Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1249

The monster is coming!
Zhang Xuan was shocked. He observed the movements of the monsters last night. Based on the trajectory of the monsters, although they will reach the East City in a short time, they will definitely not come so soon!
Something must have caused the monster beast to accelerate suddenly!
The person who originally asked Zhang Xuan to appraise the baby, when he heard the roar, his body trembled, and immediately put away his own things, and ignored the appraisal.
A shout of killing sounded.
Zhang Xuan also walked out of Jianbao Pavilion, looked up and saw the sergeant in armor standing on the wall, holding special bows and arrows, under the command of the generals, launching wave after wave of attacks.
Some birds and monsters easily crossed the fifty-meter trench and flew over the eastern city.
The city suddenly became a mess, and countless people ran around in the streets.
“Don’t panic! Find a place to stay! Don’t panic!” A soldier in armor rushed to the street, shouting loudly.
A bird and monster swooped down from the air and came straight to the soldier.
The soldier snorted coldly, his arm moved, his sharp edge flashed, and the sword came out of his waist.
Seeing a flash of cold light, the swooping down beast and beast split into two instantly, blood sprayed in the air, and the beast’s corpse fell on the ground.
“It’s just some low-level monsters, don’t be afraid!” The soldier shouted.
Seeing that the soldiers beheaded a monster beast so simply, the panicked crowd here recovered some calm.
Zhang Xuan glanced at the rioted street, turned his head and walked towards the back alley.
The back alleys are also full of panicked crowds. When encountering danger from the outside world, people’s subconscious reaction is to find some relatively small places to hide.
Zhang Xuan walked into the crowd, and those who rushed towards him in a panic would be pushed away by an invisible force.
It’s so panic here that no one will notice this at all.
Zhang Xuan came to the end of the lane, glanced behind him, and then opened the door of the house beside him. This was a dilapidated wood house. When Zhang Xuan entered the door, he immediately closed the door.
In the wood house, an obese figure was already waiting here, and when she saw Zhang Xuan, the obese figure immediately leaned forward.
“Brother, you are finally here, it’s too scary outside!” Quan Dingding leaned in front of Zhang Xuan with aggrieved expression.
Zhang Xuan took a step back subconsciously, for fear that this fat man would do anything abnormal.
Quan Dingding stared at Zhang Xuan with a grimace, “Brother, how do I feel that you dislike me a little bit.”
“Be more confident and get rid of your feelings.” Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes, “Talk about business, how is the Chu family now? Is there anyone missing strangely, or making trouble?”
“No.” Quan Dingding shook his head, “The Chu family is the same as before, but the food is getting worse and worse. In the past few days, I haven’t had enough to eat, but I’m starving, brother, you take me there. Have a good meal.”
“Even you can’t get enough to eat. It seems that the Chu family is really difficult.” Zhang Xuan pondered, “In this way, you will continue to help me stare at the Chu family. As for the food, wait to leave from here, and I will take You have a good meal.”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he left without waiting for Quan Dingding to speak.
Quan Dingding stayed at Chu’s house all the time, it was Zhang Xuan’s arrangement.
After all, there is too much involved in the split of the Eastern Continent. Zhang Xuan needs to figure out where the problem is.
Zhang Xuangang walked out of the wood room.
“Brother Zhang! Brother Zhang!” Cui Tian yelled a few times and ran anxiously from the side, “Brother Zhang, you scared me to death. As soon as I learned that something was wrong, I ran right there, just now. Seeing you, I thought you had some accident, I really scared me to death.”
“Thank you, Brother Cui, for your concern.” Zhang Xuan also showed a panic, “Brother Cui, what should I do! The city is in chaos.”
“Don’t worry.” Cui Tian said with a look of self-passing, “This city can’t be chaotic. Now, they are all low-level monsters. Except for those who can fly, the rest can’t get through the trenches outside. This Eastern City is not a place. Looking at it, even if the big monsters are here, I don’t dare to act rashly. Recently, it’s still safe. The city lord has arranged for someone to send out letters and ask the other six cities for support. These are all their affairs, and we are not the same as these little people. What’s the relationship, let’s just live your own life, brother Zhang, don’t come to Jianbao Pavilion these few days, and go with your brother.”
After Cui Tian finished speaking, he took Zhang Xuan to the outside of the lane.
Cui Tian didn’t bring Zhang Xuan back to his residence this time, but came to a warehouse.
Zhang Xuan saw that there were many Cui Tian guards around the warehouse. He could guess that this was the granary.
Now that the monster beasts have attacked the city, and the siege is right in front of you, food will become especially important in the future. When people are desperate, they can do anything. It will not surprise people to grab food or anything. .
“Brother, I’ll pick up your two maids, too.” Cui Tian patted Zhang Xuan on the shoulder, and saw Xiao Shuang and Xiao Jiu walking out of the warehouse. The faces of the two women were still panicked. Look.
Cui Tian glanced at Zhang Xuan and said, “Brother, brother has to talk about you. If you don’t touch these two beautiful girls, you like to go to the brothel to find the older ones. You should also taste the little girls. The taste is very good.”
“Ho ho, each has love, each has love.” Zhang Xuan hugged Xiao Shuang and Xiao Jiu.
Above the Eastern City, one after another, the beasts of birds and beasts were beheaded, and their bodies fell into the city. These beasts were hideous, even if they were dead, their faces would make people feel terrified.
On the city wall, Dongfang Li had already put on a suit of armor, with a saber around his waist, looking into the distance.
“This time the number of monsters is far more than before.” Dongfang Li squinted, and he could see the 100-meter giant python slowly wriggling on the mountainside in the distance. The giant python can twist the top of the mountain, just like in the myth. About to ascend like a demon snake that transforms into a dragon, on that huge triangular head, scarlet eyes are like red lanterns, even if they are so far apart, Dongfang Li can feel the cruelty contained in it.
“My lord, we have never understood why this monster besieged the city suddenly.” A lieutenant stood beside Dongfang Li.
Dongfang Li smiled, “The monster besieged city is nothing more than two purposes. First, they are looking for something. After all, the powerful Demon King, just like us, possesses the wisdom, can also drive these monsters.”
“What about the second one?” the lieutenant asked puzzledly.
“Second?” Dongfang Li turned around, walked down the city wall, and said as he walked, “It’s the same as we humans who cultivate in spring and harvest in autumn. They treat this city as a livestock stable and come to forage after a while.”
The circling figure of the monster beast was no longer visible in the sky, and the dead monster beast’s body was all dragged away by the officers and soldiers. The flustered crowd finally recovered calm, and many soldiers took to the street and began to arrange their residences.

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