “Go, get things back!”
“Understand!” The thorny peak swept her arms in front of her, and the mask was re-worn. She waved her hand, and the hundreds of hellwalkers instantly dispersed to the surroundings.
Zhang Xuan glanced at Zhao Ji.
There was a helpless smile on Zhao Ji’s face, “It seems that your Guangming Island has also been infiltrated. In other words, the heir you found has done a lot of things recently.”
Zhang Xuan shook his head, “Is he very moving? I have not paid much attention to it recently.”
“Ho ho, he has set up a new organization privately, and is quickly digesting the rest of the ordinary underground forces. Although there is no law related to the realm of imperial qi for the time being, he will touch this sooner or later in terms of his approach. , His acting style is more decisive than you were at the beginning. In the last two months, a total of 21 underground forces in the world have been destroyed. Among them, three underground forces are level one, and all the others are level two. All of this is yours. What the heir did, his own power, the external name is…” At this moment, Zhao Ji glanced at Zhang Xuan, and then continued, “Dark Island!”
“Dark Island?” Zhang Xuan murmured these three words, muttering to himself in a voice that only he could hear, “Interesting, but your pattern is still a bit small. You are already sitting in the light of the island master, but With Guangming Island as the goal, if this has always been the case, your path will not be long.”

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