Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 13

The white haired Dean Cui saw Zhang Xuan, his face also showed a smile, “this child, the first few years will often talk to me on the phone, he said to me on the phone, as a waiter, as a masseuse, will also repair appliances, anyway, these years, this child has suffered a lot of ah.”
“Is that so?” Qin Rou looked at Zhang Xuan, who was standing there, surrounded by many children, and watched him pick up a child from time to time and throw it up high, amidst the laughter of the children, the corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth could not help but grin.
A roar of motors broke the cozy scene, and three Mercedes-Benz G63s with consecutive license plates stopped at the entrance of the orphanage, and three people came down from each car, both men and women, the men in suits and the women also dressed in rich clothes, all between the ages of thirty and forty.
As soon as these people got out of the car, they began to look at the orphanage, and one of the secretary-like women even took out a drawing and pointed on it.
The moment the little girl Yin Yin, who was held in Zhang Xuan’s arms, saw these people, her little mouth pouted, “Bad people! These bad guys are here again!”
“Bad people?” Zhang Xuan was puzzled as he looked at the little girl in his arms and said, “Yin Yin, tell brother, how are they bad?”
“They want to tear down Yin Yin’s home!” Yin Yin raised her pink little fist, her fleshy face filled with indignation.
“Demolish the home?” When Zhang Xuan heard this, his face instantly became gloomy, he put down Yin Yin in his arms, let Yin Yin go play with the other children first, and then walked towards the dean.
Yin Yin’s home, and the home of these children, was the Spring Vine Orphanage!
This was also Zhang Xuan’s home. A long time ago, he and his mother wandered here, and it was with the dean’s acceptance that he was able to grow up.
When Zhang Xuan walked up to Dean Cui, he saw that Dean Cui also had a sad face, as well as this woman in a white dress, whose face was also full of apologies.
“Dean, what’s going on?” Zhang Xuan asked as he nudged the entrance of the orphanage.
Dean Cui was just about to speak when he was interrupted by Qin Rou’s voice.
“I’ll go talk to them!” Qin Rou, who was dressed in a white dress, stood up, her net height was one meter six-eight, she was wearing white flat shoes, and her forehead was level with Zhang Xuan’s earlobe.
Dean Cui looked at Qin Rou walking towards the entrance of the orphanage, sighed, with exhaustion in his eyes, and beckoned to Zhang Xuan, “Little Xuan, you sit first.”
Zhang Xuan sat down in front of Dean Cui.
Dean Cui, who had white hair, looked at the sky, “Little Xuan, counting the time, you are twenty-three years old this year, right?”
“Twenty-four.” Zhang Xuan looked at Dean Cui’s kind face, his heart was a bit intolerant, this kind woman, so much older than her initial appearance in his memory.
Dean Cui reached out and rubbed Zhang Xuan’s head, “Good boy, you have been sending money to the orphanage for the past few years, remember when I told you on the phone a few years ago that there was a kind-hearted person who funded the orphanage for free?”
“Mm.” Zhang Xuan nodded, when he heard about this, his heart was very grateful to that kind-hearted person, but the dean never told him who that kind-hearted person was.
“Miss Qin in five years ago, has been free to fund the orphanage, but in the future, I’m afraid that Miss Qin also have the heart can not help.” The dean said, “All along, the open space around the orphanage belonged to the official, and now the development is getting faster and faster, the surrounding land has been bought by all those people, to develop a resort here.”
Speaking of this, the dean pointed to those at the entrance of the orphanage, and then continued: “Miss Qin has negotiated with them many times, but nothing, once the development of the resort is completed, the official will order the forced demolition of the orphanage, the official is a document to let them build a new orphanage, but you know where they will choose the location? The chemical discharge site! There are harmful substances being discharged there all the time, I’m old, I’ll be in the ground in two years, just pity the children.”
The director looked at the children playing on the grass, the old eyes can not help but flow down the cloudy tears, the voice is also a bit choked, “these unscrupulous businessmen, they do not care about these poor children, their eyes, only money! How can they let the children live around the chemical emission site!”
“I’ll go talk to them.” Zhang Xuan got up.
“Little Xuan! It’s useless.” The dean shook his head.
“Dean, how do you know it’s useless if you haven’t talked about it?” Zhang Xuan gave the dean a faint smile, a smile that was filled with a powerful confidence.
When Zhang Xuan walked to the entrance of the orphanage, the sound of arguing had already reached his ears.
“Miss Qin, you have a bubble in your head, but we don’t. A large amount of money sitting around not earning? What does the death of these orphans have to do with us? Blame it on their natural life! Maybe living around the chemical plant, in a decade or so will produce a group of movie mutants, hahaha!” This was a male voice with a teasing tone.
Qin Rou was shaking with anger at the other party’s words, “You guys! You’re all heartless! This land was approved for development two years ago, but everyone took care of the orphanage, but you! You will be punished for this!”
“Hahahaha, there is money to be made, even if I go to hell, I am happy, Miss Qin, you do not make money, also do not ring us to make money, in a few days, the official documents will come down, this orphanage should also be demolished.”
“A few more days to demolish the orphanage I do not know, but I know, you do not leave after ten seconds, do not blame me to beat you!” Zhang Xuan’s chilling voice rang out as he walked over with an adult wrist-thick steel pipe in his hand, the muscles on his arms showing a powerful deterrent.
“Now the countdown begins, ten!”
Once the word ten fell, Zhang Xuan heavily waved the steel pipe in his hand, bringing up a sound of breaking wind.
Those who came in a Mercedes-Benz, seeing Zhang Xuan’s appearance, could not help but take two steps back.
Looking at the well-proportioned muscles on Zhang Xuan’s arms, and looking at the obese bellies of himself and others, a male in a suit coldly snorted, “Reckless man! Let you be arrogant and get the hell out of here sooner or later! Let’s go!”
Under the greeting of the man in the suit, a group of people flew to the car, the Mercedes-Benz big G once again launched a burst of motor roar, leaving the place.
These three Mercedes had just driven away, and the orphanage resounded with the cheers of the children.
Zhang Xuan casually threw away the steel pipe in his hand and looked at Qin Rou, whose hair was all a bit messy, “Miss Qin, are you okay?”
“Huh?” Qin Rou was stunned by the scene of Zhang Xuan suddenly talking to himself, his voice and posture were slightly flustered, “No, nothing.”
“That’s good, tell me about it, what’s the situation?” Zhang Xuan sat down at the entrance of the orphanage.
Qin Rou took a deep breath, this was the first time she stood so close to this man, looking at the other party’s deep eyes, as if the vast sea of stars, intoxicating.

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