Marrying into Her Family

Chapter: 157

Although the mountain road has not yet been successfully opened, the enterprises that want to reach cooperation with Hengyuan Trade are like carp in the river.
Because of the bold idea of blowing up the mountain, Hengyuan became the leading trade industry in Yinzhou, that was sooner or later.
The person Zhang Xuan wanted to contact was a department manager of Hengyuan, and Lin had contacted this department manager before and made an appointment for today.
The company location of Hengyuan Trade, not as brilliant and majestic as Lin’s, is not located in the CBD business district of Yinzhou, a three-story high business building, not many employees, everyone is very busy.
In the manager’s office of the expansion department, Zhong Qi with a bitter face complained to her sister about how she had suffered injustice in Lin’s group and was assassinated by two villains, making her lose her job.
As she was talking, a call from Hengyuan’s receptionist came to the office, saying that a salesman named Zhang Xuan from Lin’s Group had come.
“Zhang Xuan!”
As soon as she heard this name, Zhong Qi jumped up like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.
“Sis, this is the guy, he’s the one who got me fired from Lin’s! You must help me teach him a lesson!”
“Don’t worry.” Hengyuan Expansion Department Manager Li Mei nodded, she was Zhong Qi’s cousin and had always had a good relationship with Zhong Qi, “How do you want me to teach him a lesson?”
“It’s better to get him fired too!” Zhong Qi said viciously.
“Expelled? Let me think.” Li Meiyi pondered for a moment, then said, “Okay, then this revenge, I’ll help you get it.”
“Sister, I knew you were the best, I went to buy two new bags yesterday, I think they are quite suitable for you, I also forgot to bring them today, I will bring them to you tomorrow.”
Li Meiyi face was moved, “We do not talk about this between us, when to bring the bag can be, I go first to teach this kid.”
Li Meiyi tidied up his clothes and walked out of the office.
Zhang Xuan sat in the meeting room on the first floor of Hengyuan and waited. Soon, he saw a woman who looked to be in her thirties and had a pretty face sitting in front of him.
“Hello, I’m Zhang Xuan, Lin’s salesman.” Zhang Xuan took the initiative to introduce himself.
Li Meiyi looked Zhang Xuan up and down, because of her own sister’s relationship, the moment she saw Zhang Xuan, a disgust was born in her heart.
“Did you bring the cooperation project book?” Li Meiyi leaned on the sofa in the meeting room, took out her cell phone and played with it while saying absentmindedly.
“I brought it.” Zhang Xuan took out the project book and laid it on the table in front of him, “This time we, Lin’s, are planning to ……”
“All right all right.” Li Meiyi impatiently waved his hand, “I only asked you to bring, did not let you say anything else, your Lin how to get, shouting you such a person to interface with me? Project book put here, people go.”
When Li Meiyi spoke, did not even look at Zhang Xuan a glance, has been playing with the phone there.
Li Meiyi’s attitude, Zhang Xuan is naturally in the eyes, about why Hengyuan people have so much arrogance, why they have such a big opinion of themselves, he is not clear, just ready to speak, heard a sharp whistle sound, Zhang Xuan’s face changed, got up and walked out of the meeting room.
Zhang Xuan this action, but also Li Meiyi made a fuss, she did not expect this person really went away.
The first thing you need to do is to get out. You have a temper, right? You want to play bully with me? I let you play!
Li Meiyi dialed a number out, “Hey, Mr. Qin, Lin’s people came, a newcomer, even the project book can not understand, yes, I said two sentences, people are not happy, throwing a face and left, Mr. Qin, I think we need to communicate with Lin’s senior.”
Zhang Xuan did not know that after he left, Li Meiyi made such a phone call, but even if he knew he would not care.
Following the sound of the whistle, Zhang Xuan came to the back of Hengyuan Trading Company, where there are several cargo bins, and the whistle, which sounded from the cargo bins here.
When Zhang Xuan just walked to this, several black shadows to facilitate the shadows of the warehouse to reveal themselves, they are each wearing a ghost face fang mask, looks eerie.
“Say, what’s worth blowing your whistles for?” Zhang Xuan looked at several people and opened his mouth to ask.
There had been a variety of ways for Zhang Xuan and his people to contact each other, and this shrill whistle meant that there was something urgent to report.
“Boss, the whistle is what I told them to blow.” Wearing black casual clothes, Bai Chi came out from the side, “Boss, Quicksand’s people have arrived, this time deliberately let the stabbing peak reveal their horses, tonight at ten o’clock, the sharp edge and Quicksand’s people, both will go to the suburban factory to capture the stabbing peak, everything is according to our plan, just …… ”
“Just what?” Zhang Xuan asked, can make the white pool specifically to find their own, it is not something good to solve, but Zhang Xuan really can not think, on the sharp edge and quicksand those people, how can be difficult for the white pool.
“But sister-in-law she will also follow the sharp edge action at night, when the fight, I’m afraid sister-in-law will be in danger ah.”
Zhang Xuan frowned, he really did not expect this, Han gentleman will follow the sharp edge of the people to act together!
Although Han tender a bit of combat and grappling base, but in the night of that level of combat, her a bit of combat base, not at all useful.
“Boss, do you think we should show up at night and take care of Quicksand and Sharp Blade’s men directly?”
“No need.” Zhang Xuan shook his head, “I’ll handle the night, you guys absolutely can’t make a move, tell Stabbing Peak not to show up tonight either, all disperse.”
“Understood.” Bai Chi nodded and retreated to the shadows with several people.
After thinking about it, Zhang Xuan decided to contact Han Gentle first and prevent her from participating in tonight’s event.
After Zhang Xuan’s concealment, many forces became restless, this time, Zhang Xuan intended to take advantage of the sharp edge of the hand, so that the stabbing peak to show a show of force, so as to give the world’s forces to ring the alarm, who thought that the stabbing peak of the show, the island of quicksand forces also attracted people over, although this is unexpected Zhang Xuan, but also to deal with, when only a little war, quicksand and sharp edge of the fight, but he really did not expect that Han gentleman will be involved, this fight, Han gentleman will have to suffer a big loss!
This level of combat, not you hit me a punch, I kick you a kick, in the end a wound so simple, this is a real life-threatening battle!
Zhang Xuan called Han tender several times, all prompted by the shutdown, no choice, Zhang Xuan can only personally run a trip to the police station, asked, Han tender is still meeting, Zhang Xuan simply wait in front of the police station.
The police station conference hall, the sharp edge of the third squad leader Jin Xin face gloomy, “Everyone, today’s mission, everyone must be strictly confidential, not to leak the slightest!”

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