Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 128

Tiger stood there, his face was even worse than crying, the big boss and the third boss have opened their mouths, he simply had no other way to choose.
If it wasn’t for this man, how could he have been forced to this point, well, it’s just going to the ring, when I come down from the ring, I’ll have to kill you!
Finally glared viciously at Zhang Xuan again, Tiger lifted his foot and walked into the cage, compared to the previous dozen good fighters, Tiger was even worse, was kicked in the side, instantly broke two ribs, fell to the ground.
Seeing this scene, Zhang Cheng’s heart can not mention how relieved, just now arrogant and domineering people, now lying there, seriously injured.
The iron cage door opened, Tiger’s little brother rushed in and carried his big brother out.
Zhang Xuan smiled in satisfaction and got up and walked towards the iron cage.
Seeing Zhang Xuan, Hei Hong’s always bland face also became important, because he knew that this is also an ancient martial artist, and the strength is definitely not weak.
“Brother-in-law how really went in ah!” Xu Wan looked at Zhang Xuan really walked towards the iron cage and looked a little anxious, just now, she also thought that Zhang Xuan said that he was going up, but only to humiliate that Long, but it turned out that what Zhang Xuan was going to do was not only as simple as humiliation.
“I don’t know.” Zhang Jie shook her head, “But looking at brother-in-law’s expression, he was very confident.”
“Brother-in-law is definitely better than that woman.” Long-legged big beauty Sun Lan said without hesitation.
Zhang Jie gave Sun Lan an extra look, “Nee-san, when did you become brother-in-law’s fan girl?”
Sun Lan smiled cheekily and did not speak.
Tiger was carried out from the iron cage by his little brother, breaking two ribs, so painful that his facial expression was distorted, but after Tiger came out of the iron cage, the first thing he did was not to rush to the hospital, but to find Zhang Cheng and the others to settle accounts.
Dragon is also gloomy face, towards Zhang Xuan a few people standing place, Tiger is his brother, this time by someone shady, how can he tolerate.
The two elder brothers, Dragon and Tiger, led their youngest brothers and went towards Zhang Cheng and the others in an aggressive manner.
“Go, take a few of them, and rack them out!” Brother Tiger waved his hand with a painful face and hatred in his eyes.
A few of Brother Tiger’s junior brothers heard this and immediately went towards Zhang Cheng and the others.
“Ah Hu, what do you want?” Brother Qiu’s face was a bit unsightly as he blocked in front of Zhang Cheng.
“It’s none of your business, go away!” Brother Long covered his abdomen and stood out, bellowing a scolding.
“Brother Long.” Brother Qiu saw Brother Long say something, a little afraid, whispered, “You are a little out of order.”
“Rules? Since when do I, Long, have to follow the rules when I teach a little brother a lesson?” Long asked impatiently, “Come, take them out, and that kid, when they come out of the cage, pull them up the mountain!”
As soon as they heard the word “mountain”, Brother Qiu and Zhang Cheng’s faces changed dramatically.
They had heard that what Brother Long liked to do with his enemies was to pull them to the mountain, and none of the people he pulled to the mountain ever came down.
Brother Long surrounded by a group of people, the face is not good to surround Zhang Cheng, Xu Wan three women naturally also became their target, these people’s eyes sizing up Xu Wan three women, what is in that eyes, can not be clearer.
“Brother Long, I need to call Brother Pao!” Brother Qiu took out his phone in a panic, now things were beyond his control.
“Who the hell told you to call!” Brother Long’s men stepped forward and snatched Brother Qiu’s phone, then threw it to the ground fiercely, “Qiu, you have no fucking business here, hurry up and get out!”
Qiu looked at these people in front of him, his legs were trembling, he knew that today, this matter, can not be good, Long wanted to deal with a small brother, even if the preemptive, Leopard also have little recourse, they want to stay here, also have to be affected.
“If you don’t roll, then pull the mountain together!” Long said impatiently.
Brother Qiu’s body swung, almost fell down, his eyes with an apologetic look at Zhang Cheng, “Ah Cheng, do not blame the brother, I’m going to find Brother Pao!”
“Get the hell out of here!” The man standing in front of Brother Qiu pushed him away and stared at Zhang Cheng, “Kid, are you going to come with us voluntarily, or are we going to break your legs and take you out first?”
Zhang Cheng looked at this battle, gulped saliva fiercely, “Brother Long, this time, I did something bad, but it has nothing to do with these few students of mine, can you not make things difficult for them?”
Brother Tiger by this time has been relieved from the pain of the initial broken ribs, he was supported by his little brother, came to the three women Xu Wan, licked his lips, “These girls are good, Laozi want them all.”
“Brother Tiger! This has fucking nothing to do with them!” Zhang Cheng, who had been acting respectfully, suddenly shouted, “This is my fucking business alone, don’t drag my classmates into it!”
“Fuck you!” The man in front of Zhang Cheng, kicked Zhang Cheng in the stomach, “My boss can move whoever he wants, what the hell are you, give me a go!”
Xu Wan three women looked back and forth a few times, and then looked at the iron cage, Zhang Xuan is still standing in the cage at the moment, simply did not notice what is happening here.
Zhang Jie eyes some panic, but still calm, “Dragon is right, I advise you not to be impulsive, you have to be clear, who is she!”
The she that Zhang Xuan said in his mouth was none other than Xu Wan.
Xu Wan took a deep breath and stood out.
“Oh? Who is she?” Long gave Xu Wan a playful look.
Xu Wan fixed her mind and was just about to say her identity as a member of the Lin family when she heard a voice ring out.
“Ah Long, you’ve been making quite a lot of moves lately!”
At the sound of this voice, Brother Tiger and a group of junior brothers all had their faces changed.
Brother Long turned around and looked at the person who spoke, “Brother Snake.”
Viper still had gauze wrapped around his palm, and with a smile on his lips, he walked over.
Seeing Viper, all of Brother Long’s minions, including Brother Tiger, nodded their heads in greeting.
“Ah Long, what is this about?” Viper swept his eyes at Brother Long’s little brothers and asked curiously.
“Brother Snake, it’s just to teach a few men who don’t know the rules.” Brother Long smiled.
“Don’t know the rules?” Viper’s face showed a touch of doubt, the next second, the face of doubt completely disappeared, turned into ruthless, while a heavy slap on Brother Long’s face, this slap, Brother Long can dodge, but do not dare to hide.
A crisp slap sounded, and the side of Brother Long’s face also had an additional five-finger mark.
“Brother Snake, you are ……” Brother Tiger stood aside and could not help but speak.
“Shut up!” Viper snapped and yelled, “Don’t know the rules? I think it is you Ah Long recently lived too well, do not know the rules of the people, it is you!”
“Brother Snake, I don’t understand what you mean.” Brother Long’s brow furrowed.

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