Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1392

One sword, level a mountain.
Bright Island, Zhang Yiqing.
These six words kept circling in Kang Jin’s mind.
What a power this sword is
Kang Jin, who had the intention of fighting, was completely stunned at this moment, and his hands holding the sword were shaking slightly.
The people Kang Jin led were almost spontaneous, and stood on both sides, leaving a passage for the people Yu Tao brought.
Although Yu Tao was also shocked by the power of Zhang Xuan’s sword, but tried to restrain the expression on his face, he clasped his fists, and then said: “Kang Jin, thank you very much.”
Kangjin’s mouth twitched slightly, and he didn’t say much.
Yu Tao’s people quickly took over the top of the mountain, and Kang Jin’s people didn’t leave either. They just gave up one of the mountains. After Yu Tao explained some things, he took Zhang Xuan and left. He didn’t worry about Kang Jin’s play. , He knew very well that Kang Jin didn’t dare to do anything else, just because of the sword just now.
Yu Tao took Zhang Xuan all the way south.
To the south of Leiji Town, there is a Beixiang City, which belongs to the second line.
Beixiang City is in charge of the third-tier towns in the vicinity, and its strength is also stronger.
Both Zhang Xuan and Yu Tao had been running all year round. To them, the hurry was like a common meal. A black car exploded at a speed of 230 yards under the drive of Yu Tao.
This is also Zhang Xuan’s car in the center of the earth. Compared with the surface civilization, the interior of this car is more high-end and luxurious. It is said that it is driving, but in fact it only needs to convey some necessary commands. For a large part of the time, the car is automatically driven.
Even the surface civilization already has the artificial intelligence of autonomous driving. The civilization of the center of the earth, which has exceeded thousands of years, has already applied autonomous driving to all places.
After two days of rushing, Zhang Xuan and Yu Tao came to Beixiang City.
Yu Tao told Zhang Xuan that he asked a friend to find out that Lin Qinghan had appeared in Beixiang City before and went to meet a person. After seeing that person, Lin Qinghan disappeared. Now he wants to find Lin Qinghan, only from that population. Ask out.
The person Lin Qinghan saw last time was Huang Mian.
Huang Mian has a high status in Beixiang City.
Although the major cities and towns are under the control of the academy, Huang Mian is a special case. He wanders between the academy and thieves, which can be described as black and white.
It is not easy to see Huang Mian. Huang Mian is a person who lives in a deep and simple way. He lives in a place full of eyes from all sides. If he enters directly, he will inevitably be noticed by all parties.
But tonight, Yu Tao got the message that Huang Mian will attend a party, mainly in response to the recent disturbances in the Hengshan Seventh Taibao. He will come forward and make a simple adjustment. Yu Tao asked his friend for two identities. Mix into the party.
It was noon when the two arrived in Beixiang City. Although Zhang Xuan had some money now, he did not dare to find a place to live. It was also Yu Tao who found a place to settle down temporarily. It was a place where no one lived for a long time. The house, a two-bedroom house, is decorated with a sense of technology.
When Zhang Xuan entered the house, there were mechanical equipment to automatically clean the whole house, which was extremely convenient.
“Brother Zhang, you can live here first, I’ll go out to inquire about the information.”
Yu Tao was very attentive. Even though he was older than Zhang Xuan at first glance, he still screamed one by one. After all, Zhang Xuan’s strength lies there.
For the sword Zhang Xuan made two days ago, Yu Tao made a guess. The power of that sword is probably close to the supreme.
Such a guess made Yu Tao horrified.
Just a sword at your fingertips will give you supreme power, how strong is its true strength?
And what kind of place Guangming Island is. Until now, two people have come out, one of them has caused Hengshan Seven Taibao to search, their whereabouts are mysterious, and there is some kind of backing behind them, and where they go, they are unimpeded. Now this person, It also has a strength comparable to the supreme Guangming Island, which is really terrifying
Yu Tao went out and came back at sunset.
“Brother Zhang, the party has been arranged over there, you and I masked, and you can go in as Baikou.”
The so-called white bandits are thieves who have registered permanent residences. Most of these people are ordinary people. They have not developed too much in the city, so they went out of the city and acted as bandits, but they didn’t dare to show up. They are generally like this. Most of the people in the city will have other identities, some, even the students of the academy.
Under normal circumstances, these white bandits dare not show up at all, but because Huang Mian will show up tonight, some people will also appear among the bandits, which is also a special point of Beixiang City.
At the banquet, Bai Kou covered his face, no one could recognize anyone, and no one would take off Bai Kou’s mask and break this rule.
Regarding these black words on the Tao, Zhang Xuan also learned about it from Yu Tao in the past two days.
When Yu Tao came back, he also brought two masks, one of which was black-faced and fangs.
Zhang Xuan took this mask with black faces and fangs, and a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. Fate is really wonderful, not to mention, the first hellwalker on Guangming Island, let him be himself.
Haozhou Hotel is the largest hotel in Beixiang City, and was jointly invested by the three major colleges in Beixiang City. Every major event in Beixiang City will be handled in this hotel. This time, it is the same.
Recently, the Hengshan Seven Taibao has been extremely strong. It has attacked all the cities and towns in Wanshan District. The thieves have run rampant, causing the town’s public order to the extreme. The three major colleges have been under a lot of pressure. The city, but it is not owned, there are still people above them. If this chaos continues, I am afraid that the leaders of the three major academies will be removed from the academy.
The three major academies had no choice but to invite Huang Mian to mediate the matter between them. If they changed to the past, the three major academies would not do this kind of thing at all. In their opinion, mediating with thieves would be The matter of surrendering status.
Tonight, the Haozhou Hotel is not open to the public, and the people who come are either the leaders of the surrounding mountains or the important figures in the academy. Of course, there will be some Baikou.
The people of these three forces became one, and they were seated in the entire banquet hall. Huang Mian, the biggest leader of the three academies and the key figure of the party, was not present.
“Bai Kou is a group of fearsome things, I am curious, are you here to find a sense of existence”
“Yes, since you want to live in the city, you should honestly contribute to the security of the town. If you don’t want to live in the city, get out as soon as possible. There are too many people who want to settle in Beixiang City.”
As a group of white bandits with the most complicated identities, they are very despised, and they are regarded as grassy existences, regardless of the academy or bandits.

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