Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 1553

As soon as An Cheng heard this, he immediately became interested.
“Right.” Dong Xuan nodded, “I will not only let the man named Zhang kneel in front of Shao An to admit his mistake tomorrow, but also let Lin Qinghan climb onto your bed with Shao An obediently.”
Lin Qinghan’s beautiful figure appeared in An Cheng’s mind. He couldn’t help but stretch his tongue and lick his lips, “It’s interesting, let’s just listen.”
Dong Xuan first toasted An Cheng a cup, and then he said, “Shao An, the surname Lin, thinks she is great. Today, I offended all the senior leaders of our Lin family, and even made a statement and expelled everyone. Tomorrow, There will be a good show in the Lin Group. At that time, you only need An Shao to come forward to support everyone. Then Lin Qinghan will inevitably show off each other. At that time, it is time for An Shao to play. As long as you grasp Lin Qinghan’s lifeline and how you want to play with her, then, isn’t it all An Shao you said?”
After Dong Xuan finished speaking, he leaned into An Cheng’s ear and whispered for a while.
As Dong Xuan’s lips kept moving, An Cheng’s complexion became more and more attractive. His hands were not honestly stretched to the side. The sexy women who surrounded An Cheng pushed hard. Go up, for fear that I missed the opportunity.
At twelve o’clock in the evening, a plane landed in Yinzhou on time. Ferreth got off the plane, looked at the expensive watch worth nearly 100 million yuan, and shook his head: “Hey, married men are fickle. , The boss will ignore me now.”
Ferreth said, walking towards the outside of the airport.
After Ferris took a step, the private jet behind him filed out one after another. If you were seen by the top merchants in the summer, you would be shocked by the people behind Ferris, because they followed him. Each of the figures behind Lei Si are the most famous merchant giants in this world. The sum of their assets will make a developed country feel terror!
At this moment, these people are all following Ferres. Before coming to Yinzhou in the summer, they received an order to cooperate with Yinzhou Lin in all the profitable industries in their hands. Must be respected!
This order was given to them by Ferreth. They didn’t ask for a reason. They only knew that the order from the Ferreth family should be followed. Otherwise, with the strength of the Ferreth family, they could be allowed to do so at any time. Everything has vanished.
Yinzhou, Tombs of Xixia Kings.
In the past, when Zhang Xuan came here, there would always be a thatched hut. There was a person in the thatched hut, who would make a bowl of mutton soup. When the mutton soup was taken, he would feel very comfortable all over.
Now, when I come here again, the thatched cottage is still there, but the people in the thatched cottage and the rusty sword that has been standing diagonally beside the thatched cottage are no longer visible.
Zhang Xuan has always said that he hates Yang Shou’s tomb. He really hates Yang Shou’s tomb. After all, Yang Shou’s tomb used him at the beginning, and between the two of them, in the end, it was immortal. Incessantly, the person Yang Shou’s tomb wanted to protect even hit Lin Qinghan with his idea.
But is Yang Shou’s tomb broken? Zhang Xuan didn’t think that the ways were different, and that Yang Shou tomb just followed a master who stood opposite Zhang Xuan, and Zhang Xuan never thought that he was a good person.
This time, Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan appeared together in the tombs of the Xixia Kings to find something that had been sealed in dust for more than ten years.
From the information Lin Qinghan received, the truth about Zhang Xuan’s mother who jumped from the building back then will be here and get the result.
In the past, every time Zhang Xuan came to the depths of the Xixia King’s Tomb, he would be affected by this place, but this time, no such thing happened again. New Bayi Chinese website debut
The battle between Mai and Yang Shou’s tomb caused a certain degree of collapse in the tomb of the Xixia Kings, but such a collapse obviously has no effect on the current Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan.
Zhang Xuan’s two war spirits opened the way in front, and the huge stones turned into dust under the sword aura. The speed of the war spirits’ opening way was faster than that of Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan.
Black towers stood in front of Zhang Xuan. These towers were originally connected by chains from the top of the tower. In each tower, there are spirit stones to supplement energy, but now, all the energy in the spirit stones is consumed. All the chains above the tower were broken.
“Husband, I always feel that this place is strange.” Lin Qinghan looked around, “As soon as I entered here, I felt that something had been suppressing me, making me feel very depressed.” end:
Zhang Xuan nodded: “I feel the same way. Go up and have a look.”
Zhang Xuan said, directly defending his Qi, soaring into the air and flying into the sky.
Lin Qinghan followed Zhang Xuan and also came to the sky. At the beginning, he explored the underground palace in the ninth game and installed lighting equipment. Now it can still provide lighting. Although 80% of the lighting equipment has failed, Zhang Xuan followed Lin Qinghan’s eyesight can be roughly seen clearly in the darkness.
When overlooking the underground palace from above, Lin Qinghan’s eyes widened and her mouth could not help but widen.
However, Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes and his face was a bit heavy.
“Husband, this looks like a dragon, a giant dragon made up of black towers.” Lin Qinghan spoke slowly.
They saw that the black tower formed a winding shape, and after they were all connected together, it was in the shape of a giant dragon. If there were chains connected alternately, the giant dragon would even become three-dimensional.
The dragon’s body is very wide, and you can’t see the head at a glance. After all, this underground palace has a length of tens of kilometers, extending from the underground of Yinzhou city to the place where the king’s tomb is located.
The two moved from the air, and the spirit of war opened the way below. After clearing the stones, the face of the underground palace was clearly displayed in front of Zhang Xuan and Lin Qinghan.
As the two of them gradually observed, they discovered that the black tower of the underground palace is not just about forming the body of a giant dragon. On top of the body of the giant dragon, the black tower formed the shape of various weapons, cutting the body of the giant dragon. , There are great axes, big swords, spears, and advantageous blades. There are so many.
Half an hour later, when the collapsed rubble of the entire underground palace was cleared, the two of them also came to the other underground palace, Rukong, where a huge dragon head was formed. At the neck of the dragon head, a long spear removed the dragon’s neck from Completely run through from top to bottom.
Strangle the dragon’s throat!
Even if the dragon head is now just pieced together from the black tower, it is still lifelike!
“Husband, what is this place on earth? Why do I have the feeling that this dragon can come alive at any time?” Lin Qinghan felt a little confused.
At this moment, Zhang Xuan is also the same. The stronger he is, the more he knows. Even Zhang Xuan, a monster like the evil monster, has seen him. If there is a dragon in this world, he will not feel too surprised.

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