Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1537

Behind the old King Wu, a heroic spirit appeared, one hundred meters long, but it was not in the form of a human, but in the form of a beast!
The heroic spirit of the old King Wu is a beast. This beast looks like a tiger, but has horns and wings on its back. This strange appearance is very similar to the experimental bodies of the Returned Ancestors!
When the beast appeared, he let out a roar, and this roar felt that even the earth was there.
“Ho ho, have you come out? It’s not in vain that I bring back the martial king of this class.” Chu Lan smiled, “The bloodline awakened person has appeared, the beast spirit has appeared, even the original spirit has appeared, you guys are hiding in People in the dark, can you still sit still? You show up, the Hall of Valor will rise again. I can’t wait to see this Hall of Valor, the scene that appears in the eyes of the world again!”
Chu Lan’s body trembled slightly because of excitement.
As soon as he saw the beast spirit behind the old Wu Wang, Zhao Ji, who was still full of anger, stood at attention on the spot, and then bowed deeply to the old Wu Wang, “I’m sorry, my mother called me home for dinner, I have to go first, bye! ”
After Zhao Ji finished speaking, Sa Yazi ran away, with no intention of staying at all.
Old Wu Wang snorted coldly and stretched out a hand. A big black hand fell from the sky and grabbed Zhao Ji.
“Why, people from Prince Wu’s Mansion, do you like to do these tricks!” Zhang Xuan, who had been staying at the top of the mountain, finally made a move.
The red sword light flashed and cut off the big black hand in the sky. New 81 Chinese network update the fastest computer terminal:
After Zhang Xuan stepped into the control of the spirit, he had a new understanding of the realm of the control of the spirit. For the control of the spirit, there are several levels. The first is the seven-meter hero, which is the most basic master of the spirit, and then the heroic spirit reaches ten meters. , And then 30 meters. When the heroic spirit breaks through 30 meters, there is a huge gap with the 29-meter heroic spirit, followed by the 70-meter heroic spirit, and then 100 meters!
In controlling the spirit, there is a saying that is called the realm of one hundred meters.
The one-hundred-meter realm is a hurdle, the one hundred-meter realm, and the ninety-nine-meter heroic person are not in the same class.
Like Jianjun, Qianyishui, and Baijiangnan, they are all in the 100-meter realm, and now this old Wuwang is also a strong one in the 100-meter realm. This kind of existence is already at the pinnacle of a large area!
Zhang Xuan was able to fight Sword Sovereign at that time, only because Zhang Xuan’s cultivation had certain peculiarities. When he was empowering the gods, he killed the control spirit, and now he stepped into the control spirit, and he reached the realm of 70 meters. , You can also leapfrog.
Behind Zhang Xuan, a red war spirit appeared, 70 meters tall, holding a sword, majestic.
“Humph, Zhang Yiqing.” Old Wu Wang snorted coldly, “I have heard of your reputation a long time ago. You have more than one heroic spirit. Use all your skills. Otherwise, you really think that with this thing behind you, you can Win me?” New Bayi Chinese Network first launch x81z
“Okay.” Zhang Xuan smiled slightly, and behind him, three war spirits emerged again.
Since King Wu went back alive, Zhang Xuan knew that his secrets could not be kept, and the fact that he possessed multiple heroic spirits would naturally spread, but for Zhang Xuan now, such a thing didn’t matter.
Four war spirits appeared behind Zhang Xuan, causing a cry of exclamation on the battlefield. They had never seen anyone who could control so many heroic spirits!
“Since you want to see it, I will let you see it well enough, Piaoxue!”
Snow fell in the sky, and the temperature between the sky and the earth became icy in an instant. This kind of icy cold has reached the point where it can affect those who control the spirit. The snow with a sword is a kind of sword intent and a realm. Turn this piece into a frozen snow field!
“Flying fairy.”
Behind Zhang Xuan, the black figure moved, like an immortal, out of dust, this sword, as if it did not exist in this world, only a flash of cold light.
The red figure also made a move, fiercely fierce, but delicate, and the sword’s edge was like an antelope hanging horns, without a trace.
The three sword strokes were all released, and the old Wu Wang was also moved. As the biggest point to withstand the attack, he most directly faced the lethality of these three sword strokes.
Behind the old King Wu, the beast uttered a roar, and the beast rushed out and turned into a streamer. In a blink of an eye, the snow from the sky and the earth came to a halt, and the cold light and the indestructible red sword aura disappeared.
Zhang Xuan’s three sword moves were completely broken by the old Wu Wang.
Facing a strong man in the 100-meter realm, Zhang Xuan naturally didn’t think he could easily win. He once again made a sword move, while the cyan figure kept guarding behind Zhang Xuan.
Lao Wu Wang’s beast rushed towards Zhang Xuan.
In Zhang Xuan’s hand, a purple divine sword was condensing. This was the starting method of the Demon Sword. Now Zhang Xuan, using the Demon Sword again, is another concept.
The aura between heaven and earth kept condensing, and King Wu’s beast attack was blocked by the three swordsman war spirits, leaving Zhang Xuan time to accumulate energy.
Next to Zhang Xuan, the fluctuations in the air began to become distorted, and the Demon Sword of World Extinguishment, known as the World Extinguishing World, was not just talking.
The aura is condensed in Zhang Xuan’s hands like a tornado. At this time, Zhang Xuan threw out various small implements. These implements were collected by Zhang Xuan in the spirit market. Each of them contained aura, although the individual contained them. The energy is not large, but once more individuals grow up, the energy contained in it cannot be underestimated.
With the spiritual energy in these instruments as a supply, the power displayed by the Demon Sword in Zhang Xuan’s hand became more and more terrifying.
Old Wu Wang also felt the powerful power condensed by the purple divine sword in Zhang Xuan’s hand. He glanced at it, and his figure was violent, and the beast spirit’s offensive was even more fierce.
Originally, Zhang Xuan was still able to hold the three war spirits of the beast spirits. At this moment, they were not opponents at all. They were repelled in an instant. But the cyan war spirit seemed very embarrassing at this moment. Trick, but now the beast spirit of the old Wuwang has absolutely no tricks at all. All attacks are based on the instinct of beasts.
“Zhang Yiqing, with your four heroic spirits, you can’t stop me.” Old Wu Wang laughed confidently.
“Who told you that I only have four heroes?” Zhang Xuan drew a smile from the corner of his mouth, and said softly, “Yueyue!”
In the sky, a purple waning moon descended.
“Chu Zheng!” The old Wu Wang’s eyes widened, his figure actually took a step back unconsciously. It can be seen that Chu Zheng’s prestige has so much deterrence in this geocentric civilization, it is just his signature move. When he came out, he scared the old Wu Wang back.
“Yinyue, I haven’t seen it for a long time.” Chu Lan’s eyes had a look of remembrance.
The waning moon appeared and was slowly filling the vacancy, and Zhang Xuan said again at this time.
It was a flash of sunlight, one yin and one yang, just floating behind Zhang Xuan on January 1st, Zhang Xuan holding a purple sword light.
“This is the domain…” Old Wu Wang stared at the sun and the moon behind Zhang Xuan.

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