Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 139

Lin Qinghan’s small face looked at Zhang Xuan with excitement, she now had many questions she wanted to ask Zhang Xuan, yet she couldn’t open her mouth because Milan and the others were there.
“Qinghan, your family Zhang Xuan, really powerful, this kind of stuff know?”
Mixed-race beauty Li Ke also couldn’t help but exclaim, “Can cook? And art, I heard from Milan that he even cleans at home, what a good man.”
“Mr. Zhang, I admire your insights on Chinese painting!” Fang Lu also couldn’t help but stick out his thumb, he was just thinking, which point of this painting is wrong, after Zhang Xuan reminded, he remembered, it is the painting paper, the real painting paper, flushed with light green color, this kind of detail, few people can notice, but by chance, Zhang Xuan knew.
Soon, Boss Li took the phone and came out from the back kitchen, all of them, waiting for Boss Li to announce the result.
“Everyone, I am really ashamed, this ink shrimp of mine is indeed not the real master Qi, but like this gentleman said, it is a Corotype from the Qing Dynasty.”
Zhang Xuan’s expression was flat, having foretold that this was the result.
Milan let out a shout of excitement, “Zhang Xuan, you’re great! That Wan, now it’s your turn to fulfill the bet!”
Yu Bai sat aside with a gloomy face and did not say anything, after today’s incident, his reputation would definitely be affected.
As for Wan Yichang, the same ugly face, he really did not expect that the certificate of the boss Li, actually said the Corotype!
“Wan, why don’t you say anything? Is it hard to say that you want to cheat?” Milan spoke again.
“How could I.” Wan Yichang forced out a smile, “Girl, what do you want, just ask.”
“What do you want?” Milan stretched out her small hand, resting on her chin, tilting her head, making a thinking face.
Lin Qinghan suddenly spoke, “Boss Wan, your painting boat, more than 800 square meters, the location is also good, so, let’s take your painting boat.”
“What!” Wan Yichang’s eyes widened, “Girl, you are a bit lionish, right?”
“Why is it too much?” Milan clasped his hands to his chest, “You just said it yourself, you can mention any condition.”
“But you’re going too far.” Wan Yichang’s face was gloomy, the painting boat was all he could show off his wealth, how could he just give it away so easily.
“Don’t worry, Boss Wan, won’t let you give it away for nothing, your painting boat, how much is the market price, I’ll just accept it over, this is my business card.” Lin Qinghan took out a delicate business card from her handbag and put it on the table in front of Wan Yichang.
Wan Yichang swept a glance at the business card, and just this glance made his pupils tighten.
On the business card, the title of the chairman of the Lin Group scared him and made him suck in a cold breath.
Wan Yichang had long heard that the person at the helm of the Lin Group was an iceberg beauty, but he would never have thought that this extremely beautiful woman in front of him was the chairman of the Lin Group, Lin Qinghan!
When he thought that he was showing off his wealth in front of Lin Qinghan, Wan Yichang felt as uncomfortable as if he had eaten rat droppings, which was more than simply playing a big knife in front of the Duke of Guan, his own painting boat was not even a thumb compared to the Lin Group!
“Boss Wan, my people will contact you in three days to talk to you about the acquisition, there are so many seniors in the industry watching, I hope you do what you say, don’t cheat, let’s go.” Lin Qinghan lifted his bag and walked towards the outside of the restaurant in the first place.
“Do what you say, don’t cheat, otherwise, I will find people to go in front of your painting boat every day to promote your boss Wan’s character.” Milan patted Wan Yichang’s shoulder and laughed with narrowed eyes.
Zhang Xuan several people, one after another, left the restaurant.
Wan Yichang and Yu Bai looked at the table in front of them as if they were wooden chickens, and no one opened their mouths to speak.
This gallery tea, although Zhang Xuan did not communicate with Fang Lu head-on about the painting, but the results speak for themselves, Fang Lu himself is clear that the gap between him and Zhang Xuan, very large.
“Really worthy of Lin Qinghan, the man she sees, and how can it be bad?” Fang Lu sat in the back row of Milan’s car and said this.
On the red Mercedes GT, Lin Qinghan got into the car and did not rush to start it.
“Mr. Lin, why don’t you go? Milan and the girls have all run away.” Zhang Xuan wondered from the passenger side.
“Why did you lie to me?” Lin Qinghan turned around and looked at Zhang Xuan.
“What tricked you?” Zhang Xuan was puzzled.
“What you just showed, don’t tell me you also looked it up on the internet now, and the ink shrimp you painted, your painting skills, at the very least, have a level of national painting!” Lin Qinghan stared at Zhang Xuan’s eyes, waiting for his answer.
When Zhang Xuan heard this, he covered his forehead, “Mr. Lin, I didn’t lie to you, I always know how to paint, did I say I don’t know?”
“You!” Lin Qinghan opened his mouth, thinking about Zhang Xuan’s words in his mind, as if from the beginning to the end, it was himself who thought that Zhang Xuan did not know how to paint, he himself, indeed, did not say that he did not know how to paint.
Zhang Xuan laughed a little, “Mr. Lin, I still have a little research on this aspect of Chinese painting, so you gave Milan that I am a painter, in fact, it is also correct, hehehe.”
Lin Qinghan was dumbfounded, a look of embarrassment surfaced on her pretty face, all along, it was her own preconceptions, she did not expect that Zhang Xuan really knew Chinese painting, it was just that she took him for nothing.
“If you know Chinese painting, why do you …… again,” Lin Qinghan said halfway, suddenly stopping.
“And what?” Zhang Xuan was curious.
“Nothing.” Lin Qinghan shook his head, thinking back on his previous opinion of Zhang Xuan, smiled to himself, when did he, too, become this kind of personality that judges people by their appearance.
The gas pedal fired up and the vehicle drove.
After learning that Zhang Xuan himself knows Chinese painting, Lin Qinghan’s heart, appeared some delight, she found that this man, in fact, really quite excellent, medical skill is high, Chinese painting level is not low, there is a hand even Milan and the girls praised the cooking skill, if he did not come to the Lin family in a way of a superfluous, if she met him on another occasion, perhaps, she will have a strong interest in him.
Thinking of this, this pretty face of Lin Qinghan reddened even more.
“Mr. Lin, what are you thinking about, giggling all the time there.” Zhang Xuan leaned on the passenger side, looking at this woman, with deep love in his eyes.
Lin Qinghan somewhat aware of her own disorder, fixed his mind and said, “Zhang Xuan, you tell me honestly, what else do you know?”
“I said it all last time.”
“Bragging!” Lin Qinghan skimmed her mouth, this person said last time that he was proficient in art, music, painting, cuisine, ancient martial arts, detection and demolition, national languages, finance, and other major fields, for Zhang Xuan this statement, Lin Qinghan did not believe it, a person, how can be proficient in so many things.
If Zhang Xuan was really proficient in these things, how would he come to the Lin family and become a son-in-law?

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