Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1250

The monster’s attack made those people in Dongfang City who were still lucky enough to understand that this incident was not a joke.
It can be seen that on the walls of the East City, there are more soldiers left behind, and everyone is ready to fight at any time.
Half a day after the monsters attacked the city, Eastern City, there was a clear division of factions.
In the Divine Hidden Realm, there are some adventurers who cooperate with monsters. In order to prevent the people who entered the Eastern City from being infiltrated with the monsters, the Eastern City is divided into two areas.
The City Lord’s Mansion is located in the very center of the Eastern City. With the City Lord’s Mansion as the origin, a circle with a radius of 3,000 meters spreads outward. It is temporarily called the inner city, and the rest is called the outer city.
Non-residents of Dongfang City are not allowed to enter the inner city.
And the space in the inner city is only that big, so people who have the power and money live in the inner city, and those who don’t have money and power, even permanent residents, live in the outer city.
Outside the inner city, patrol soldiers kept patrolling back and forth to ensure that there would be no problems in the inner city, and Dongfang Li also gave an order that all the bosses who now have food in their hands went to the city lord’s mansion to discuss important matters.
Everyone understands that Dongfang Li is asking for food.
In the inner city, the people who live in it are powerful and powerful. The brothel is divided into the inner city. Don’t look at the outer city now. Everyone sleeps on the street. The poorer ones can’t even eat a full meal, but brothel. Among them, the enthusiasm is still extraordinary, the table is delicious and delicious, the diners keep toasting, laughing, this scene, there is no sign of monster besieging the city.
The city lord’s mansion was brightly lit, and Cui Tian also walked into the city lord’s mansion.
The Chu family just marked the edge of the inner city in the Eastern City. A group of patrolling soldiers passed between the courtyard wall of the Chu family and the inner city boundary, which proved the current situation of the Chu family.
The senior members of the Chu family were also sitting in the assembly hall.
“This Dongfang Li is deliberately making us ugly!”
“Patriarch, he now summons all the people who donate food, this is just not wanting to leave a chance for our Chu family!”
“Dongfang Li did a little too much!”
“Patriarch, I have to think of a way. In the last two days, three meals a day, all are gruel, everyone is weak in cultivation, and if this continues, I am afraid something will happen.”
The high-levels of the Chu family, one person and one sentence, are full of negative messages.
Chu Jisheng sat on the main seat, his brows furrowed, he knew the most about the current situation of the Chu family.
“Patriarch, the outer city is extremely chaotic right now. If we continue to stay in the outer city, the Chu family will gradually degenerate into a second-class family in Dongfang City.”
“We have to find a way to get into the inner city.”
Just as the high-level of the Chu family said a word, an anxious voice suddenly sounded outside the hall.
“Patriarch, it’s not good! Someone forcibly broke into the compound!”
As soon as this voice came out, everyone in the Chu Family Hall changed their expressions.
Forced into the Chu Family Courtyard?
At the earliest, when the Chu family was still in Dongfang City, although the city owner was the Dongfang family, it can be said that the Dongfang family and the Chu family stood on top of each other. No one was worse off. In the past, the Chu family went out, and whoever saw it was respectful. Jing, but now, there are people who dare to break into the Chu family compound?
Chu Jisheng stood up suddenly, “Go! Go and see, who is so bold!”
When Chu Jisheng brought everyone from the Chu family to the front yard, he saw that the door of the Chu family compound had been broken open. It was not the forces that rushed into the Chu family compound, but those in the Eastern City. Refugees who don’t even have a place to live.
A high-ranking Chu family shouted, “What do you do! When is our Chu family? What do you want to break into?”
“Chu Jisheng, if you are still an individual, let us in today! At the beginning, your Chu family colluded with monsters and murdered the young city lord of Dongfang City. We were all from your Chu family. You fled overnight, so you didn’t care about us at all! The Chu family is better. After many years of walking, we have been out there, but we? Because we are implicated by you, rejected by the lord of the eastern city, all the property is taken by the eastern city, and this is caused by your Chu family!”
“Yes! We can’t even enter the city. If it weren’t for this monster attack, we would still be in the wild, living in a thatched house! Your Chu family would be fine, beautiful and beautiful, return to the East City, and live in the original house! ”
“I tell you Chu Jisheng, we just stood on the wrong team and ended up like this. What happened to your Chu family now? If it weren’t for you, could we not even have a residence?”
Outside the door, the sentiment was exciting, and at a glance, thousands of people were able to rush into the Chu family.
The Chu family has a huge foundation, with tens of thousands of members. Although they can crush thousands of people in number, they are not afraid of strength at all, but the words of these people make Chu Jisheng have no law to use force against them. Do it, then the Chu family, don’t even think about standing up from the Dongfang City, and don’t think about competing with the Dongfang Family anymore.
Chu Jisheng pondered for a while, and simply waved his hand, “Let’s let people come in and arrange a place to live.”
The high-level Chu family was immediately taken aback, and hurriedly said, “Patriarch, our Chu family is now unable to protect ourselves, so we can accept him again…”
The high-level man was still not finished speaking, and was interrupted by Chu Jisheng, “Let them come in. They are all old friends of our Chu family.”
“Chu Jisheng, you are still an individual!”
“The conscience is still completely wiped out!”
Outsiders scolded.
The people of the Chu family guarding the door reluctantly retreated to the sides and watched these people break into the Chu family compound.
Chu Jisheng waved his hand, “Go and make arrangements, try to let everyone have a place to live, if there is not enough space, let the people in the house squeeze.”
“This…” The high-ranking member of the Chu family looked at the more than one thousand people who came in, then looked at Chu Jisheng, and finally shook his head helplessly and went to make arrangements.
The Chu family is big, but now, the Chu family has reached a point where its oil is exhausted. If it was the previous Chu family, let alone accepting more than a thousand people, that is, five thousand people, the Chu family also has this confidence, and even hope that these people will come over. , The Chu family is good to give some benefits and throw an olive branch, but now, for the Chu family, these thousand people are already the limit.
One night passed.
There was a message from the inner city saying that the major bosses were in the city lord’s mansion and were negotiating with the Eastern city lord for one night, but no one knew what they were talking about.
In the Chu family compound, early in the morning, the people of the Chu family began to distribute food in the courtyard. Two large pots of gruel were the breakfast of the people of the Chu family, and there was not even a piece of steamed bun.
“Why are there so few today?” A member of the Chu family muttered dissatisfiedly as he watched the half bowl of gruel in his hand. In the half bowl, there was still water and how many rice grains there were.
“There is no way. Patriarch took over a thousand people last night.” The food distributors were also helpless. “There were more than 500 people here this morning. From now on, this meal will only shrink.”
“I don’t have enough to eat, but I still pay people!”
“There is no way, these people used to be on the side of the Patriarch.”
“So what? If Zhang Yiqing was here, we would definitely not end up like this. Zhang Yiqing went out with Shi Xi once and there was an accident. He also said that Zhang Yiqing is a member of Oriental City, then Jianbao Pavilion has something to do with Oriental City. He’s a bounty hunter, I suspect that Xi just sold Zhang Yiqing at this time!”

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