Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1384

In the darkness, Zhang Xuan strode out of Li’s Village. The moment he walked out, he was immediately recognized.
“Oh, my God, it turned out to be him”
“Who is he” and the power of Qi refiners who were not born very much could not recognize Zhang Xuan.
“Satan, the man called the King of Hell passed on in Loulan, and he made a deal with the leader of the Returned Alliance.”
“I didn’t make a mistake about trading with a strong spirit control, right”
“It turns out that it is him who provokes the majesty of the clan, how old is he?”
“No, if it is him, he is dead, but the clan does not dare to come. Doesn’t that mean” Someone thought of the crux of the problem.
“He alone killed the entire clan to the horror”
One person will kill the whole clan with fear
The three-day covenant, waiting for the last day, the clan did not dare to appear.
Hundred people clan, five strongest, come violently, and return with a feather
Invincible under the control of the spirit, Zhang Xuan beheaded two people, one with a broken arm, and three others, and were seriously injured.
Could it be that Zhang Xuan, he has already been in the control of the spirit. Otherwise, why should he kill the entire clan with one person’s strength and be afraid.
The news that Zhang Xuan walked out of Li’s village and the clan was killed to the horror was all over the sky. In this era, such information was spread everywhere in almost a few minutes.
On the scale of the clan, this kind of words can’t escape their ears, but they don’t say a word, letting such messages fly all over the sky, they are really scared.
Others don’t understand Zhang Xuan’s strength, how exactly.
But the clans who came to Lijiacun knew nothing better
“Boy, you obviously can leave all those people behind, but let go of the younger half. Don’t you be afraid to let the tiger go back to the mountain?” Zhang Xuan walked out of Li’s village, the evil god in the jade pendant made a voice, “With your current strength, it’s not as good as a new spirit People, in a battle, although you won’t win much, you already have the power to control the spirit. Throughout the ages, although you can’t say that there is no one before you, but you can do it like you, no more than one hand.”
Zhang Xuan smiled slightly, “Kill them all, whoever comes to pass on my fame will be afraid that I will be terrified. After many years, the people of their clan will tremble all over when mentioning my name.”
At this moment, Zhang Xuan was very energetic. At this moment, Zhang Xuan abandoned all his burdens. At this moment, the king who once smashed himself is back.
Cthulhu was silent, without making a sound.
This evening, Zhang Xuan’s name will surely spread throughout the power of Qi refiners.
After this night, Zhang Xuan personally will be as famous as the five major forces
After this night, among the power of the Qi refiners, there is no one who dares to touch Zhang Xuan’s prestige.
“Let’s go, clean up the mess.” Zhao Ji saw Zhang Xuan’s figure from a distance. He put out the cigarette in his hand and walked towards Lijiacun. When he and Zhang Xuan passed by, the two of them had nothing to say and smiled at each other. .
From this moment on, Zhang Xuan will give up everything here and go to the center of the earth. If he can return, the world will still tremble because of his name. If he does not return, his reputation will still survive for several years to keep people around him safe. .
The night of Yinzhou is not beautiful, but for Zhang Xuan, it is a special nostalgia. He looked at this night in Yinzhou eagerly, and he didn’t know when he would return when he left.
“Your Excellency Zhang Xuan.” A figure in a black robe appeared behind Zhang Xuan, “Lord, let me tell you that the next inheritance will start tomorrow, Shicheng, Zhao’s family, and the return to righteous inheritance.”
After this person finished speaking, he quietly disappeared. He didn’t get Zhang Xuan’s answer. His purpose was not to get Zhang Xuan’s answer. He just told Zhang Xuan when the inheritance will be opened. This time it won’t work. Then next time, until Zhang Xuan. As long as I want to go.
“Shicheng, it’s a coincidence that you don’t need that fat man to run away.”
Zhang Xuan smiled slightly.
At dawn the next day, Zhang Xuan had already appeared in Shicheng.
The Zhao family in Shicheng is a very large family. The family has many branches, and there is no direct lineage, because each family considers itself a direct lineage, and each family also has no law to prove that only one’s own family is a direct lineage.
In the Zhao family, there are countless interests involved. They have been passed down for many years, but the distribution is clear. It is nothing more than money. After reaching a certain balance, the Zhao family will not interfere with each other.
This kind of non-interference is only because that contradiction has not yet appeared. When an unbalanced point of interest appears, the dispute among Zhao’s family begins.
As a family of inheritors, the descendants of the Zhao family are very clear that what their ancestors left behind is something that can change everything.
Not to mention how much power the Zhao family inheritance can give people, just one point, the inherited person, who can sit as the head of the Zhao family, will make the major branches of the Zhao family crazy
The Zhao family is eligible to accept the inheritance this time, and there are three branches in total.
Zhao Yige, Zhao Lifeng, and Zhao Mei, these three people, two men and one woman, are the leaders of the younger generation of the Zhao family.
When the three of Zhao Yige were still not graduating from university, their homes paved the way for them. Everyone went out and wandered. After the gilded return, they immediately inherited the Zhao family branch.
It can be said that although there are many branches in the Zhao family, they are all headed by these three.
This time the fight for inheritance will also be selected among the three. They don’t care how much power the inheritance will have. As a business family, the Zhao family does not have too much contact with Qi, but recently some inheritors have come up. , And the elders in the family were born from the inheritance, so I told them about the qi and inheritance.
Regarding Qi and inheritance, the three of Zhao Yige had a very intuitive impression, but one thing was that they knew very well that this time, if anyone got the qualification for inheritance, then in the future, the major branches of the Zhao family will come together. And the person who has inheritance qualifications will be the head of the entire Zhao family
This alone was enough to make the three of Zhao Yige extremely excited.
Today is the day when the inheritance begins.
Zhao Yige, Zhao Lifeng, and Zhao Mei were all well prepared. They lobbied a lot of supporters in secret. Today, the major branches gather here. Whoever has more supporters will be qualified for inheritance.
Many branches of the Zhao family sat in the ancestral land, held a grand ceremony, and then prepared to vote.
Zhao Mei is full of confidence. Although she is a daughter, she is not afraid of her other two brothers this time. She is fully prepared for this time.
“Voting begins.” The Zhao family elder waved his arms.
The three of Zhao Mei became nervous. After all, if the Zhao family were truly unified, I am afraid that their status in Shicheng would directly surpass the Wu family and become the number one family member
Just as the Zhao family was preparing to vote, Zhang Xuan’s figure appeared in the Zhao family ancestral land.
“I want this inheritance.”

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