Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1218

Zhang Xuan stood up silently, walked home alone, dialed Lin Qinghan’s phone, but still couldn’t get through.
Zhang Xuan sat in the living room alone. He turned around and glanced at the wedding photo hanging on the wall behind him. A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. The warmth in this smile has not appeared on Zhang Xuan’s face for a long time.
There was no sound in the living room, and Zhang Xuan sat on the sofa in a daze.
In the early morning of the next day, Zhang Xuan came to Lin’s company. As soon as he entered the company lobby, Zhang Xuan saw Quan Dingding standing in the lobby wearing a suit and tie, holding a file folder in his hand.
When Quan Dingding saw Zhang Xuan, he immediately ran in front of Zhang Xuan excitedly, and turned around in front of Zhang Xuan like a model draft, “Brother, do you think I look like a business elite?”
Secretary Li hurried over from the side and said, “Mr. Zhang, this Mr. Quan said that he is your friend, and he is going to discuss a project.”
“Talking about projects…” Zhang Xuan looked at the book on financial investment in Quan Dingding’s folder with a speechless expression. “What project are you going to talk about?”
“Of course I’m looking for someone to invest!” Quan Dingding said innocently, “Brother, our land is definitely a treasured land of geomantic omen, let me tell you, ours…”
“You don’t need to say.” Zhang Xuan covered Quan Dingding’s mouth, the treasure of geomantic omen in the desert?
“Brother, listen to me.” Quan Dingding broke off Zhang Xuan’s hand covering his mouth, “Our place is really good, but there is no money, otherwise absolutely…”
“Okay, I’ll take you to find investment.” Zhang Xuan pulled Quan Dingding and walked towards the elevator.
When Quan Dingding heard this, he followed Zhang Xuan excitedly.
When he arrived in the top-level office, Zhang Xuan sat at his desk to deal with the files, Quan Dingding stood by and kept wandering, taking a look at Zhang Xuan from time to time, as if he wanted to talk but stopped.
When it was almost eleven o’clock, Quan Dingding finally couldn’t help it, and ran in front of Zhang Xuan, “Brother, when will you take me to invest?”
Zhang Xuan got up and cleaned up the files on the desk, “Now.”
Quan Ding Ding’s eyes shined.
Yinzhou Lvhe Hotel, among the largest conference halls, the decoration of the entire conference hall is particularly commercial. The entire 400-square-meter room has a total of 21 seats, and the distance between each seat is very large. It’s spacious, with electronic tables and LCD screens in front of the seats. Behind each seat stands a young and beautiful waiter, dressed in all-blue and white porcelain cheongsam, which shows the high-end conference hall. degree.
In Yinzhou, if you want to rent this conference hall for a meeting, you have to go through a certain asset assessment. Only when the assets reach a certain level can you enter this conference hall.
At this time, there are all twenty seats in the conference hall. The people sitting here are male and female. The youngest is in his thirties. The old hair is white. Everyone is in a shopping mall. Giant crocodile.
This mall does not refer to Yinzhou, nor Xixia, but the entire summer.
It is no exaggeration to say that the people sitting in this conference hall now cover almost 20% of the top corporate leaders in the entire summer.
A middle-aged woman with short hair, wearing a white business skirt, who looks like her in her forties, sat on the chair and glanced at the blue balloon on her wrist. She said with some dissatisfaction: “It’s half past 11, this Lin Qinghan, also I am too dear to myself, I leave us here, and I will not show up for a long time.”
“Ho ho, Mr. Dong, the Lin family is the only one recently. This Lin Qinghan is a young man. It is normal for him to be a little arrogant.” A middle-aged man said, “I just don’t know. This time, Lin Qinghan called us all together. ,What is the purpose?”
“Maybe this young man wants to engage in competition tricks.” A man in his thirties said, “Lin’s sudden rise. There must be many people who find Lin’s cooperation. What is the card of each family? Lin has no idea. This young man wants to get the most benefit and he doesn’t know how to choose. The easiest way is to call us together and let us bid.”
“It’s a naive idea.” A woman with gray hair said, “We have been in shopping malls for so many years, what big winds and waves have we ever seen? This little girl film brings us together, and it will only be her who is embarrassed. Myself.”
“Ho ho, Lin, a company like winning the lottery, what waves can it make? The 500 billion working capital sounds like a lot, but in the hands of a little girl, at most one year, she will You will find that these five hundred billion are not enough for her to pay for it!”
“I read the latest feedback from Lin.” The middle-aged woman called Mr. Dong showed disdain, “The people of Lin don’t have any abilities. The reports and plans they gave, you’re welcome. Said, if it is placed in the planning department of my company, I will let them collectively roll up and go.”
“Haha.” The thirty-year-old man laughed. “Mr. Dong, your words are polite, but it doesn’t hurt to say something directly!”
When the man said this, he glanced at the beautiful waiter standing behind him, and then continued: “Lin’s ability to have today’s achievements, to put it bluntly, is the great shit luck, but their luck can continue. How long, everybody, everybody is old acquaintance, there are some things, I just put it aside, we all know who the other person is, everybody came to Yinzhou this time, it is nothing more than the cake of the Lin family, since that surname Lin’s little girl has the courage to bring us together and wants us to bid for the trump cards. It would be better for us to divide the Lin family today and save the fight again. What do you think?”
“Ho ho, I naturally don’t have any problems.” Dong Zong was the first to express his opinion, “This little girl surnamed Lin is a little proud of herself, thinking that he has the title of the richest man in the summer, so he can ignore us and let We are waiting for her here. This kind of person should also teach her a lesson.”
“Yes, I think it’s OK.” The gray-haired older woman also stated, “This hot summer business is getting worse and worse. Lin’s sitting on such a large amount of working capital, but only holds it in his hand. This is a loss for the entire business community in the summer. Economic development needs to be promoted by business. We divided the Lin family, which is also a contribution to the country’s economic development.”
“Then today, I think you all have your own way, and you have things you like. As for how to do it, you should have a spectrum in your mind.”
All the people present at the scene nodded secretly and didn’t speak. They are all human beings in the market. When a decision is made, they already have a plan in their minds.
To nibble on the Lin family, divide the Lin family, this piece of cake is not a small one for them.

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