Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 141

Qiu Yu looked at Zhong Qi and opened his mouth to explain, “This is Mr. Ou Ren from the Enamel Country, who came to the company to talk about cooperation.”
“Heh, from the country of enamel?” Zhong Qi laughed lightly, “Anyone who comes here has to register! If you don’t register, don’t go in!”
Zhang Xuan has been following behind Qiu Yu, when he saw Zhong Qi this practice, his face was dark, this Zhong Qi, is obviously deliberately difficult for Qiu Yu, if it is a bad-tempered customers, to the company by this treatment, I am afraid that directly turn their heads and leave, Qiu Yu this difficult to negotiate the customer will fly.
“Quick, register!” Zhong Qi took out a small booklet and flung it at the front desk.
Qiu Yu ran to the front desk with an anxious face and said, “Zhong Qi, the company has said, salesmen bring customers to the company, no need to register.”
After finishing his words, Qiu Yu carefully looked at Ou Ren, afraid that Ou Ren was not happy.
Zhong Qi clasped his hands to his chest and rolled his eyes, “You said the customer is a customer? Where do you see that he is a customer?”
“Little girl, I’ll register just fine.” Ou Ren walked to the front desk.
If in other places, where Ou Ren went, someone dared to ask him to register, he absolutely turned his head and left, but today it was Zhang Xuan who brought him here, he did not have a little stand, even if Zhang Xuan told Ou Ren, you have to come to deliver money today, and before delivering money, you have to kneel and kowtow three times, Ou Ren will do it.
Ou Yan’s family in the enamel country, is because of Zhang Xuan, to survive, for Zhang Xuan, Ou Yan is not only awe, some are more grateful, otherwise it is impossible to see Zhang Xuan’s first glance, one knee down, such treatment, even the world’s most powerful country’s president can not enjoy.
Qiu Yu spoke to Oren with an apologetic face, “Mr. Oren, I’m really sorry.”
“It’s okay.” Ou Ren smiled and waved his hand, and said to Zhong Qi, “Girl, can you give me a pen.”
“Don’t you have your own pen?” Zhong Qi glared at Ou Ren, “You came to talk business and didn’t even bring a pen? Are you here to talk business or not? Not a liar, right?”
Hearing this, Ou Ren looked at Zhang Xuan, who stood there, smiled, and didn’t say a word.
Ou Yan was able to take charge of a large consortium, so he had his own set of skills to read people. At that moment, he said to Zhong Qi with some displeasure, “Girl, this should not be your way of treating guests.”
“What? If you don’t like it, go away, we don’t lack you as a customer, it’s funny, but also hospitality, what kind of customer are you?” Zhong Qi’s face is not happy, “Find your own pen, or get out!”
“I have it here, I have a pen here.” Qiu Yu hurriedly took out a pen from his coat pocket and handed it to Ou Ren.
Ou Ren ignored Zhong Qi again, took the pen and wrote down his name in the registration book. After registering, Qiu Yu was just about to take Ou Ren to the waiting room when he heard Zhong Qi’s voice again.
“Wait! What the hell did you sign here?” Zhong Qi picked up the registration book and pointed her finger at the string of enamel words on it.
Oren took a deep breath and held back the anger in his heart as he said to Zhong Qi, “Girl, I am an enamel national myself, this is my name.”
“Oh, you came to China, can’t you write Chinese characters? Come over and rewrite it!” Zhong Qi slammed the registration book towards the front stage, “If you can’t write, come back when you learn!”
Zhong Qi’s approach, obviously, is to make Qiu Yu the customer yellow.
At this moment, Luo Ling, with Rose in tow, walked in through the company’s front door.
“Yo, what’s this for?” As soon as Luo Ling entered the company’s front door, she saw that the atmosphere over here was not right.
Zhong Qi showed a smile of goodwill to Luo Ling, “Manager Luo, people from your department, bringing people in without registering.”
“Huh.” Luo Ling snickered and looked at Ou Ren beside Qiu Yu, “Tsk, it’s really impressive, not a small gesture.”
In Luo Ling’s heart, she thought that Ou Ren, was the con man that Zhang Xuan had specifically found.
Luo Ling sized up Ou Ren, and then turned her gaze to Zhong Qi, “Xiao Zhong ah, some people, but from the wrong way, you have to let properly registered.”
“Sure.” Zhong Qi nodded his head repeatedly.
“Giggle, some people ah, the intention is not pure.” Luo Ling laughed delicately twice, led Rose, and walked towards the elevator.
“Wait!” Zhang Xuan suddenly spoke, he pointed at Ross and said to Zhong Qi, “This person, why isn’t he registered?”
Zhong Qi gave Zhang Xuan a disgusted look and spoke, “I said you’re a dead salesman, you have a brain bubble, right? Luo Ling manager brought people, what else to register?”
Zhang Xuan was angry at Zhong Qi’s words, “Meaning that the manager brought people do not need to register? If you do something to damage the company, who will be responsible for this? You do?”
Zhong Qi cut, “I’ll be the one.”
“Good.” Zhang Xuan face with a smile, nodded his head.
“Cut the crap and write the Chinese characters to register.” Zhong Qi once again scolded at Ou Ren.
“Register it.” Zhang Xuan spoke softly.
With Zhang Xuan’s words, this time Ou Ren didn’t say anything more, walked over and wrote his name, in Chinese characters, onto the registration book.
“That’s always okay!” The soft natured Qiu Yu was now a little pissed off.
Zhong Qi picked up the registration book, pretending to look at a few seconds, and then eyes with suspicion up and down Ou Ren, a full minute later, Zhong Qi said, “for the time being can be counted, I will check the identity of this person, first of all, if the identity is a little wrong, I immediately let the security to coax people, now get out!”
Zhong Qi speaks, no politeness, on her this attitude, today a random person, even if the temper is good customer, will not suffer.
“Mr. Oren, I’m very sorry, please follow me.” Qiu Yu gave an apologetic smile to Oren.
Eugene shook his head without caring, followed Qiu Yu, and got on the elevator.
When Qiu Yu led Ou Ren past the business department, he was watched by many people.
Sister Hong frowned, “And really found an enamel countryman to come?”
“It can’t be.”
“Go and see.”
Some of the people who were upset about Qiu Yu before, all trotted to the hospitality room, their eyes were a little twisted looking at Ou Ren sitting in the hospitality room, and it had to be said that although Ou Ren was older, he looked very imposing, making people take a look at him and feel that he was not some ordinary person.
“This man, really lucky, can really find a partner.”
“What kind of partner, just find a random person from the enamel country to come over and say there is no agreement, dragging the time.” A young woman had some jealousy on her face.
“A newcomer, what’s she going to do to find a partner? It’s funny.”
Those who had been on Luo Ling’s side spoke up, their words were full of mockery, and between the words, none of them thought that Qiu Yu could make the deal.
Luo Ling looked at the three Zhang Xuan in the waiting room, let out a snort, did not say anything, she waited, when Zhang Xuan to sign the contract, she went to Mr. Lin, told Mr. Lin, this surname Zhang, is trying to cheat the company’s money!

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