Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 136

Lin Qinghan swept his eyes at the business card on the table.
Wanhe City Painting Boat.
Lin Qinghan has some impression, this seems to be the biggest painting boat in the whole Yinzhou city, she has noticed it twice, but Lin’s does not have business in this area, so she has nothing to do with this area.
Wan Yichang heard the person at his table say so and waved his hand, “Boss Wu, what are you talking about, even if the painting boat is big, it is not as good as a work worth treasuring.
Wan Yichang narrowed his eyes and kept sweeping them over Lin Pleasehan’s three women, these three beauties with very different styles made him have a feeling of looking at them.
“We’re just having a casual meal and a chat between friends.” Zhang Xuan spoke up, interrupting Wan Yichang’s words.
“This is not a place to have a casual meal.” Wan Yichang smiled, “I don’t know a few of you, who is qualified to sit here?”
When Wan Yichang asked a few people, in reality, he was just asking Zhang Xuan and Fang Lu.
Now sitting in this teahouse, who could not see that this Wan Yichang’s mind, are on those three beautiful women.
Fang Lu waved out a business card and asked, “What, is it enough to qualify?”
“Senior member of the Chinese Painting Association, chairman of the Yanjing Modern Painting Exhibition?” Wan Yichang picked up this business card and looked at the title on it, revealing a disdainful smile, “Drinking gallery tea and talking and laughing, I thought it was a big shot from somewhere.”
“A senior member of the Painting Association, and a so-called chairman of the Modern Painting Exhibition, shit doesn’t count.” A middle-aged man sitting at a table with Wan Yichang spoke.
Zhang Xuan raised his eyebrows, he knew that today’s meal, can not eat well.
Fang Lu’s face was a little ugly, being so openly sarcastic, no one would be happy, he looked at the middle-aged man who just spoke, “I wonder what you are again?”
“No talent.” The middle-aged man picked up a cup of tea and said with a smile, “Honorary member of the Chinese Painting Association, vice president of the Suhang Chinese Painting Association, Yu Bai.”
The title spoken by the middle-aged man caused Fang Lu’s gaze to freeze.
Honorary member of the painting association, and senior member, were two completely different concepts.
For senior members, one needed to submit an application for membership, and subsequently, when the painting skills reached a certain level, one could apply to become a senior member.
Honorary members, on the other hand, do not submit their own applications for membership, but are invited by the association to become honorary members.
Between the two, there is a world of difference.
Another title of vice president of Suhang Painting Association is even more golden.
As we all know, Suhang, the south of the Yangtze River, is the most poetic place in China, the ancient style of Suhang is prevalent, and it is also the most prosperous place for Chinese painting culture in China, so it can be said that becoming the vice president of the Chinese Painting Association in Suhang, that is all quite substantial.
“Yu Bai?” Zhang Xuan let out a slight doubt and looked up to see that on the walls of this restaurant, there were several landscape paintings, all signed Yu Bai.
Yu Bai saw the change in Fang Lu’s expression, which made him nod in satisfaction, in this restaurant, whenever he raised his identity, he would be amazed, and Yu Bai enjoyed this very much.
“Young man, this drink gallery tea it, must have the rules of drinking gallery tea, this seat is limited, how many people in the industry drive here every day, because there is no place, defeated and return, you sit here, chatting about some parents, I’m afraid it is not appropriate.” Yu Bai stood up.
“That makes sense, this drinking gallery tea, is to talk about the painting, talk about the painting, appreciate the painting place, talk about some idle rumors, not suitable for here ah.” Just mouth shouting Wan Yi Chang painting boat has eight hundred square meters of people, opened his mouth and said.
Fang Lu’s face was a bit ugly, all literati have arrogance, and he is no exception, now here, being repeatedly provoked, or in his own professional field.
Fang Lu put down the chopsticks in his hand, stood up and said, “Everyone, what do you want to talk about, painting, appreciation of painting, appreciation of painting, or comparison of painting?”
Fang Lu’s voice was not loud, but it attracted the attention of everyone in the entire restaurant.
With these words, everyone knew that it was time for a competition!
“Huh.” Yu Bai laughed lightly, “Young man, you are just a senior member of the Painting Association, and you dare to speak up and say these words?”
Fang Lu shot back, “Learning the art is not in age, what’s so daring about it?”
“Good!” Yu Bai slapped the table and also stood up, “Since you want to compare, then we will compare, I remember you are young, not to bully you in the painting work, soon twelve o’clock, according to the rules of the gallery tea, the boss will take out a collection, why don’t we just compare the appreciation of paintings?”
“Whatever.” Fang Lu answered.
Zhang Xuan sat there, looking at Yu Bai, think this goods more or less shameless.
In this aspect of painting, experience is more important than talent, Yu Bai is more than ten years older than Fang Lu, so he has a unique advantage in painting, but painting is different, it is based on personal talent and enlightenment, there is no shortage of talented young painters to surpass the older generation of painters.
Zhang Xuan look at the Chinese paintings on the walls of this restaurant, its painting skills in the eyes of ordinary people, flowing, transcendent extraordinary, but in Zhang Xuan’s view, it is just so, each painting, many flaws, there are many broken points, the painting lacks spiritual rhythm, nothing mood.
Yu Bai said look at Fang Lu young, not than painting, is obviously not confident in their own painting skills, so that his so-called honorary membership of the painting association, but also open to scrutiny, although nothing may be faked, but the gold content to be considered.
At twelve noon, the restaurant owner, took out a pair of ink painting, painting quality Xuan paper, yellow color, painting three or two shrimp, whiskers extended, dark and light color, clear layers, just a simple ink painting, but gives a sense of vividness.
The owner of the restaurant will hang this painting on the wall for people to enjoy.
The diners who were dining, also put their eyes on the painting.
“This is ……”
“When I see shrimp, I remember a master who loves to paint shrimp.”
“This is a good painting, some mood.”
“I wonder which hand it comes from.”
Diners, looking at this ink shrimp, have spoken out.
“It’s an ink shrimp, the work of recent master Qi.” Fang Lu looked at two eyes, opened his mouth to determine, “Master Qi loves to draw shrimp, you see this painting, the brush and ink mellow and moist, colorful and bright, simple and vivid shape, simple and simple mood, the shrimp made, although no color, the sky is interesting.”
“Heh.” Fang Lu just finished, heard Yu Bai’s voice sounded, “This ink shrimp, is one of Master Qi’s masterpieces, you took a few seconds to recognize, then I ask you, this work, is it true or false?”
Fang Lu looked at it for a few more seconds, and then spoke out, “Fake.”
“Joke!” Yu Bai shouted, “If you can’t recognize the real one, you still have the face to compete with me in painting appreciation!”

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