Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 152

Male …… boyfriend?
Staff words subconsciously let Lin please Han towards Zhang Xuan look.
Although, the two received a marriage certificate more than a month ago, but also took wedding photos, but the relationship has not been warm, now suddenly be told, Zhang Xuan is his boyfriend, Lin please Han a heart poof jumped, even that to bungee jumping tension also suppressed.
“That come quickly, I said you a big man ink what, your girlfriend are bold to jump, you hide behind, come hold tight.” The staff urged to Zhang Xuan waved his hand repeatedly.
The staff said to hold the offer to jump, Zhang Xuan is certainly not refused, happily ran forward.
Lin Qinghan looked at the Zhang Xuan in front of him, looked slightly restrained, “that …… we did not buy a double ticket? Can not jump one by one?”
“Yes, two couples tickets, come stand well, wear the equipment, do not move.” The staff said, while giving Lin please Han and Zhang Xuan wearing equipment.
Eighty meters of jumping platform, the hot wind hit the face, Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan stood face to face on the edge of the jumping platform, underneath is the turbulent lake water.
“Mr. Lin, ready to jump?” Zhang Xuan stretched out his hands and placed them on Lin Qinghan’s shoulders.
Lin Qinghan looked down at his feet, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, nodded, and slowly put his hands on Zhang Xuan’s waist.
“Then let’s go.” Zhang Xuan hands hard, the woman in front of him into the arms, legs bent a stirrup, longitudinal leap out.
Before bungee jumping, some people may think of that, a leap down, like a bird, the sky soaring feeling.
But in reality, only the moment of jumping down will find that it is not like that at all.
Lin Qinghan felt an empty space under his feet at the same time, his brain was blank, nothing to think about, nothing to think about, as if everything, are far away from themselves, all the worries, all the obsessions, at the moment of jumping, all seem unimportant.
Lin Qinghan two small hands unconsciously, forcefully hugging Zhang Xuan’s waist, in the body completely weightless situation, Lin Qinghan can feel, in their own back, there are two strong hands, has been holding himself, to provide himself with a strong sense of security.
Eyelashes blinked, Lin Qinghan opened his eyes, in the moment of opening his eyes, he saw Zhang Xuan was looking at himself with a deep love, this moment of eyes, straight into Lin Qinghan’s heart.
The wind whistling in his ears, strong wind to meet his face.
With the stretching of the bouncing rope put away, the two people who were about to fall into the lake once again up, the lake in Lin please Han’s field of vision more and more distant, Lin Qinghan’s a heart also once again mentioned in the throat, eyes subconsciously closed hard, head also buried to Zhang Xuan’s chest.
“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”
Zhang Xuan’s voice reached Lin Qinghan’s ears, not the kind of low magnetic, but listened to Lin Qinghan’s ears, as if it was the most pleasant heavenly music, in your most fearful time, someone in your ears to say this word, can melt the cold heart.
Lin Qinghan wanted to open his mouth, but found himself unable to make a sound, can only silently enjoy the tenderness from Zhang Xuan.
Bouncing rope stretch, put away, stretch, put away, a few ups and downs, Lin Qinghan scared heart also slowly calm down, she suddenly felt, bungee jumping, in fact, is not so scary, now she, open bright soulful eyes, looking at the surrounding scenery, this moment she, only one feeling.
One day today, do so many years before, want to do not go to do things, has been carrying in their own body that invisible pressure, at this moment, dissipated.
Yellow sand stretches, meet the sky.
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan lying flat on the sand, looking at the distant sky, the turquoise blue sky, white clouds.
Lin Qinghan turned slightly and stared at Zhang Xuan’s side face: “Zhang Xuan, thank you, I’m really happy today.”
Zhang Xuan slowly exhaled a breath, did not speak, in his heart, also said thank you to Lin Qinghan.
Thank you, let me have a new life.
An afternoon of fun, the two of them are also considered to have fun, at five o’clock in the afternoon, the two of them left this sea of sand, back to the ticket hall.
The summer weather always plays a joke on people, one second it’s bright and sunny, the next it’s cloudy and dense.
Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan were just about to leave the ticket hall when the rain poured down from the sky, “Ta Ta” fell on the ground, splashing water, because of the rain, the original hot day, let people feel a little cool.
“Have some milk tea.” Zhang Xuan put a cup of freshly brewed quick brew milk tea in front of Lin Qinghan.
“Thanks.” Lin Qinghan took the milk tea, and the warm air flowed through his hands, spreading throughout his body, indescribably comfortable.
Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass of the ticket hall, Lin Qinghan looked at the rain outside the window, reached out and lifted the broken hair in front of her forehead, this moment, she was imprinted in Zhang Xuan’s heart, in Zhang Xuan’s mind, lingering.
Zhang Xuan stood behind the woman, just look at her, did not speak, he wants to guard this woman for life.
The summer rain, comes and goes quickly, just half an hour, the sun is half exposed again, the air is filled with a fragrant smell of earth.
Zhang Xuan pedaled his bicycle, carrying Lin Qinghan, in this earthy fragrance, heading to Yinzhou.
On the way, when he saw a flower growing on the roadside, Zhang Xuan stopped and plucked the flower and gave it to Lin Qinghan.
Lin Qinghan, like a little girl, put the flower in her hair, and at this moment, it was as if the flower was even more beautiful.
When he returned to Yinzhou City, it was already eight o’clock at night, Zhang Xuan did not choose the dinner Lin Qinghan had ordered at Xin Kai Hotel, but took Lin Qinghan to a street stall.
“In fact, there is no need to go to any big hotels, try these stalls, the taste is very good.” Zhang Xuan took Lin Qinghan and sat at a corner table.
Where Lin Qinghan was, it would always attract people’s attention, whether men or women, their eyes would glance at Lin Qinghan if at all.
A young man sitting at the table with his girlfriend happened to see Lin Qinghan, and with this glance, the young man could not retract his gaze.
Today on the street, he saw this woman, sitting directly opposite the poor boy’s bicycle, at that time, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart, seen such a dusty woman, and then look at his own girlfriend with plastic surgery Netflix face, feel disgusted, he regretted, why he did not go up today to ask for a phone, a poor boy on a bicycle can chase the woman, how could he not soak.
Now, once again see this woman, the youth a heart alive up, he did not immediately go up to the phone, but sat aside, carefully planned, not only to the phone to come, but also to sarcastic that poor boy some to do.

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