Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1455

Sun Xue couldn’t think of it. The patron behind Xu Hongwei turned out to be a supreme person and a person from Guangming Island!
As a resident of Beixiang City, how could Sun Xue have not heard of the name of Guangming Island!
Ji Gao and the others hurriedly bowed and clasped their fists.

Jigao , I have seen the Supreme Lord!” Zhang Xuan turned his head, looked at Xu Hongwei, and said softly, “Go, kill him.”
Xu Hongwei was taken aback, “Master Zhang Yiqing, I…”
“Kill him,” Go.” Zhang Xuan stretched out his hand and pointed at Sun Xue, “If you don’t kill him, I’ll kill you.”
Xu Hongwei took a deep breath, a gas blade appeared in his hand, and walked towards Sun Xue.
Sun Xue trembled all over, and his face was pale, but he couldn’t make any movements or even make a sound. He could only watch Xu Hongwei gradually walking towards him. The cold sweat behind him had completely wetted his clothes.
Zhang Xuan looked at Ji Gao and the others and said, “I asked Huang Mian to arrange for you, but you haven’t specifically explained it? You should be very clear about the identity of all the people who entered the city, right? The contradiction between them. You can’t say nothing without knowing it. What do you want to do? You want to beat us on Guangming Island?”
Ji Gao quickly shook his head, “The villain dare not!”
Zhang Xuan sneered, “I didn’t see what you have. Don’t dare! I’ll only say it once. Starting from today, if something happens to the people I arrange in Beixiang City, it will have something to do with your college. You three colleges will not be able to eat, understand. ! ”
just when speaking of Zhang Xuan Abroad. Sun has reached the pre-school body, kneeling on the ground looking at the Sun school, cheeky Abroad. Henli the hands of the gas edge, straight stabbed to Sun school.
Sun Xue looked at Ji Gao asking for help, but Ji Gao didn’t even dare to lift his head.
With a soft sound, the air blade in Xu Hongwei’s hand, Sun Xue’s head, and the blood splashing, took Sun Xue’s life in front of the top three academies.
But the three major colleges didn’t dare to say a word, from beginning to end, they didn’t even dare to lift their heads.
The power displayed by Guangming Island is enough to crush the three colleges, and it is the kind that can be crushed repeatedly.
Sun Xue slowly fell to the ground, bleeding to the ground.
Zhang Xuan looked at the heads of the three academies and said again, “From today, Xu Hongwei will be responsible for all matters concerning Guangming Island in Beixiang City. Can you understand what I said?”
Ji Gao and others instantly looked Focus on Xu Hongwei, a person in the early stage of condensation, responsible for all matters concerning Guangming Island?
Even Xu Hongwei was stunned, but Zhang Xuan suddenly said something like this.
“I have a few requirements.” Zhang Xuan said, “From today onwards, Beixiang City will give Guangming Island enough consecration every month. Guangming Island will ensure the public security of Beixiang City. Second, Beixiang City. All detainees in the city must be handed over to Guangming Island to control. Third, Guangming Island needs to have one-third of Beixiang City’s industrial base.”
“My lord, this…” Ji Gao prepared to speak.
Zhang Xuan’s eyes condensed and locked on Ji Gao.
Ji Gao only felt that he seemed to be stared at by a wild beast, and his body couldn’t help but sway. When he reached his mouth, he was swallowed back into his stomach.
“I’m talking about requirements, not discussing with you. For specific matters, go and talk to Xu Hongwei.” After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he strode away. When he passed by Xu Hongwei, Zhang Xuan paused and glanced at Xu. Hongwei, “Don’t let me down.”
Xu Hongwei nodded slightly, his eyes filled with determination.
Zhang Xuan walked away. Today, he called the top leaders of the three major colleges to come here, one is to build up his prestige, and the second is to put himself on the bright side. These two things were after Zhang Xuan saw the letter given by Lin Qinghan. The first decision made.
The reason why Zhang Xuan handed Guangming Island to Xu Hongwei was because he needed to leave temporarily. Even Zhang Xuan himself could not say that for this length of time, he needed to continue to expand Guangming Island’s sphere of influence, Beixiang City. It’s just a *. Zhang Xuan’s goal now is to reach the same height as the Hengshan Seven Taibao. He wants Guangming Island to stand on the top of the entire Wanshan District!
Zhang Xuan learned from Yu Tao where Quan Dingding was. As expected, it was in the buffet restaurant of Haozhou Hotel, the largest hotel in Beixiang City.
The huge cafeteria was crowded with people. All Dingding alone became the focus of the crowd. He alone occupies a huge round table. The round table is already covered with all Dingding leftover plates. Xiaohua kept running before and after running. Carrying food for Quan Dingding.
“What about chicken legs? Why are there no chicken legs? Why are there no chicken legs here!”
Quan Dingding kept muttering.
“Also, this meal is so unpalatable. If it’s not hungry, I really don’t want to eat such garbage. No, food is not garbage, but the people who cook are garbage. It’s too garbage!”
Quan Dingding kept talking. But the act of swallowing food never stopped.
“Fatty, some food is good.” Zhang Xuan smiled and sat down beside Quan Dingding.
Quan Dingding glanced at Zhang Xuan and immediately put on a cute expression, “Brother, the food is really not delicious, let’s find my sister-in-law and go home soon. It’s better to eat something from the other side of the house.”
“What do you think? It doesn’t taste good, can’t you just cook by yourself?” Zhang Xuan rolled his eyes.
“Do it yourself!” Quan Dingding’s eyes lit up, and saliva flowed from the corner of his mouth. No matter what happened, he showed a frustrated expression again, “Brother, I don’t know how to cook yet.”
“I teach you. “Zhang Xuan patted Quan Dingding on the shoulder, “How about opening a restaurant here for you?”
“Opening a restaurant, do I have anything I want to eat?” Quan Dingding wiped out his saliva. .
Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes, “Of course, go, go to my place, I will teach you to cook, and Xiaohua will come!”
“Go and go!” Quan Dingding wiped the oil from his mouth.
Xiao Hua smiled at Zhang Xuan and followed Zhang Xuan.
An hour later, there was a loud roar in the community where Zhang Xuan lived.
“My God! Is this food! It’s delicious too! Brother, I love you!”
The roar, which rang clearly in the community, shocked many people.
Zhang Xuan pushed away Quan Dingding, who was about to be attached to him, “Then say yes, I will open a restaurant for you tomorrow!”
Zhang Xuan wants to open a restaurant for Quan Dingding, not simply trying to satisfy Quan Dingding’s appetite. Desire, he wants Quan Dingding to stay in Beixiang City. Here, he needs to control the spirit to suppress the battle. This task is better to be given to Quan Dingding. This kind of person who can recognize counseling and not do anything may attract someone. Kind of miraculous effect.
“Brother, I love you to death!” Quan Dingding pursed his big oil mouth, desperately leaning on Zhang Xuan’s face.

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