Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1406

Although Yi Baoyu didn’t want to admit that she was a fan, she was afraid that once she shook her head, this person would not feed herself.
From the moment the man in front of him had a murderous appearance yesterday, Yi Baoyu had no doubt that this man would reject himself mercilessly.
Zhang Xuan took a seat in front of the dining table, and then rushed towards the kitchen, “the tableware is there, go get it yourself.”
“Good,” Yi Baoyu rushed into the kitchen with excitement when he heard this, and took the dishes and chopsticks.
When Yi Baoyu took a bowl of spicy soup and drank it into his mouth, he sighed with relief, and his face was relaxed and free.
Just last night, after Yi Baoyu had dinner in Zhang Xuan’s place, he always felt that the gluttons that hadn’t appeared for a long time had tortured her for a whole night. She took out all the delicacies and delicacies in the house. But it was less than one-tenth of that dinner. The taste, Yi Bao Yu just thought about it, the saliva was going to flow down.
Yi Baoyu couldn’t sleep all night. She stared at the time all the time. When the day broke, she couldn’t wait to knock on the door of the room. After eating this delicious bite, she felt that she was all comfortable. Up.
Zhang Xuan looked at Yi Baoyu’s cheerful expression, and couldn’t help but enjoy, “Is it so delicious?”
“Of course” Yi Baoyu nodded vigorously, “I’ve never had such a delicious food when I grew up. It’s so delicious, my God, how did you make such a flavor.”
“You have to like to eat, I can”
Zhang Xuan spoke, but after he hadn’t finished speaking, Yi Baoyu took the lead.
“Can you let me come every day? Really? Thank you so much, but I won’t eat you for nothing. I will pay you for your communicator code. I will add you a friend and transfer the money to you.”
Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes. He wanted to say, if you want to eat, I can teach you how to make it. As long as the condiments are used well and the heat is well controlled, the taste will not be bad. As a result, he didn’t think that this person is not at all. Give yourself a chance to speak.
Zhang Xuan shook his head and turned on his communicator.
“Zhang Yiqing, what’s the meaning of a good name?” Yi Baoyu tilted his head and added Zhang Xuan’s friend.
Zhang Xuan smiled and said, “My last name is Zhang, and there is a clear word in my wife’s name.”
“Wow” Yi Baoyu opened his mouth wide, “Yes, you changed your name specifically for your wife, I really envy you, your wife is too blessed, oh oh.”
As Yi Baoyu said, his mouth was filled with delicious food again. After a meal, Yi Baoyu patted his flat belly contentedly, “Okay, I’m full, I have to rush to announce and come back in the evening. , Hahaha.”
With a burst of laughter, Yi Baoyu walked out of Zhang Xuan’s house like a crazy woman.
A few minutes after Yi Baoyu went out, Zhang Xuan received a transfer from Yi Baoyu, 300,000
In the center of the earth, the monthly salary of a teacher at an academy is 1300, which can afford a family, 300,000, which is enough for a teacher’s salary level for 30 years.
Zhang Xuan can’t help but sigh, no matter where he is, celebrities are the richest masters.
The tableware was thrown into the dishwasher, Zhang Xuan contacted Huang Mian, and then leisurely walked out of the house and made an appointment to meet at the Haozhou Hotel.
It was still the private meeting room. When Zhang Xuan arrived, Huang Mian was already waiting here respectfully.
“How is the arrangement now?” Zhang Xuan sat on the main seat and asked.
“My lord, things are developing at a speed beyond our expectations. Just now, the three major colleges announced at the same time that they will reach cooperation with our Guangming Island. From today onwards, our Guangming Island will be responsible for all public security outside the city, and all thieves. , Will never reappear, and the fertile fields and the money have already arrived in the account, and the special pass has been sent. According to the information I have received, there are now at least 15 media outlets that are tracking reports about This message, if not surprisingly, tonight, among ten people, seven of us will discuss Guangming Island. Those thieves are also very honest, all dormant, and masks are also being customized. There is a whole factory for What we serve.”
“Not bad.” Zhang Xuan nodded slightly. “Just do it. The fertile fields will be distributed and the special passes will be distributed to give some thieves a chance to enter the city. You can find a few more people to rob some convoys. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Anyway, I have to take the shot from Guangming Island.”
“Understand.” Huang Mian bowed and was about to leave the conference room.
“Right.” Zhang Xuan suddenly stopped Huang Mian.
“Sir, you say.” Huang Mian respectfully said.
Zhang Xuan asked: “The message I asked you to inquire, did you inquire?”
“Not yet.” Huang Mian shook his head, “but someone has been sent to the district to inquire, and there should be a message from the lady soon.”
“Okay, if you have her message, tell me as soon as possible.” Zhang Xuan was a little confused, “You can go ahead and do your business first.”
Huang Mian left, Zhang Xuan took out the ring in his hand, all his eyes were on this ring, which contained all his thoughts.
“Qinghan, where on earth are you, what on earth did you do, you led me here, but you never left a clue”
“Boy.” The Cthulhu who hadn’t spoken for a few days suddenly spoke, “You plan to develop your power here, but you can think about it, but it’s not that simple on the surface, according to my recent stay with you. I heard the news that those thieves are supported by the so-called Hengshan Seven Taibao. These seven people have such a great reputation, they must all control the spirit, and their strength will not be bad. You want to start this kind of white bandit business, The first thing to be solved is them, but once you solve them, the academy will continue to buy your account. You, Guangming Island, will become another form of thieves.”
Zhang Xuan shook his head slightly, “I have my consideration.”
Cthulhu chuckled and said: “I don’t know what you plan to do, but I remind you that this academy is only the power of Wanshan District. In addition to Wanshan District, the entire earth’s inner world, there are other three powers, even if you can and The academy coexists peacefully, but if you such a force suddenly emerges, it will inevitably be noticed by the other three districts. The strengths of Wanshan District and the other three districts have always existed in a balanced way. Your presence will destroy this balance. , How things develop, it’s beyond your control.”
Zhang Xuan smiled slightly, “Then which force are you from?”
The Cthulhu said proudly: “I don’t belong to any party, they are not qualified to make Totem belong.”
When the Cthulhu said this, he suddenly reacted, “Boy, you’re talking my words”
Zhang Xuan shrugged, then got up, left the office, and went straight to the library in Beixiangcheng.
Totem Zhang Xuan is going to check, what kind of totem the evil god said.

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