Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1342

The first thousand and fifty-one chapters of the ancestral land
In the depths of the Loulan Desert, where even satellites can only send a black mist, an oasis just appeared in the desert.
There have been countless explorers who wanted to conquer this desert, but they all ended in failure.
Who would have thought that under the yellow sand, there should be such a place, the green hills and beautiful Loulanzu land, it seems that nature is a gift to this desert.
“Now that the seal has been completely opened, I should also prepare to go to the next place.”
More than a dozen people in black robes formed a strange symbol and stood in the middle of the desert.
“Loulan ancestral land sealed itself, but it gave us more opportunities. This time the Loulan inheritance was unearthed, and the movement was not small. Someone was eyeing the heroic spirit in Loulan.”
“Ho ho, the inheritance opens one after another, the heroic spirits appear, the world changes greatly, another civilization will sense the existence here, and everything will proceed according to the plan.”
“There is a message from the leader that he has been dormant around. For the rest, the leader has already arranged. The Loulan Legacy will gather a large number of forces to come. This is a good opportunity for us. We will return to the ancestral alliance. On this day, become the overlord.”
The picture of the Return to the Ancestral League has always been very big.
Among the green shirts and silky waters in this desert, there is a whole family with hundreds of people. There is an old family with gray hair and old age.
At this time, in the clan ancestral hall, the whole clan was sitting here.
The gray-haired elder crouched holding a mahogany cane.
“The seal has been broken, and all the inheritance has been opened. Now our whole clan is standing on the cusp of the storm, and all forces have come one after another. We must not let the inheritance make a mistake, Dingding back?”
“Old Hui nationality, there is still no ding-ding message.” A middle-aged man replied respectfully.
The clan elder nodded, “Ding Ding is the person selected by the inheritance. He will definitely come back before the inheritance is fully opened. Although my whole clan cannot guarantee the seal of inheritance, we must do not let this ancestor inheritance fall into From the hands of others, listen to my orders, and from now on, my whole clan will walk out of the ancestral land.”
As the clan old saying goes, the crutches in his hand are pressed hard against the ground.
With a crisp sound, this oasis suddenly became clouded.
The oasis is very big. In the words of Quanding Ding, there are mountains and water. At this moment, there is dense fog. When the fog rises, many people who have already walked into the oasis are instantly lost in it.
Unearthed from the heritage of Loulan, the entire Quan clan was lifted to the cusp of the storm in an instant.
The entrance to this oasis is not the only one. Zhao Ji took the people and entered from the east, then disappeared into the thick fog.
Shenyin will be led by Chai Jiuming, as well as seven or eight strong men, entering from the southwest.
There are also some inheritors, who have faces different from the Yanxia people, and they have also entered here one after another.
“Amitabha, watch the sky, the bloody air is rolling, this time, it will be a lot of life.” A team of bald monks walked into Loulan’s ancestral land.
Two figures also walked in, one old and one young. The young man wore a long sword around his waist. His face was full of arrogance. The old man followed the young man. He had a wooden sword hidden in his cuff, and there was no aura in his body. Reveal, just like an ordinary person, but he has a sword that can reach the extreme state. Once he hits the extreme state, the world can only be resolved by controlling the spirit.
Inheritance is tyrannical, which can make the inheritor become extremely powerful in a short period of time, but also, the disadvantages are also obvious. Different strengths of inheritance determine the limit of the inheritor’s life. If you want to break through this limit, you can only swallow the rest .
Today, there are no fewer than a thousand people pouring into the ancestral land of the Quan family, and everyone has a different purpose.
Zhang Xuan was lying on the bed in the Xiaoxiancheng Hotel, and his cell phone received a message from Zu Xian.
“The ancient servant and Lan Yunxiao have already appeared in this desert. They plan to sacrifice all the inheritors who came this time to the evil god, including the entire Loulan inheritance.”
After seeing this message, Zhang Xuan smiled and responded with a piece of information, “Your mission is over, you can leave now. I will send someone to you where Ningzhou is located. Do you want to find her for the time being? Think for yourself.”
After sending this message, Zhang Xuan got up, walked out of the county seat, and set out again into the desert.
This time the Loulan ancestral land appeared, and there were still nine innings. In order to prevent any changes in the inheritance, the entire Loulan Scenic Area was temporarily closed to the public, and all ordinary people were deported. Then, a large desert area was blocked by the nine innings.
Zhang Xuan easily bypassed the cordon and headed towards Loulan Zudi.
Zhang Xuan walked on the road and shook the jade pendant on his neck, “I ask you, can swallowing inheritance help you regain your strength?”
“Sure.” Cthulhu’s voice came out, “Accurately speaking, it is not to swallow the inheritance, but to swallow the spirit body remaining in the inheritance. When the inheritance is opened, the spirit body will attach to the inheritor. Some spirit bodies It’s too weak, even if the inheritor can master it, it will not be able to exert the strength of controlling the spirit, so the spirit body also needs to grow.”
Zhang Xuan smiled and said, “If you were to swallow some spirit bodies, would you have the strength to resist me?”
“No.” The Cthulhu said truthfully, “First of all, you have to figure out that my current situation has nothing to do with the strength of the spirit body. If the strength of the spirit body is considered, even if it is a complete inheritance spirit body, Not as good as me. I told you before that there are three souls and seven souls. Now I am like losing my soul. If the soul is not recovered, no matter how abundant the spiritual energy is, it will be of no use. What I am missing now is the origin. , Not energy.”
Zhang Xuan frowned, “I seem to feel, are you educating me?”
While talking, Zhang Xuan took out a piece of paper from his pocket with a seal engraved on it.
“I’m sorry.” Cthulhu’s voice sounded again, acknowledging on the spot.
When Zhang Xuan heard this, he put the paper away in satisfaction, and continued, “I have another question. Does the plan of returning to the ancestral alliance have anything to do with you?”
“Accurately speaking, the relationship is not very great.” Cthulhu answered honestly, “They want to reshape a body for me, but ordinary bodies cannot carry my spiritual body, so they need to extract the most powerful genes, but the surface civilization The time of existence is always too short, the powerful genes have long since disappeared in the long river of history, and only countless experiments can be carried out.”
“Your body is not too strong.” Zhang Xuan curled his lips.
“It’s normal.” The Cthulhu said in a flat tone, “The spirit body is far more important than the body, unless it is an ancient physical monk. When the physical training reaches a certain level, only the body can hurt the spiritual body. The body can be called tyrannical.”
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