Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 149

When Zhang Xuan and Qiu Yu returned to the business department, before the colleagues looked at them all changed their eyes, the original special target Qiu Yu sister Hong and other people, at this moment no longer take any old staff’s head, also dare not say let Qiu Yu clean the whole office hygiene this matter.
Luo Ling had an accident, and now the business department manager position is vacant, who should be the manager next, according to the rules of the business department, that is to see the performance to.
Today, Qiu Yu negotiated such a large single, it is likely to become the next manager, they can not wait to be.
To the Hong sister these people, Zhang Xuan also did not do anything too much to take into account, after all, they did not make any mistakes, only the practice of the problem.
In Zhang Xuan’s happy mood, the day’s work soon ended, when the end of the day, Qiu Yu offered to invite Zhang Xuan to dinner, Zhang Xuan refused, Lin Qinghan also made a special trip to the business department before the end of the day, telling everyone that tomorrow to repair the day, the next day to come, together with the selection of the new manager.
The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.
At the end of the meal, a lot of alcohol was consumed during the meal, and everyone was extraordinarily happy.
After returning home, because of the drinking, there was nothing else to show, and everyone rested early.
The next morning, Zhang Xuan got up early, today he specially shaved, chose a nice casual clothes to wear, excitedly waiting for Lin Qinghan to get up.
The thought of going out with Lin Qinghan today, Zhang Xuan’s heart is extraordinarily excited.
Zhang Xuan even used his cell phone to check the nearby places where there are good scenery, ready to take Lin Qinghan to take a break, a person, long-term in the physical and mental pressure on the double, too easy to collapse, more enjoy the scenery of nature, is an excellent way to reduce stress.
Ten o’clock in the morning, in Zhang Xuan full of expectation, wearing a light yellow dress Lin Qinghan, standing in front of Zhang Xuan, even if you see the woman in front of you every day, but Zhang Xuan was still stunned by Lin Qinghan.
Beige wide ribbon in the white shoulder and neck, black flowing long hair casually draped, like a star fairy general, the white wrist that creamy white jade bracelet, warm sheep’s fat white jade emits a kind of unspoken glow, and a light vegetarian dress complement each other, reflect each other, jade neck that a platinum necklace, vaguely shimmering light.
The woman wore a pair of white cloth shoes, white and slender legs displayed in front of Zhang Xuan, perfect pick a flaw.
Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan that look like a pig, feel some funny, and at the same time by Zhang Xuan that straight look at the pretty face blush, “What to see you, and not never seen.”
“Hey.” Zhang Xuan bared his teeth a smile, the heart can not mention how satisfied, such a perfect woman, is his wife, although he has not had a chance to kiss, but according to the momentum of this development, it is not sooner or later, Lin Qinghan’s attitude change, Zhang Xuan is the most intuitive feeling.
“General Lin, where are we going today?” Zhang Xuan rubbed his palms.
“Well.” Lin Qinghan stretched out a jade finger, pointed at the lower handle, tilted his head and thought, “first go to the museum in the morning to see a round, the afternoon to go shopping malls, dinner I booked a place in the Xin Kai Hotel, by the way and then watch a movie.”
“Huh?” Zhang Xuan’s eyes widened, “Mr. Lin, this is your arrangement.”
“Yeah, what’s the problem?” Lin Qinghan asked curiously.
“No, no.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand repeatedly, “This won’t have any effect of relaxing and relieving stress, so, you listen to my arrangement.”
Lin Qinghan nodded, “Then you can arrange it.”
In fact, for their own arrangements, Lin Qinghan also feel a little boring, but she really can not think of anything else, so many years, she set her heart on work, there is no opportunity to play, even around the city of Yinzhou have not been a few times, usually pastime, also on shopping, watching a movie or something.
The two of them walked to the courtyard, Lin Qinghan is going to drive her Mercedes GT.
“No driving, what’s the point of driving, such a nice day, take my car!” Zhang Xuan waved a big hand.
“Your car?” Lin Qinghan looked at Zhang Xuan in confusion, she didn’t remember when Zhang Xuan had a car.
“This is not.” Zhang Xuan retired the old two-eight bicycle that was sitting in the courtyard gathering dust and blew hard, raising a cloud of dust on the seat.
Ten minutes later, Zhang Xuan glared at his shiny old bicycle and went out into the street, Lin Qinghan sitting sideways on the back seat, the breeze blowing the hem of her skirt.
“Zhang Xuan, you ride slower!” Lin Qinghan embraced Zhang Xuan’s waist with both hands, her face overflowing with smiles, she could not remember how long she had not been on a bicycle, such a scene only existed in the memories of hours.
“Don’t worry, I’m good at it, hold on, I’m going to accelerate!”
Zhang Xuan pedaled hard, not the slightest bit of pain this auction price of 1.3 billion magnesium gold old antique.
On the road, Lin Qinghan’s stunning face, almost 100% turn around rate, many people see such a beautiful woman, willing to sit on a bike, revealing a happy smile, are feeling a little unworthy.
A young man driving a BMW Z4, waiting for the red light, happened to see the bicycle parked on the non-motorized road next to him, the woman on the back seat, in a flash attracted his full attention, the impeccable beauty of the face, so that his heart, the unadorned look, looking pure, playful.
Looking at the woman sitting on the back seat of the bike, and then at this Netflix face on his passenger side, the youth had a wave of disgust on the spot.
The road pedestrians turn around, naturally did not escape Zhang Xuan’s eyes, the kind of jealous resentful eyes, so Zhang Xuan heart not mention how pleased, gas it you, gas you, slightly slightly slightly.
Zhang Xuan rode his bicycle and took Lin Qinghan all the way towards the outskirts of Yinzhou city.
“Zhang Xuan, where are you taking me?” Lin Qinghan’s pretty face is overflowing with happiness, she has not been so relaxed as today for a long time, sitting on the bike, just embracing the man in front of him, do not have to think about anything, enjoy the breeze coming from the face.
“Go to the sea lake to play ah, I read online yesterday that there is a new bungee jump, want to try it?”
“Ah, bungee jumping ah?” Lin Qinghan’s small face appeared a touch of fear.
“Why, don’t you dare?” Zhang Xuan looked back at Lin Qinghan and deliberately stimulated.
Lin Qinghan’s breasts were raised, the full range rose, “What’s not to dare!”

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