Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 129

“Do not understand what I mean?” Viper chuckled, “Ah Long, do you know, the person standing in the iron cage now, who is it?”
Viper’s words caused the crowd to look at the iron cage.
Viper lit a cigarette and scanned Tiger and the others one by one.
“Ah Long, your people, really grow bold, dare to mess with anyone, you dare to scold! When big brother Lei Gong was still in power, all had to be polite to that one, you guys are good, living more arrogant than Lei Gong?”
Hearing this, a hint of bad premonition appeared in Dragon’s heart, “Brother Snake, he is ……”
“Ah Long, you are in the society time is not short, some things, more or less you should have heard, when we were in the night, more than 50 brothers, is this, a person to solve, eight immortal building, we were ambushed by the big circle society, is also this, a person to sweep the big circle society, black thunder second leader to seek revenge, his men will take care of everything, today and black thunder fight, we also Today and Black Thunder fight, we also rely on this person, dare to take the next, I must say, you guys are really bold, ah! To be honest, I admire you guys.”
Every time Viper said a word, Brother Long’s face became more ugly, and when the words fell, Brother Long could no longer say anything.
The eyes of Brother Tiger and the others were a bit dull.
As members of the Greenleaf community, they had heard about some of the major events that happened some time ago, and they all knew that there was such a mysterious expert in the Greenleaf, but none of them had expected that the mysterious expert was a young man who had been treated as a junior of Leopard Head himself.
In contrast to Tiger’s and their ugly faces, Zhang Cheng’s body was trembling with excitement.
That super expert whose fame had spread throughout Green Leaf was actually the brother-in-law! Oh my god! This is too incredible, right!
“Ah Long, your people are really good, all stay here honestly, what to do, wait and see the mood of that one, remind, your attitude, better be good, or Missy can’t even protect you!” Viper spoke, he finished, and gave a thumbs up to Tiger, the thumbs up in the sarcasm, extremely strong.
Tiger and other people, all lowered their heads, not daring to say a word, just now they were arrogant, now scared to death, extraordinarily panic in the heart.
Long took two deep breaths and said in a low voice: “Who caused the trouble!”
“A …… a …… a little brother, Silver State University, called Guo Qiang.” Tiger’s voice was trembling.
“Tell him to get his ass over here!”
Zhang Cheng looked at Brother Long with a playful smile, “Brother Long, still pulling us up the mountain?”
Brother Long squeezed out a smile that was worse than crying, “Little brother, what just happened, it’s just a misunderstanding, don’t take it to heart.”
Xu Wan coldly snorted, “Misunderstanding? You wait, I will not let my brother-in-law let you go!”
Long opened his mouth, could not say anything, in front of the absolute strength, all things are useless, to blame, can only blame themselves not open eyes.
Viper brought Xu Wan and the girls to the front of the table, sitting here, are extremely important people in the society, originally, Zhang Cheng sat here, still look cautious, but he found that, on the contrary, the rest of the top of the Green Leaf Society treated himself with caution, and handed himself a cigarette, and gave himself a light, he realized that brother-in-law in the Green Leaf Society’s status, in the end, how high, he just came all the way with brother-in-law, there is this treatment, it seems that brother-in-law is very respected ah.
What Zhang Cheng does not know is that Zhang Xuan in the Green Leaf Society, respected by no one, let people fear, that is true, Zhang Xuan every time the hands, the bloody scene, has long penetrated the hearts of these senior.
Han gentle sitting on the main seat of the Green Leaf, turned his head to look at Zhang Xuan a few people, eyes resting on Xu Wan for a few seconds, the identity of the criminal police, she naturally know Xu Wan the identity of the Lin family, but also just a few eyes, and then look at the iron cage that.
The cage, Zhang Xuan stood in front of the girl, no action.
The girl looked at Zhang Xuan, also did not move.
Zhang Xuan does not want to move, to a little girl, it is not worth him to make the first move.
The girl, on the other hand, did not dare to move, she previously encountered opponents, before making a move, just look at the other party’s pace, you can know the reality, but Zhang Xuan, she could not see through, in her eyes, her opponent, looks like all over the broken, but she has a gut feeling, she just dare to move, will certainly usher in a thunderbolt.
Time passed, Zhang Xuan easily stood there, but the girl’s back was already wet with sweat.
Behind Hei Hong, sat four people, a middle-aged man, with three youths.
Looking at the cage, the middle-aged man sighed, “Your senior sister has lost.”
“Lost?” The three youths were all a little confused, “Master, this is not even a fight, how come senior sister has lost?”
“Qi.” The middle-aged man spat out these two words, “You guys didn’t go on the field, didn’t directly face your opponent, so you couldn’t feel that kind of aura, his aura, it’s completely not something your senior sister can fight against, including the three of you, any one of you standing in front of him, will be overwhelmed by this aura, next fight, you guys go together.”
When the three youths heard their master say this, none of them retorted, all of them nodded with a gloomy expression, they knew that their master, would not talk nonsense.
In the cage, the girl’s forehead has been covered with sweat, large drops of sweat, slipping down the cheeks, she felt that she was facing, not a person, but a big mountain, lofty, tall, blocking the sun, so that they could not breathe, in the beginning, they were afraid to move, but now, is completely immobile, even the limbs, feel a little soft and weak.
Zhang Xuan looked at the girl, sighed, he knew, if this continues, this girl, it is likely to collapse, Zhang Xuan step forward, originally five meters away from the girl, he felt in an instant, to the girl, raised his fist, with a sound of breaking wind, swung towards the girl.
Facing this punch from Zhang Xuan, the girl didn’t even bother to dodge, her whole body stayed there without any movement.
A burst of gas sounded next to the girl’s ears, Zhang Xuan’s punch, instead of hitting the girl’s body, hit the girl’s ears.
When Zhang Xuan’s punch stopped, the girl’s legs went limp and her entire body went limp, falling to the ground, panting heavily, sweat continuously coming out of her body, and her eyes were filled with fear.
“Girl, strength needs to be improved ah.” Zhang Xuan smiled and extended his palm at the girl.
The girl fixed her gaze on Zhang Xuan for a few seconds and took the initiative to grab Zhang Xuan’s hand, allowing Zhang Xuan to pull herself up.
“Thanks.” The girl said softly to Zhang Xuan, the first time she had spoken since she came on the stage.
The middle-aged man sitting behind Hei Hong, seeing this scene, shook his head, “Hei Hong, let’s get out of the cage, we’ve lost.”
At the same time, the three youths beside the middle-aged man, stood up.

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