Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 143

“No need.” Oren spoke out and called out to Qiu Yu, “Zhang confided in me that this time, you will be the one to sign the contract, and if you are unwilling to sign it, I will refuse this cooperation.”
“Little girl, your company, how to allocate your and Zhang’s bonus, it has nothing to do with me, you can go to your president later, now, go get the contract.”
The sudden negotiation of cooperation, the huge bonus, are enough for Qiu Yu, this fledgling little girl to digest for a long time.
When Qiu Yu left the waiting room and prepared to go get the contract, there was still a touch of panic on her small face.
Qiu Yu’s expression was seen by the people in the business department, and when Qiu Yu came out of the waiting room, they spoke up.
“What, no deal?”
“This expression at a glance to know did not negotiate.”
“Do not know how much weight they have, looking for customers to talk about themselves, so what can you talk about?”
Sister Hong and others, all show contemptuous expressions.
“It’s not.” Qiu Yu waved his hand, “It has been negotiated, the customer agreed to sign the contract.”
“Signed?” Sister Hong’s eyes were wide, a look of disbelief, this cooperation project is how big, Sister Hong as a veteran employee very clear, if really can let the customer sign the contract, then the commission alone will be 50,000! And then count the performance in the words, this year’s sales champion is stable, at the end of the year is a bonus.
“Yes.” Qiu Yu nodded, the panic on his face gradually disappeared and turned into a face of joy, “I’m going to get the contract now.”
“I say Qiu Yu, what kind of contract did you negotiate with the client, let me tell you, the amount on this contract, can’t be lowered at will, our bottom line is C grade!” Another person said, with fire in his eyes, looking towards the waiting room from time to time.
In fact, the company on this cooperation program to the bottom line, is the E level, but she said so, just want to create a difficult situation for Qiu Yu, so that they have the opportunity to intervene, when the time to share some commission performance or something, 50,000, if they go up to take over, talk down, according to the company’s rules, then you can share half!
With this person has the same idea, not a few.
“That is, Qiu Yu, how in the end you talk, do not need me to go in and ask for you.”
“If the amount is lowered privately, not only is there no commission, the loss caused by the company has to be borne by you.” One person deliberately alarmist.
In their eyes, Qiu Yu is a newcomer, and the single in the hands of the newcomer, is a piece of fat meat, these people were already on Luo Ling’s side, and Qiu Yu do not deal with, when the accident, mouth not less flirtation, these two days also not less bullying Qiu Yu, naturally will not speak with Qiu Yu what face.
Hearing these old-timers in the business department say what to drop the amount, C-level what, Qiu Yu a puzzled, “Sister Hong, what is C-level ah, I do not know ah, is not posted in the office of that indicator it.”
“Office indicators!” Sister Hong subconsciously shouted, the voice was so loud that it scared the people around, even those who were working in the office could hear Sister Hong’s shout.
The rest of the people who heard this, are also heartbeat accelerated, face flushed.
The indicator posted in the office, is the best target set by Mr. Lin, when Mr. Lin said, who can follow that indicator to negotiate the contract, the commission alone, up to half a million!
Five hundred thousand ah! This is a huge amount of money! Enough to make people’s eyes red.
A young woman’s eyes turned, suddenly said, “Right sister Hong, I remember our company has a rule, newcomers are not allowed to negotiate contracts ah.”
While talking, the young woman kept winking at Sister Hong.
The Hong sister which can not understand what she means, immediately responded loudly: “Yes, it seems to be this rule, newcomers are not allowed to talk about customers, but also no conditions for signing, that Qiu Yu ah, you did a good job this time, we will respond well to the manager Luo, this time the contract, you do not sign, wait for us to help you sign.”
“Yes, you want to sign the company also do not let sign, anyway, there is not much commission, but your ability we all see in the eyes, in the future as a team leader or something, there is no problem.”
One person spoke up again, coveting the huge commission of half a million.
“It’s okay, let her sign!” A crisp voice came out from the front of the office, Luo Ling stood in front of the business department office door, “I’ll give her this opportunity, now go sign the order.”
“Manager Luo, this ……” Sister Hong looked at Luo Ling in disbelief, half a million! Just give up to a newcomer for nothing, if you let this newcomer negotiate, Luo Ling not only does not have a little benefit, the status will be threatened.
“It’s okay, let Qiu Yu sign it, go to the finance and let the secretary print the contract for you.” Luo Ling paced, walked to Qiu Yu’s side, patted Qiu Yu’s shoulder, then walked with big steps towards the elevator entrance, in the elevator, pressed the top floor floor.
Sister Hong and others, you look at me, I look at you, all do not understand, Luo manager why to give up this opportunity, even if Luo manager does not care, they also care ah, even if each only a cup of pie, but also enough to wake up laughing.
The top floor of Lin’s building.
Milan and Li Ke, or the division’s Sun manager, as a guide, taking Prince Charlie to visit the Lin Group, Lin Qinghan on the side as an accompaniment.
Today, Lin Qinghan’s idea was to reach certain cooperation with Prince Charlie, and if it really succeeded, it would be an absolutely great joy for Lin’s.
Just when Lin Qinghan was carefully introducing the local people and customs for Prince Charlie, the office door was knocked and the secretary Li Qian opened the door and walked in.
“General Lin, Manager Luo Ling Luo of the business department, said there is something important to report to you.”
Lin Qinghan thought, the business department, is not Zhang Xuan is now staying in the department, today is the three day deadline agreed with Zhang Xuan, this Luo manager looking for himself, should be related to Zhang Xuan.
Lin Qinghan pondered for two seconds and said, “Let her in.”
Luo Ling, who was wearing a gray professional uniform, walked into the office, “Hello, Mr. Lin.” After saying that, Luo Ling looked at the rest of the people sitting in the office.
“Manager Luo, just tell us what’s up.”
“Mr. Lin, Zhang Xuan from our department, is in the waiting room, committing a fraud, he found an enamel countryman, disguised as a customer, and signed a false contract with the company.”
As soon as Luo Ling’s words fell, the rest of the people in the office, except for the marketing department’s manager Sun, stood up in unison.
Milan and Li Ke, were aware of Zhang Xuan’s identity, as Lin Qinghan’s husband, how could Zhang Xuan join hands with outsiders and defraud the company’s property.
Prince Charlie, on the other hand, had anger on his face after hearing about the enamel countrymen.
Lin Qinghan frowned, “Manager Luo, you say this, you can be responsible!”
“Don’t worry, Mr. Lin, everything I said is true, if Mr. Lin doesn’t believe me, you can go to the waiting room right now.” Luo Ling face, with a confident smile, she really can not think, a person from the skin company, if not fraud, what else can it be.

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