Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1398

It was late at night, and at this time in the past, everyone should have already rested.
But tonight is different, because of the appearance of the three words Guangming Island, whether it is the Academy or the thief, it is destined to sleepless tonight.
The high-levels of the three colleges gathered in a meeting room, which was filled with smoke.
“If you want me to say, what Guangming Island, don’t care at all. A god-given peak can step on the head of our Beixiang City. What should I do in the future? He is not the Supreme. Report to it, let the Supreme take action and kill him directly.”
“If it’s normal, it’s okay to say, but now, it’s so troubled by the Hengshan Seven Taibao, and there is no time to pull out people. I heard that the Hengshan Seven Taibao has become more and more active recently, and it will collide with Wanshan District every day. The powerhouses of the supreme level fight against each other.”
“Then what should we do, it really makes it impossible for this so-called Bright Island to ride on our heads”
“Naturally can’t be like this, you have to think of a way to deal with it, a master of God’s pinnacle, there is no way at all.”
“There is a way, but it is not this person who is most worried about right now, but the Guangming Island in his mouth. We don’t know how many masters there are on this Guangming Island.”
“It shouldn’t be too many. If there are so many masters, how could it be silent until this time.”
“It’s not that there is such a precedent, the sacred heaven at the beginning, not just”
“That’s just a special case. How many sacred heavens or superpowers can exist in this world, and they are not piled up by years.”
In the conference room, people in the college expressed their opinions.
And on the largest mountain outside Beixiang City, there are many bandits, including men and women. The older ones are in their fifties and the younger ones are only in their early twenties. Their eyes are full of fierce brilliance. The people who licked blood also gathered together and spoke out one after another, for the light island.
“That Guangming Island is too arrogant”
“That is, let us all submit to him without seeing what he is.”
“A god-given pinnacle, dare to make such a wild word”
“We want to invite older people to take action”
“Please take the old man’s shot, kill that person, and destroy his spirit.”
“Yes, kill his spirit”
As everyone said, they looked at one of the leaders in the assembly hall. The older, he was the strongest leader in Beixiang City. He was promoted to the peak of God’s gift as early as a few years ago, and his status is no different.
“Ho ho, you guys.” Older looked like he hated iron and steel. “A yellow-mouthed kid will scare you like this. Forget it, let me meet the so-called Guangming Island and see. Look at him, what the hell is he able to do, a little-known little force, it is impossible to really stir up some storms.”
Seeing that the older ones were willing to take action, these bandits all showed joy.
The older he has served as the leader of the band for many years, it can be said that he has walked all the way from the fight, from the fight to the gods, and then from the fights to the peak of the gods, his combat power is far more than the masters of gods. Entering God Fu at the beginning of the year, you can fight against the old master God Fu. Now standing at the pinnacle of God Fu, there is no one who dares to trouble the older and the older in this Beixiang City area. He is already quite invincible. In the name of it, if he makes a move, it will be foolproof, and
“Then wait for dawn, let the old go to meet the Guangming Island.” Yu Lao showed a confident smile on his face.
“Don’t wait for it to dawn.” A voice suddenly spread into the hilltop assembly hall.
Immediately afterwards, many Kou leaders saw one person in black, wearing a mask with black grimace and fangs, and walked in.
“The People of Bright Island”
When one saw the grimace mask, he immediately said, it was Li Huan who had been scared by Zhang Xuan today.
That grimace mask is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people today.
“Is that the person today?” one person asked Li Huan.
Li Huan stared at the incoming person, then shook his head, “It looks like a figure, but the voice is different.”
“What a bright island.” Older got up, raised his hand, and a long knife appeared in his hand. “You haven’t seen such an arrogant young man for many years. I don’t know, you have the arrogant capital. ”
The person who came was Zhang Xuan. He stood there, making no move, making a hoarse voice, “Those who return to my Guangming Island will not die.”
The “joke” stepped forward with the older one, “Yellow-mouthed child, today’s old age will kill you, let me see what kind of cats and dogs are all this so-called Guangming Island”
The older he is, he knows that someone in Guangming Island possesses the power of the pinnacle of God. Although Li Huan said that this person is different from the person in the city today, but the older he is, he does not dare to underestimate him. The older he has been fighting for many years, he will not make any big mistakes. For so many years, he has seen too many people and died under his arrogance.
The older you get to make a move, your aura is frenzied, and your swordsmanship is in all directions.
Just the aura emitted from the older body makes it difficult for the other bandits to resist.
As soon as he gets older, he will give God the peak combat power, which is fully demonstrated.
“It looks like you want to die.” Zhang Xuanzheng made any movement, and the aura emanating from his old body blew Zhang Xuan’s clothes hunting and hunting.
“Child, die” Yu Lao roared, Dao Mang went straight to Zhang Xuan from top to bottom.
Just when the blade light in Yu Lao’s hand was about to smash Zhang Xuan’s body, the blade light stopped abruptly, and the killing intent in Yu Lao’s eyes completely disappeared at this moment, and at an extremely fast speed, it turned into fear.
The old man’s hand holding the knife began to tremble, and he looked in front of him, the trembling had spread to his whole body.
Behind Zhang Xuan, a seven-meter-high white figure appeared. Zhang Xuanzhen made any movements, and this white figure didn’t make any movements, but in the entire parliament hall, it was like being slashed by a sharp sword, with countless sword marks.
“Heroic, you are the supreme.” The knife in the old hand can no longer be smashed.
World’s top combat power
Only the supreme will have the heroic spirit
I’m trembling as I speak.
Although there is only one realm difference between God Fu Pinnacle and Supreme, this gap is not much different from that of ordinary people.
The older he is as the pinnacle of empowerment, the better he knows the gap between himself and the supreme. Others don’t know, but the older he understands it, I’m afraid that if I give myself a few more decades, he will not necessarily be able to step on it. Entering the Supreme Realm is the ultimate goal of a Qi refiner and his life.
The other heads were pale, they couldn’t even speak.
Supreme, this is supreme
Zhang Xuan said, “surrender or die”
Surrender or die
Now, no more Kou Shou thinks that Zhang Xuan is joking, what he said is true, the supreme wants to let himself die, why can he live?
Who would have thought that the god-given peak that appeared on Guangming Island today is just a small character, and the second character who appears is actually the Supreme
Guangming Island, how does it exist?

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