Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1394

The representative of the “Guangming Island” thieves showed disdain, “Now it’s really messed up, with our Hengshan Seven Taibao people taking the lead, you white bandits, do you think that your tide has risen.”
As the thief representative said, he walked over to Zhang Xuan, looking at this posture, it was obvious that he was ready to do something.
“Okay, let’s deal with this matter later, let’s talk about the business first.” Huang Mian suddenly said, stopping the movement of the representative of the thief.
The thief representative gave Huang Mian a strange look.
Huang Mian said nothing, and sat up to the main seat.
“Let’s go, let’s talk about business first.” Another thief representative pulled his own companion before he let it go.
The dead master of Transformation Realm was carried out.
Although Huang Mian was present, there were a total of four people, but the real negotiation was between the bandit and the academy. The white bandit would not interfere at all. As for Huang Mian, he didn’t say a word, he just did it. Xie’s middleman, his gaze always looked towards Zhang Xuan’s side.
Zhang Xuan was also lacklustre and a little sleepy after hearing this talk.
It took a full two hours before reaching an agreement between the academy and the thief. Zhang Xuan didn’t listen to the specific result. It had nothing to do with him.
After the agreement was reached, everyone left. Before leaving, the thief representative made a gesture of wiping his neck at Zhang Xuan and said: “Guangming Island, right? I’m waiting for you outside. I hope you don’t sneak away and take it out. Your momentum just came.”
After speaking, the thief representative left. If it was before the agreement was reached, he might have done it here, but now, he has no way to do it. The first point of the agreement is that the thief must not take any action in the city.
Everyone left. Yu Tao looked at Zhang Xuan and said in a low voice: “Brother Zhang, now there is a chance. Let’s ask Mr. Huang Mian. When Mr. Huang Mian leaves, there is no chance.”
“No hurry.” Zhang Xuan shook his head slightly, still leaning there comfortably.
After everyone left, Huang Mian got up. He was an old man who seemed to be over sixty-five years old.
Yu Tao, who was sitting next to Zhang Xuan, also got up quickly. Although he was wearing a mask, he could feel Yu Tao’s respectful appearance just by looking at his posture.
Huang Mian walked towards Zhang Xuan.
Yu Tao hurriedly greeted him and said respectfully: “Mr. Huang Mian, you”
“Huang Mian has seen adults”
In Yu Tao’s shocked gaze, Huang Mian knelt down on one knee in front of Zhang Xuan.
“This” Yu Tao, the boss with an open mouth hidden under the mask, didn’t know how to describe his mood at the moment.
The one in front of me is Huang Mian
Who is Huang Mian? That is the person who must give face to the deans of the three major colleges. He walks between the black and white of Beixiang City. He has a lofty status. At this moment, he is kneeling here. I have never heard of Huang Mian kneeling. This is probably the first one
Although Zhang Xuan also surprised Huang Mian’s attitude, he only knew from Huang Mian’s previous performance that Huang Mian had heard of Guangming Island, but Zhang Xuan didn’t know how to listen to it, and he didn’t expect the other party to behave like this.
“You know me” Zhang Xuan said slightly curiously.
“I have heard about one or two in my husband’s population.” Huang Mian looked respectful, “Madam once said that adults will appear in Beixiang City soon, and I am here just waiting for them to appear.”
Zhang Xuan sat upright, looked at Huang Mian, and said, “I ask you, who is the name of the lady in your mouth?”
Huang Mian took a deep breath and slowly exhaled three words, “Lin Qinghan.”
Zhang Xuan trembled slightly, and continued to ask: “Where did she go?”
“I don’t know.” Huang Mian shook his head, “Madam, and even the Supreme, where she is going, I am such a small character, I dare not ask, Madam just asked me to wait for you to show up here to help the adults.”
Zhang Xuan noticed the two words in Huang Mian’s mouth and continued to speak: “Help me help me what to do.”
Huang Mian’s eyes showed scorching heat, “Unify the thieves and rebuild Guangming Island.”
Zhang Xuan abruptly got up and rushed to Huang Mian’s eyes with a vigorous step. He grabbed Huang Mian’s collar and asked: “This is what she told you. I will ask you, do you know what she looks like”
Huang Mian raised his wrist and turned on the communicator. In the next second, a picture of Qinghan appeared in front of Zhang Xuan. However, in Zhang Xuan’s view, Lin Qinghan was a bit strange, not the one he knew. The appearance of a strong woman in a shopping mall, but a long gown, holding a sword, wearing a black hat, Lin Qinghan’s eyes always maintain a sharpness, she in the photo is more like a heroine.
Zhang Xuan loosened Huang Mian’s collar. Although it felt a little strange, he was sure that this was Lin Qinghan and he could not be wrong.
“My lord, Huang Mian has completed all preparations, just waiting for my lord to speak.” Huang Mian knelt on one knee again.
Zhang Xuan took a deep breath, “She did not know why.”
Huang Mian shook his head.
“I’ll give you a chance to survive.” Zhang Xuan stared at Huang Mian, “Lin Qinghan should have only seen you, so you really listen to her.”
“No.” Huang Mian shook his head, “My wife gave everything to me, from twenty years ago to now.”
“Joke” Zhang Xuan stretched out his arm and pinched Huang Mian’s neck, “You know how old Lin Qinghan was this year, twenty years ago.”
“The villain dare not talk nonsense.” Even though Zhang Xuan pinched his throat, Huang Mian’s eyes were still respectful.
Zhang Xuan just pinched Huang Mian’s neck and stared at him. After a full minute, Huang Mian had obviously had difficulty breathing and his face was flushed, but the respect in his eyes was not at all, except for respect. , No more other looks appeared.
Zhang Xuan snorted coldly and shook his hand abruptly. Huang Mian knelt there again. Although Huang Mian’s body told him that in the current situation, big breaths are the most comfortable, but he dare not, and still whispered, a little bit, Adjusting breathing.
“Take me to a place where I can talk.” Zhang Xuan took off his mask, revealing his original appearance.
“Yes.” Huang Mian lowered his head, then got up to lead the way.
“You too.” Zhang Xuan glanced at Yu Tao.
Yu Tao nodded repeatedly. At this moment, he felt that his destiny seemed to be changed.
Zhang Xuan looked at Huang Mian walking in front of him. His heart was full of doubts. What Huang Mian said was hard for him to understand. Twenty years ago and looking at his attitude, the respect came from the heart. If you lie, Huang Mian doesn’t have to come up with such an unthinkable thing.
All in all, Zhang Xuan couldn’t completely believe Huang Mian’s words. He just wanted to see what kind of medicine Huang Mian was selling in this pass, and whether he could find clues related to Lin Qinghan.

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