Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 133

Faced with Lin Qinghan’s query, Zhang Xuan nodded without hesitation, “Well, it’s already been found.”
Lin Qinghan’s face was a little unhappy, “Zhang Xuan, this time, I’m not joking with you, I also hope you take it seriously.”
“Don’t worry, I’m definitely not joking, the cooperation object has really been found, don’t you know the day after tomorrow.”
Lin Qinghan still some disbelief, an enamel country multinational group, where is so easy to find, and can reach cooperation in three days?
But Zhang Xuan said so, she can only believe first, “I hope, it’s okay, I’m going to bed, you also rest early.”
Lin Qinghan stepped on the pink slippers and walked upstairs.
The night passed, the moon turned and the stars shifted, and the sky turned white belly.
Zhang Xuan, as usual, cleaned up the hygiene of the house and went to the company with Lin Qinghan.
Zhang Xuan has not come to the business department for two days, and when he came, he saw Qiu Yu was holding a mop, carefully mopping the floor there, the bare forehead covered with sweat, Sister Hong and others, sitting aside, eating breakfast, discussing their newly done nails, the garbage bags for breakfast casually thrown at their feet, greeting Qiu Yu to clean up.
Sister Hong and the others are obviously bullying people in this way.
Zhang Xuan walked over, took the mop in Qiu Yu’s hand, frowned, “Did not give you a good rest for two days?”
Qiu Yu was rejected and bullied in the company, Zhang Xuan did not feel surprised, the last incident, many people in the department put the blame on Qiu Yu, that Qiu Yu affected the interests of all, if Qiu Yu does not do something performance out, this ostracism will continue.
Qiu Yu saw Zhang Xuan, some surprise, “Brother Zhang, I am ……”
“Is what.” Zhang Xuan threw the mop to the side and pulled Qiu Yu’s small thin arm, “Go, run business with me.”
Qiu Yu let Zhang Xuan pull out of the department office.
Zhang Xuan took a look at the palms of Qiu Yu rubbed two blisters, he asked, “Did you come to work these two days?”
Qiu Yu laughed and replied, “I have nothing to do at home, so I came to the company, cleaning and cleaning every day, it’s also quite easy.”
“Easy?” Zhang Xuan skimmed his mouth, just look at the blisters on Qiu Yu’s hands, two days to wear out, can be easy?
Qiu Yu saw Zhang Xuan eyes have been fixed on their hands, subconsciously closed the small hand.
Zhang Xuan saw Qiu Yu this look, sighed, “little girl, love work is one hand, but you also have to know how to adapt, knowing that the company can not do anything, but also bullied, why not stay at home and wait for tomorrow to sign the contract? You’re a bit of a wooden fish head ah.”
Zhang Xuan stretched out his finger and poked Qiu Yu on the head with force.
Qiu Yu spat out her little tongue and did not say anything.
Zhang Xuan took Qiu Yu, while walking towards the outside of the company, said, “Go home today, have a good rest day, for the company’s cooperation projects, you look at more, I find a partner, tomorrow will be able to arrive, then how to negotiate, but depends on you.”
“Mm.” Qiu Yu nodded.
When the two of them passed by the front desk, Zhang Xuan saw a person, the very same front desk girl he and Qiu Yu met that day under the business building.
The receptionist girl also saw Qiu Yu and Zhang Xuan.
“Yo, this hot day, still have to go out to run business, you salesman ah, really tired life, not earning a few money in a month, nothing much.” As soon as the front desk girl saw Qiu Yu, she opened her mouth and sneered.
Qiu Yu looked at the receptionist girl and did not say anything.
Zhang Xuan also did not say anything, with Qiu Yu walked past the reception desk, out of the company’s door, heard behind once again a flurry of ridicule.
“Girl, you have a grudge against that woman?” Zhang Xuan asked curiously after leaving the company’s door.
Qiu Yu pretty face some slightly red, “not really have a feud, right, her name is Zhong Qi, in school and I a dormitory, before like a boy in our school, the boy was chasing me, and then the two of us relationship ……”
Qiu Yu said this, some embarrassed to say further.
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan nodded speechlessly, this is something too small to be small, it is also these little girls can hold a grudge against a person because of this matter.
Zhang Xuan squinted and looked overhead, the summer sun, the morning is hot, the sun is dry.
“Little girl, you go home quickly, prepare well.”
“Well, Brother Zhang, I’ll go first then.” Qiu Yu waved her hand at Zhang Xuan and walked towards the bus stop.
After Qiu Yu left, Zhang Xuan turned around and looked at the company’s gate, then walked in big steps towards the opposite of the company.
In a cafe not far from Lin’s, Zhang Xuan asked for the cheapest Nestle and looked through his phone.
A handsome looking young man sat opposite Zhang Xuan and asked for the most expensive Blue Mountain in the store.
“Bai Chi, I said you are quite good at enjoying yourself, I drink the cheapest, you drink the most expensive?” Zhang Xuan picked up the Nescafe in front of him and looked at the person in front of him.
Bai Chi hehey smile, sorted out the Armani, “Boss, the money earned, is not to spend it, you pursue your true love, I pursue my material.”
“Less to the old me poor, say, about the old me out what matter?”
“Three things, boss.” The first thing is that the people of the Blade have taken control of the entire city of Yinzhou and are ready to strike at any time against the Prickly Peaks, with the strength of the Prickly Peaks, the three teams of the Blade cannot pose any threat to her, except that the people of the Island Rousha Society have also appeared in Yinzhou, when the Prickly Peaks assassinated the boss of the Rousha Society, the Rousha Society has never This time, they have come with many experts.”
“Quicksand Society?” Zhang Xuan revealed a cold smile, “This organization that lives like a rat, also dares to hunt people across the border? Just let them come, when the time comes to stir up a mess with the sharp edge, there will be plenty of people to worry about, what about the remaining two things?”
“The second thing, about the fire crystal design diagram, now all over the world, there are rumors that the last fire crystal design diagram is in your possession, countless forces are putting pressure on us, hoping that you will hand over the fire crystal design diagram, boss.” When Bai Chi said this, his face was a little ugly.
“Pressure?” Zhang Xuan raised an eyebrow, “Did they think that I had become a complete invalid after that last battle?”
“Yes.” Bai Chi didn’t hide anything, “Now there are many rumors, most people think that the injuries you sustained in the last battle, boss, can never recover, otherwise, lend them a few dozen guts, they wouldn’t dare to exert pressure on us.”
“It’s okay, let’s put this aside first, let’s talk about the third piece.”
“The third piece, about the person who wants to kill sister-in-law, found!”

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