Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 140

Yinzhou Second People’s Hospital, in a separate ward, the handsome man with a big beard of Enamel is lying on the hospital bed.
Luo Ling and Ross two people sitting next to the hospital bed, looking at the phone, said to Ross in enamel: “Lin Qing Han that bitch surprisingly did not fire him, but also gave him what three days deadline, wait, today is the last day, wait for tomorrow, you follow the plan, first pretend to reach cooperation with us, when we sign the contract, the money in hand, and then slowly find that kid to settle accounts. ”
“And what if he really finds a partner?” Ross asked.
“Three days, what will he get to find! Even if you give him three months, he can not find! What’s more, I already know what he wants to do, this kid’s idea, and we are exactly the same, he also found a shell company, planning to white wolf in the sky, don’t worry, I will break him, Lin Qinghan’s temper, will never let this kid, take him to court that is the nail in the coffin, and before he eats jail, we will break both of his legs and ruin the rest of his life! ”
Ross a smile, body hand on Luo Ling smooth thigh, “Luo, I really love you more and more.”
Luo Ling pouted and glanced at Ross, “This is in the hospital.”
“So what if it’s a hospital, we can be anywhere.” Ross pulled Luo Ling into his arms with force.
The two of them are in the middle of a flirtation.
In the midst of their flirtation, neither of them noticed that a small, inconspicuous nurse was standing outside the ward, secretly pointing her cell phone at them through the glass window.
Another day came early in the morning.
Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu agreed to meet at the bottom of a business building.
When Zhang Xuan saw Qiu Yu, this ninny was standing there with a face full of tension, her mouth kept mumbling something.
“What are you thinking about?” Zhang Xuan appeared from behind Qiu Yu and flicked her brain bounce.
“Yah!” Zhang Xuan’s action of popping her head scared Qiu Yu, and when she saw that it was Zhang Xuan, she spat out her tongue cutely, “Brother Zhang, I’m practicing the art of talking here.”
“How’s the practice?”
“There should be no problem, just brother Zhang.” Qiu Yu showed a bitter face.
“What’s wrong?”
“I …… I can’t speak enamel ah.” This problem, which only occurred to Qiu Yu last night, after practicing the art of speaking all day, but suddenly found that he had no way to communicate with the Enamel people.
“It’s okay.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand carelessly, “Just let the other party speak Chinese.”
In the office located at the corner of the business building.
A fat man with a greasy face was sitting on the table, and in front of him, there were five small dumplings, and the fat man ate one bite at a time, his mouth was full of oil.
Opposite the fat man, there sat an old man from the country of enamel. The old man had a white beard, wore a large brimmed hat and a gray-brown trench coat.
“Mr. Oren, you don’t want two?” The fat man grabbed a small dumpling and looked at the old man from the enamel country in front of him, “This Chinese dumpling is much more delicious than those big meals in your enamel country.”
“It’s not necessary.” The old man named Oren replied in fluent Chinese, “Your Excellency, this time, who asked me to come, and when will he arrive.”
“Mr. Eugene, you know, we, the people, are just following orders, by the way, the card is for you.” The fat man rubbed his greasy hands on his body, then carefully took out a card from his pocket, the card had a ghost face mask printed on it, the fat man was all scruffy, but this card, but there was not a single crease, neat and tidy.
At the sight of this card, Oren took off his big brimmed hat, stretched out his hands, took the card from the fat man’s hands, and then carefully put it away.
The more powerful a person is, the more he or she can know how small he or she is.
Oren, as the helmsman of the largest consortium in the Enamel Country, knows very well what this black card, in this world, represents!
The owner of each card is a rakshasa walking in this world, they control the life and death of people, every person who has this card, will be feared.
Zhang Xuan led Qiu Yu to the office door.
“Girl, wait outside for a moment.” Zhang Xuan gave an explanation to Qiu Yu and pushed the door into the office.
The glass door of the office made a slight rattle, attracting the eyes of the two people inside.
Fatty and Ou Ren, almost simultaneously, turned their eyes toward the office door.
When they saw Zhang Xuan, the fat man showed a face of respect, while Ou Ren, at the first time, kneeling on one knee, offering his highest courtesy, was about to call out Zhang Xuan’s name.
Zhang Xuan was the first to speak out before Oren could open his mouth, “Stop, Oren, my Chinese name is Zhang Xuan.”
How could Oren not understand Zhang Xuan’s meaning, knowing that Zhang Xuan did not want to reveal his identity, he nodded, “Dear Mr. Zhang Xuan, I did not expect that it was you who called me to China.”
Zhang Xuan waved his hand and said, “Alright, just put away your manners, also, it’s fine for you to call me by my name and call me Zhang, I called you here this time because I want you to sign a contract with the Lin Group in Yinzhou.”
“No problem.” Ou Ren didn’t even ask what the contract was and directly agreed to it.
For Ou Ren’s attitude, Zhang Xuan was not a bit surprised, “For the specific matter of signing a contract, you talk to that girl outside the door, observe her character, and if you can, sign with her.”
Qiu Yu waited at the entrance of the office, she is now really curious, it is difficult to find a partner for Zhang, from this small office to find, this does not have a little multinational group feeling ah.
Just when Qiu Yu was full of doubts, Zhang Xuan and Ou Ren, side by side, came out of the office.
As soon as he saw Ou Ren, Qiu Yu was the first to greet Ou Ren.
“Well, little girl, this is Mr. Ou Ren, the specific cooperation, you will cooperate with the project, talk to him.”
“Okay.” There was some panic in Qiu Yu’s eyes, this was her first time as a salesman, talking about a client, very nervous, “Mr. Ou Ren, please follow me, our company is not far away, I believe the colleagues of the company are very welcome.”
Qiu Yu’s performance made Zhang Xuan nod in satisfaction, it looked like, this little girl, did do a lot of preparation, moreover, she specially went to learn some enamel country etiquette, otherwise she would not greet Ou Ren in this way.
Qiu Yu and Ou Ren chatted all the way, on the way to Ou Ren introduced the local customs of Yinzhou City, and did not directly talk about business.
Zhang Xuan unconsciously gave a thumbs up to Qiu Yu, for a senior student still in internship, what Qiu Yu showed, has been very good, which shows that, this girl Qiu Yu, ability is still good.
When entering the company door, Qiu Yu that receptionist classmate Zhong Qi, disdainful glance at Qiu Yu, then put his eyes on Ou Ren, spoke: “Idle people can not enter the company, come to register.”

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