Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 142

In the waiting room, Qiu Yu made a cup of hot tea for Ou Ren and Zhang Xuan, Zhang Xuan sat aside, with a spectator’s point of view, watching Qiu Yu and Ou Ren exchange, Qiu Yu prepared many, many information, for Ou Ren elaborated the company’s project this time, it can be seen, Qiu Yu’s negotiation methods are very young, the handling of certain issues, but also not enough detail, including some of the questions raised by Ou Ren, Qiu Yu also can not answer, looking very anxious.
Of course some of the questions that Qiu Yu can not answer, it is not her fault, can only say, she joined the time is too short, not yet exposed to these, but Qiu Yu this authority can know, all that can be understood, she went to consider.
Zhang Xuan smiled, Qiu Yu’s efforts he has seen in the eyes, which proves that he helped Qiu Yu at that time, not for nothing.
For Qiu Yu, Zhang Xuan also do not understand what kind of person this girl is, he was just uncomfortable with the practices of Ross and others to help, in the end, Zhang Xuan also do not want to help their own people, nothing to try, everything waiting for others to do first, now it seems that his choice was right.
Zhang Xuan held the cup of tea and walked out of the waiting room.
“Surnamed Zhang, this is the client you found? Which group?” Luo Ling saw Zhang Xuan come out and asked out loud.
Zhang Xuan thought for a moment and replied, “Enamel Country Jialong Group.”
“Jia Long?” Luo Ling thought about it, she had never heard of this group’s name after having studied in the Enamel Country for so long.
In fact, not many people had heard of Jia Long, even in the Enamel business world, it was a hidden consortium that could be said to have only one hand in the Enamel business world, even members of the Enamel royal family would not show any arrogance when they saw the direct descendants of the Jia Long consortium, it was normal that Luo Ling had not heard of it.
“Zhang, you find this what Jia Long Group, I have never heard of, specifically what is doing, you know, and do not say I do not give you a chance, now Mr. Ross is here, you and Mr. Ross to admit a mistake, apologize, Mr. Ross forgive you, this matter will also be over, how?”
Sister Hong spoke up, “That’s right, what’s the point of holding out, finding an old Maoist is a multinational corporation? I don’t know how many multinational corporations are in the business building next to it.”
“It’s funny, you two have delayed the cooperation that could have been concluded a long time ago, admit your mistake to Mr. Rose, it’s good for everyone!”
Those who are on Luo Ling’s side have spoken out.
“Three days to find a customer, it is not easy to say whether it is true or not!”
“You don’t want to get ahead, don’t drag us down with you!”
These words into Zhang Xuan’s ears, Zhang Xuan just a faint smile, do not answer.
In the waiting room.
After listening to Qiu Yu’s elaboration, Ou Ren nodded in satisfaction, “Little girl, in that case, you go get the contract, I’ll sign it.”
“Signed …… signed …… down?” Qiu Yu’s watery eyes glazed over, “Really …… really?”
“What’s fake about it.” Ou Ren looked at Qiu Yu, the girl who is about the same age as his granddaughter, “I came here, is not to talk to you about cooperation, since this project is beneficial to both sides, what reason do I have to refuse it?”
Qiu Yu a heart, puff puff puff beat, she really did not expect that it was so easy, the contract was signed, before this, she did not even consider that she would sign the contract.
“Too …… great, Mr. Oren, wait a moment, I …… I’ll go get Zhang to sign the contract.” Qiu Yu excited to speak a little incoherent.
Ou Ren face with doubt, “and I talk about cooperation is you, why do you want to call Zhang to sign the contract? You should not be who signed the contract, the bonus will be given to whom? Little girl, do you know, if in my company, you sign such a contract, how much bonus can you get?”
“More …… how much ah?” Qiu Yu wide-eyed, she really did not know how much this contract commission.
“At least these.” Ou Ren held out three fingers.
“Three …… three thousand!” Qiu Yu opened his mouth wide, a commission, it is equivalent to half a month’s salary when he was a front desk, this is too high.
“Three thousand? Little girl, you are a little too underestimated this project, right, to the bold point guess.”
“It won’t be thirty thousand, right?” Qiu Yu eyes with unbelievable, thirty thousand commission ah! The front desk itself, half a year to earn these only!
“Ai.” Ou Ren sighed, “Little girl, I told you to be bold, your guts is this? Not three thousand, not thirty thousand, but three hundred thousand, if in my company, you talk about this project, light bonus, I will send you the equivalent of three hundred thousand Huaxia yuan amount.”
“Thirty …… million?” Qiu Yu heard this figure, her eyes are a little dumbfounded, her family is ordinary, her parents worked hard all their lives, the deposit is less than this figure.
Three hundred thousand, enough to buy half a house in Yinzhou, three hundred thousand, enough for a person to do nothing and play well for a few years, three hundred thousand, enough to buy a BMW, three hundred thousand, for Qiu Yu, is never thought of a huge amount of property.
Now he heard Ou Ren say that for this project alone, the bonus would be three hundred thousand! Qiu Yu seemed like she was dreaming.
“Little girl, how about it, this contract, you sign it or ask Zhang to sign it?”
Qiu Yu viciously swallowed saliva and stammered, “I …… I ……”
Hearing this answer Qiu Yu, Ou Ren heart some disappointment, of course, he also understands, three hundred thousand for him, may not count for anything, but for ordinary people, this is the property that can change the standard of living for a lifetime, three hundred thousand more, can change a big house, change a good car.
“I …… I must ask Zhang to treat me to a nice meal, three hundred thousand ah, this is too much! Mr. Oren, you wait a moment, I’ll go get Zhang!” Qiu Yu said, and ran outside the hospitality room to call Zhang Xuan.
Originally disappointed in his heart, Ou Yan, hearing this latter words of Qiu Yu, looked at Qiu Yu twice with considerable interest, “Little girl, can you tell me, why do you have to call Zhang to sign this contract, if you want, the huge amount of bonus, will all be yours.”
“No, Mr. Oren.” Qiu Yu waved her hand, with sincerity on her small face, “Zhang was offended by the manager for me, you were also found by Zhang, I just did something insignificant for Zhang, these bonuses, originally belonged to Zhang.”
Qiu Yu’s words surprised Ou Ren, as the helmsman of Jia Long Consortium, Ou Ren has seen a lot of money, and also seen a lot of strife due to money, Qiu Yu’s performance is something he has not seen, just this character, so Ou Ren gave a thumbs up for Qiu Yu.
“Mr. Ou Ren, wait a moment, I’ll go get Zhang.”

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