Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 145

Prince Charlie’s sudden cry of surprise startled the crowd.
Prince Charlie looked at Lin Qinghan, “Lin, you just said, the Enamel Country Jialong Group?”
“Yes.” Lin Qinghan nodded, there were so many people present, she did not directly say the identity of Prince Charlie, “Sir Charlie, you have heard of the Jialong Group.”
“Of course.” Emperor Charlie nodded, “In our enamel country, not many people know about the Jialong Group, I happen to be one of them, the business of the Jialong Group, reaches all over the world, Lin, how do you know about the Jialong Group?”
“Your Excellency Charlie, the partner we are working with, is the Jialong Group.” Zhang Xuan explained with a smile.
“Impossible!” Emperor Charlie showed his disbelief on the spot, “Jia Long Group external cooperation, there has always been a fixed group, in China, can cooperate with Jia Long Group, only a few, this is the dead rule of Jia Long Group, sorry Lin, please forgive me for speaking bluntly, I am just stating a fact.”
Milan looked at Zhang Xuan and asked somewhat oddly, “Zhang Xuan, you got someone from the Jialong Group?”
Milan had been working for the Enamel Kingdom’s royal family and had heard of the name of the Jialong Group.
“Right.” Zhang Xuan nodded his head, “Is this strange?”
“Strange! It’s too strange!” Milan nodded, “As far as I know, the Jialong Group, does not have an office in Yinzhou, how did you get in touch with the Jialong Group?”
“Called over.” Zhang Xuan said truthfully.
Luo Ling opened her mouth: “General Lin, I think, we can determine the identity of the other party, so that all doubts, will be solved.”
Lin Qinghan nodded and walked towards the parlor, she didn’t disbelieve Zhang Xuan, but she had to give an explanation to everyone, so things had to be cleared up.
Prince Charlie and Milan, the two women, also followed Lin Qinghan and walked into the waiting room.
Lin Qinghan saw that in the hospitality room, sitting in an old man of enamel country with white hair and beard, the other wearing a gray-brown trench coat, the first time you see it, it gives a very imposing feeling.
Oren casually sat on the sofa, tasting the cup of tea, a few people who came in, did not cause him the slightest interest.
“Hello sir, I’m Lin Qinghan, the head of Lin’s group.” Lin Qinghan walked up to Ou Ren and took the initiative to extend his hand.
Ou Ren smiled, got up and gently shook Lin Qinghan’s hand, “Hello Lin, your company’s tea, great.”
After greeting Lin Qinghan, Ou Ren looked behind Lin Qinghan and locked his gaze on Prince Charlie.
Emperor Charlie looked at Ou Ren and always felt as if he had seen him somewhere before, but could never recall.
“Little Charlie, I haven’t seen you for many years, you’ve grown so big.” Eugene smiled.
This casual remark by Ou Ren, however, caused Lin Qinghan and Milan and the others, to have a simultaneous shock in their hearts.
Since the other party could call out Prince Charlie’s name, then he must know Prince Charlie’s identity, and in this case, he could still call out the three words Little Charlie, what kind of person was he.
Prince Charlie’s gaze locked tightly on Ou Ren, for a long time, before revealing an unbelievable look, “Ou …… Uncle Ou Ren?”
Eugene deliberately reveals a sad expression, “Little Charlie, you often play in my childhood, now even so long to recognize me, it seems, I am really old.”
“Uncle Eugene, it’s really you!” Prince Charlie excitedly shouted, “You …… you how to be here.”
“Oh, Zhang said there was business to be done, so he asked me to come and talk, this is not, just talked about a business, have not had time to open the champagne.” Oren reached out his hand, like stroking his own child, and rubbed it on Prince Charlie’s golden hair, “Little Charlie, you still like to run around so much, I even met your father before I came to China, he really wants you to stay home more.”
Lin Qinghan listened to the conversation between Prince Charlie and Oren, and watched the actions of the two, completely froze.
Prince Charlie, often played at his place as a child? Prince Charlie, addressed him as you? Before he came to China, he also met Prince Charlie’s father once, and the two were chatting like a friend?
Who is the father of Prince Charlie, it goes without saying that this old man, in the end, what is his identity!
“Hey, Oren, it seems you guys know each other.” Zhang Xuan walked into the hospitality room and greeted.
“Oh, Zhang, I didn’t expect that little Charlie would be a guest in your place.”
“To be precise, it’s here at my wife’s place, Oren, introduce, this is my wife, Lin Qinghan, Qinghan, this is Oren, the helmsman of Enamel Country Jialong Group, who will also be our partner in the future.” Zhang Xuan made the introduction for the two.
In the waiting room, there was no one else from the company.
When Ou Ren heard that Lin Qinghan was Zhang Xuan’s wife, his eyes immediately became respectful, “Beautiful lady, forgive me, you are truly the most beautiful angel I have ever seen.”
“Lin, Uncle Oren, is the head of the Jialong Group, the Jialong Group, the largest consortium in our enamel country.” Emperor Charlie, once again, introduced Eu Yan for Lin Qinghan.
Although Emperor Charlie did not have any magnificent adjectives when introducing Ou Ren, nor did he say how many astronomical properties there were, but the phrase “the largest in the Enamel Country” was enough to let Lin Please Han know that this old man in front of him, in the end, had a heavy status!
Such a person, and how is it possible, is Zhang Xuan to find, joint fraud company property?
Luo Ling and others, stood outside the door of the waiting room, waiting for the result.
Soon, they saw Lin Qinghan walk out from the waiting room, and they were all looking at Lin Qinghan, waiting for an answer.
Lin Qinghan swept a glance at the crowd and spoke, “Manager Luo, this time, it belongs to a misunderstanding, Mr. Ou Ren, is indeed a partner that Zhang Xuan found.”
“How is that possible!” Luo Ling’s first reaction was disbelief, a newcomer to the company, in just three days, found a multinational company in the country of enamel to cooperate, and, Luo Ling clearly knew that Zhang Xuan’s partner, from so a small office located in the corner of the business building to find.
“Luo Ling, you as the business department manager, this time, but also purely for the sake of the company, deserves praise, since Zhang Xuan said the three-day agreement has also done, I hope that your direct conflict, completely uncovered, in the future work, but also to help each other to be good.”
“This ……” Luo Ling opened her mouth, she did not expect, really did not expect! Things would turn out like this! Since the surname Zhang found a partner, then what to do with their own plans!
But things have come to this point, Luo Ling and what can be done, she now regrets, if three days ago did not think to find the surname Zhang trouble, but first to finalize the contract, there is no such accident, now, Luo Ling can only compromise.

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