Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 154

Youth face smug, he found, this poor boy, than they thought it was even worse, originally they just want to scare him, smash some money out, let this beauty see their own financial strength, and then sarcastic about this kid has no money, now this poor boy also took the initiative to blackmail themselves, which is not more people look down on it!
What happened here, someone reported to the police, the traffic police also came in the first time.
The face of the traffic police deducted six points from the driver’s license and two hundred fines, the youth simply did not care.
What he wants to do now is to show off as much as possible, after the matter is handled, the beauty of the phone a to.
In the face of such accidents, traffic police generally ask the parties concerned how they want to deal with it, like this did not cause casualties, are negotiating on their own how to compensate.
“Officer, I hit this kid’s bike only, compensated him 15,000, he still thinks it’s not enough, is this intentional blackmail ah.” Youth hands clasped chest, leaning on the car door, clearly he is the party at fault, now looks, and stand reason.
“Fifteen thousand?” The traffic police took a look at the bicycle that fell to the side and said to Zhang Xuan, “Sir, fifteen thousand, is far more than your loss, according to normal procedures, the other party only need to pay the price.”
“Then let him pay the price.” Zhang Xuan waved his hand, “Your traffic police department, there should be a special accident loss adjuster, right? Call him here.”
“Hahaha! Just this bike, you need to fix the damage?” The youth let out a loud laugh, “I’ll give you 15,000, enough to buy dozens of your bike!”
“That’s right, young man, looking for a loss adjuster ah, take the money and go.” The onlookers also opened their mouths.
The traffic police also spoke, “Sir, I think this matter, can be big or small, if you look for the loss adjuster, the amount of compensation can be far less than 15,000.”
“We don’t want money, we just want an apology from him!” Lin Qinghan, who had not spoken, spoke up, 15,000, in her eyes, nothing, she was also angry with the youth, obviously ran a red light and almost hit someone, but also acted as if it was justified.
“Beauty, you want to apologize can ah, give me your contact information, I apologize to you every day, OK?” The youth looked at Lin Qinghan with a playful smile.
Lin Qinghan turned his head away and did not even look at the youth.
“Officer, as the person in question, I need to find the fixer now, so call someone.” Zhang Xuan walked to the side, picked up his bike and looked at it twice, two beams on it were completely bent.
“Young man, looking for what the loss adjuster, you this car is not what, hurry up and take the money to ride away.” Next to an old man, watching are anxious for Zhang Xuan, in the eyes of the old man, Zhang Xuan is a dead brain, do not know how to adapt.
The traffic police nodded and said: “Sir, I want to remind you that when the loss adjuster arrives, the loss of this accident, will all be compensated in accordance with the loss adjuster’s estimate, the other side took out this 15,000 yuan, not in the scope of compensation.”
“I understand, call someone.”
Seeing Zhang Xuan so insistent, the traffic police also no longer say anything more, made a phone call to call the loss adjuster to come over.
The youth grunted coldly.
Soon, the official loss adjuster arrived at the scene, just a few glances, the loss adjuster gave a conclusion, said to Zhang Xuan: “Sir, this car of yours, the market depreciation price is only three hundred dollars, I just took a look, the bulk is not damaged, is bent two beams, the amount of compensation is only about a hundred.”
Hearing the loss adjuster’s words, the youth once again let out a loud laugh, “Boy, a hundred dollars! Hahaha, 15,000 to you do not want, you want a hundred!”
Next to the people watching the fun, are showing a look of regret, 15,000 ah, do not want, want a hundred? This is not a brain problem!
The traffic police listened, rushed Zhang Xuan said: “Sir, the price of damage has come out, now the accident compensation, in strict accordance with the price of damage to go.”
“This price is not right.” Zhang Xuan shook his head.
“Not right? Boy, how much do you want? I’ll give you a fucking million do you think that’s enough!” The youth looked unhappy.
Even the traffic police officer frowned, he now thought that Zhang Xuan was probably playing a scoundrel.
Zhang Xuan looked deeply at the youth, turned to the loss adjuster and said, “I suggest you use your cell phone now, go to the official website of China Insurance, check the seventh ranking of the sky policy, and then re-determine the damage.”
The loss adjuster looked puzzled, he knew that on the official website of China Insurance, there were a total of ten sky-high policies, and the insured amount of those ten things reached at least one billion! Each one of them, in the whole world, is a precious thing.
Zhang Xuan saw that the loss adjuster did not take out his phone and reminded again, “Please check.”
The loss adjuster took out his cell phone with a strange face, opened the official website, and clicked into the sky insurance policy, when he saw the policy ranked seventh, the expression immediately became wonderful.
The seventh most expensive policy was an old bicycle, and it looked exactly like the current accident car!
The loss adjuster opened the policy, looked at it carefully, and then raised his head and looked at Zhang Xuan, so that a few actions down, let the loss adjuster open his mouth wide.
The entire body of the bicycle was made of a rare metal called rhodium, which is three times more expensive than platinum, and is worth a thousand dollars a gram.
At that time, this bike was produced, the auction price reached 1.8 billion magnesium gold, is a well-deserved luxury goods, in China insurance alone, the insured amount of tens of millions of Chinese yuan!
The loss adjuster with some difficulty removed his gaze from the phone, locked onto the bike in front of him, and spoke with some incredulity, “Sir, you mean, this bike ……”
“This is my ID card, you should have the information and photos of my insurance at that time internally, now call to check.” Zhang Xuan did not say anything more, this kind of expensive things, at that time is also done to have a lot of procedures, can be directly checked.
The loss adjuster didn’t dare to hesitate, and hurriedly called the phone and started uploading all kinds of information, taking photos of the accident bike in front of him in all directions, passing it to the headquarters and waiting for a reply.
In less than ten minutes, the headquarters sent feedback to the loss adjuster that the ID information provided by Zhang Xuan matched exactly with the insurance information at the time, and the photo was determined to be the same person, and at the same time, the car in front of the accident was the product of the insurance policy, the one made entirely of rhodium metal, from the hand of Master Sherpa, the auction price of 1.8 billion magnesium works of art, the damage was fixed at 78 million magnesium!
Looking at the message back from the headquarters on the phone, the damage adjuster is a little confused.
Such an astronomical price is in front of him! 1.8 billion magnesium, that’s a bike! Just ride it and go out? The life of rich people, really too luxurious!

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