Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1533

The tank that rolled down from the mountain brought up a large swath of smoke and dust.
Faced with these tanks swooping from above, the best way is to retreat. Faced with this kind of gameplay that completely squanders money, there is no other choice.
But now is the first attack of the Wanshan army, and now it is retreating. In terms of momentum, the momentum is very important. The two armies are fighting, and the momentum is very important. It is important to have the first to win, but now, this first sound was made by Zhang Xuan. .
“Chong!” The army general roared with red eyes, now there is no way to retreat.
Those soldiers, knowing that they will die, still rush forward. This is the faith and obedience of being a soldier.
These mortal soldiers, once they touch the tank that rolls down from the mountain, there is only one consequence, they will be smashed into flesh.
As the soldiers charged and these tanks rolled down, the distance between them was getting closer and closer. The soldiers who rushed in the front had red eyes, and they would not think about how to live.
At the moment when the two parties were about to come into contact, a red glow was chopped down from the air. This was a sword glow with invincible power, with great lethality.
This Hongmang stood between the soldier and the tumbling tank, leaving a crack five meters wide and tens of meters deep.
The tank that was rolling down did not eventually crush on the display body, but fell into the crack and made a “rumbling rumbling” sound.
Before the warriors stopped at the rift, they looked at the gap in front of them in shock. Just now, they had already seen the god of death, but now they stepped out of the gate.
The general who gave orders was also sweating and panting.
“The main city of Wanshan!” In the sky, there was a shout, Zhang Xuan was floating there. The red sword light just came from his hand. Zhang Xuan’s gaze swept past these soldiers and directed towards the main city. His voice is like Hong Zhong. Everyone can hear clearly, “If you have a grievance with Zhang Yiqing, then let us solve it. You don’t have to let the rest of you lose their lives!”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, he looked down at the soldiers and continued to say: “Today, I respect you as men and your loyalty. On the battlefield, there is no right or wrong and no standpoint. Therefore, I forgive you. One fate, this fate, because I respect you, but next time, Zhang Yiqing, I won’t stop!”
After Zhang Xuan finished speaking, his figure flashed and disappeared into the air.
On the main city of Wanshan, above the fortress, King Wu looked ugly when he heard these words. This piece of memory is clear. Now he is playing tricks. Although his words are not obvious, everyone can understand the meaning of them. , These ordinary soldiers are only here to die. If there are really grievances, then let them, these supreme ones, take action to resolve them.
Although King Wu knew that the other party had done such a thing and said these things only because the troops were not as strong as his own side, but he had no way to do it. This Yi Qing, he was playing Yangmou! King Wu can still desperately let the soldiers attack, but what’s the point of that? King Wu will bear a reputation for not daring to fight and let others die!
“This Yiqing, mediocre strength, but sharp-pointed mouth!” Behind King Wu, a person said. He looks old, in his sixties, with wrinkles on his forehead, but those who are familiar with him are very clear, even though he is watching Old, but when you start, he is no worse than anyone else. This person is the last Wu Wang of the Wu Wangfu, and he is as famous as Qianyishui and Sword Lord!
The old King Wu came out in person this time because the nine heroes of the King Wu Mansion were all beheaded and killed in Hengshan. These nine people are the backbone of the King Wu Mansion and are particularly important.
“Go.” The old King Wu patted King Wu on the shoulder, “Since the opponent’s battle book has been released, we are not the ones who confessed. The younger generation, you are no worse than anyone. If you want to kill anyone, just go.”
King Wu nodded. As soon as he was about to start his hands, he saw a soldier stand up first and said: “Master Wu, I would like to fight this first!”
This soldier, named Chao Qing, had always existed as a commander against thieves before Lin Qinghan appeared, and he was already at the supreme level.
“Alright.” King Wu nodded, “Then it’s up to you to call the formation first!”
“Leading!” Chao Qing smiled with joy, and then his figure flickered and appeared in front of the battlefield.
The chasm cut by Zhang Xuan’s sword became the dividing line between the two armies. Chao Qing stood in front of the dividing line and said loudly: “Seven children in Hengshan, who would dare to fight with me, Chao Qing!”
Chao Qing’s voice was loud and confident.
“Chao Qing’s child is arrogant, Grandpa Bai Chi is here to treat you!” Bai Chi flew up with a black butcher knife in his hand.
At this time, the appearance of the battle between the two armies was very much like the Three Kingdoms period.
“Idiot? Hahaha, as the name suggests!” Chao Qing laughed, and the heroic spirit flashed behind him.
“To your life!” A war spirit appeared behind Bai Chi, and the two fought together in an instant.
Chao Qing, as a supreme, has rich combat experience.
And Bai Chi, his true strength, has only entered the gods. Although he has the blessing of war spirits, he has always been at a disadvantage in the face of Chao Qing. If he had not been supported by a more powerful combat experience than Chao Qing, Bai Chi would probably be within ten moves. Will lose.
After all, Bai Chi’s own strength is still too weak.
In the battlefield, the two fights are all killer moves. One is more ruthless than the other, but compared to Chao Qing’s endless tricks, Bai Chi has only one move, which seems to be inferior. When he immediately ran out of support, Bai Chi shouted, “Chao Qing Children, but so, we will fight another day!”
After Bai Chi finished speaking, he immediately returned to the dividing line. Obviously, this time, Bai Chi had lost.
Chao Qing laughed. Such a scene caused King Wu and others on the main city fortress to laugh.
“Boss, this person is good, and only two people can take him down.” Bai Chi brought back this message.
“Not bad.” Zhang Xuan Chong Bai Chi nodded, “This in itself is an opportunity for you to practice. With your current strength, with a war spirit, you can fight for so long. It’s enough. Next, who will go?”
“I’m going!” Alex bared his teeth, and they treated today’s battle as a drill.
It’s just that this time, King Wu did not give Zhang Xuan and the others the opportunity to take the initiative to attack, but instead named Dao surname, they wanted to challenge one person.
Wearing a black robe with gold silk embroidered on his robe, King Wu flew up and landed in front of the battlefield, shouting, “Lin Qinghan, dare to come out for a fight!”
King Wu, there is no challenge to Zhang Xuan, he shouted, Lin Qinghan’s name, the goddess of war who used to be the main city of Wanshan, and the fiancee of King Wu who used to be in the eyes of others!

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